TheUnkownWitness · February 2
I am afraid to say this but Sheva who I thought was a victim of being targeted by M15 and as I have had my fair share of abuse in this truth movement I felt that as she invited me up to stay with her I told her it wasnt right that I would say a time and date to come to her house as they could be follwing me and spying on her aswell as she says that she is. She got quite black mail with me and said she had been waiting five years for me to come over but to be honest I never did find something right with her now shes blown it we got into this argument and then she said by midnight if your not come then i know your not coming over. I sadi look tomorrow I have an appointment but wedneday and then explained the reason why we should not be saying stuff over the phone sorry but she is just a fantasist and the CIA are not after her at all. Shes either just in for this as entertainment or her childhood of being abused means she needs to the right councelling to do with it as the conversation ended up with her talling me to fuck off. Unstable is what she is

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