Sheffield United rapist to go abroad,JERSEY?

Rapist Ched Evans may move abroad as ”not one club expresses interest in signing him”

The disgraced striker was to train with former team Sheffield United until bosses caved in to demands from furious fans, celebrity supporters and MPs

Snub: Evans with fiancee Natasha Massey; and inset, in action for Blades

Rapist footballer Ched Evans may have to move abroad to play again as no British clubs want him.
The disgraced striker was on course for a return to training with his former team Sheffield United until bosses caved in to demands from furious fans, celebrity supporters and MPs to block the move.
And other clubs across the country are apparently now wary of signing him after his ­rape conviction.
But it also emerged ­Sheffield United chiefs were split over the decision to scrap their offer to allow the player to train with them, despite issuing a statement condemning his actions.
One chief blamed “mob rule” for the U-turn.
Clubs would have to register Evans, who was on £20,000 a week at The Blades, with the FA if they wanted to sign him.
But a Football League source said: “Not a single club has expressed any interest in signing him.
“There is no doubt not only Sheffield United but just about every club in the country has been taken aback at the strength of feeling about his case.
“As he is struggling to even train with fellow pros in this country, his best bet may be to go abroad and rebuild his career.”
Below: Ched Evans In Wilmslow With Girlfriend Natasha Massey

On Thursday, United withdrew its offer to allow Evans to train with the club after a string of patrons, including pop star Paul Heaton, TV presenter Charlie Webster and singer Dave Berry quit in protest.
It said: “The club condemns rape and violence of any kind against women.”
But co-chairman Jim Phipps tonight made it clear there were divisions among board members over the about-turn.
He insisted Evans should have been given another chance.
Mr Phipps said: “The influence of mob-like ­behaviour has made it ­difficult to take the simple step of allowing Ched to train.
“I’m angry we are not able to get a chance to do for this footballer what should be done.”

The Professional ­Footballers’ Association said Evans, who has never accepted his guilt or ­apologised to his 19-year-old victim, should be allowed to resume his career.
But it accepted that should not be at Sheffield United.
A spokesman said today: “A return to society and a ­contribution to the ­community through employment is a key element of rehabilitation.
“It is hoped that Ched will be given an opportunity at another club to return to the job he is trained to do.”
Evans was released last month after serving half of his five-year sentence.

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