Helping to halt the NWO

Welcome and thank you for visiting my site.  I am one of a rapidly increasing number globally who is a victim of corruption and I join others who are trying to do something about it for the sake of FREEDOM FOR ALL and not for the corrupt and greedy few.   My aim is to help expose the truth of what is really going on in society.  Right now we live in a world governed by tyranny and contaminated by lies, corruption and greed.  Many would agree that we live in an unjust, insane, evil world.  Evidence suggests that the world’s ills can be blamed on the influence of the brotherhood of secret societies, such as Freemasonry.  The mainstream media is censored.  We are fed spin and propaganda.  We have no freedom of information.  There is no law in any country.  There is only ‘them’ and ‘us’.  Eventually there will be no jobs and no welfare state and the ‘underclass’ will be left to suffer and die.  Why?  How long are we going to put up with it all?  This is a wake up call, folks.  We have to wake up to the menace of the Secret Societies or there will be nothing left to wake up to.  


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