shatterboys more people shatterd

What I find wildly amusing about this story is both Jayne and Danny’s attitude towards online trolling when they have themselves have taken part in it.

Oh never they’ll say. Yet having tried to discuss with Danny their means of delivering a positive message on behalf of survivors, they both set about discrediting me personally, despite mine being a genuine story…

I’m not at all interested in their current issues, however cant sit by and watch hypocrisy on their part…

So perhaps you can ask for a statement regards tweets made about me, such as, quoting Jayne first ,” they put that they had gone from abused to back again lol… Bloody idiot” or from Danny, “.. Its all bo*”@x and a lie bro”

That’s online bullying. Simple as that. Not once did either Danny or Jayne email me back for a proper, educated discussion. Even when asked for a statement regards the issues raised in my first published work did they offer a reply..

I’ve nothing to hide, otherwise my work to date wouldn’t have sold as it has. Its there and out there, so I’ve no need to lie. I wont sit back and be mocked.

I’m not interested in never ending twitter debates, but will be coming back to their online treatment of me regards what is my life story in the New Year within my new book.

However, what I will say now is that it is hypocritical of them to accuse others when the evidence exists (specifically about me) publicly, online, right now that both Jayne and Danny (note, the two individuals specifically, not the Shatter Boys in a wider sense) were happy to belittle me (and in turn my entire family) and my entire 39 years on the planet without hesitation.

There are indeed always two sides to every story as I’m sure everyone can appreciate and while I do think this entire story has turned into something its not, I do wish people would practice what they preach.

Alex M Rise, author of “Call Me Molly” (2017)

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