Shame Your Social Worker

Shame Your Social Worker

We are ashamed to be British, who would
have thought this goes on in our society? We wouldn’t think it, because
we don’t know it’s going on!

That’s about to change, we
have but one tool at our disposal, a tool even more powerful than social
worker’s having their day in court against hapless families, that tool
is The Internet a machine so vast it covers the globe in seconds. Maybe,
just maybe they have met their match. If you have been on the end of
“their justice” it is more than likely you have nothing more to loose,
please feel at liberty to tell it like it really is, name all involved, without revealing your identity.

NO to gagging orders, how dare they! We know its not in the interests
of the child, its in the interests of the perverse judgments and scrappy
evidence that could never stand up in a ‘proper’ court furthermore it
could cause a public outcry if it ever got out. We’ve had enough of the
injustice and the secret courts, this must end and it must end NOW, the
outcry is about to begin.

Its not enough to tell your story,
naming names is imperative if this is to have any impact, provide every
detail you have, car registration numbers, home addresses even add a
link to with their
photograph. Create a profile on one of the many social networking sites,
they can’t afford to close them all, you will have maximum impact! The
more information you provide the more they will want to close the site,
the more they want to close it the more mirror sites will appear with
all the same information on them, this will hurt them make no mistake,
they won’t like the publicity and like we care? No longer can they get
away with the ability to hide behind the secret courts!

We have provided the means to “freely express” now you can have your say…

can make your “comment” anonymously or if you are in any doubt about
the traceability of your comment search for “Anonymous Surfing” and use a
proxy website or go HERE then
enter this Blog again by copy/paste
…then say your piece, your identity remains untouchable …the world
is waiting.

Our day will come…. as will theirs



1201 – 1400 of 5000



look what going on in wales with the corrupt judges, we need class
action against the the judges hearing these cases, take it to europe. We
are going back in time with the wickedness going in the local councils.

councils, courts, police, NHS, schools, law society, solicitors
barrister, judges, justice system. the roads and trains in a mess.
stealing of children and homes


look what going on in wales with the corrupt judges, we need class
action against the the judges hearing these cases, take it to europe. We
are going back in time with the wickedness going in the local councils.

councils, courts, police, NHS, schools, law society, solicitors
barrister, judges, justice system. the roads and trains in a mess.
stealing of children and homes


look what going on in wales with the corrupt judges, we need class
action against the the judges hearing these cases, take it to europe. We
are going back in time with the wickedness going in the local councils.

councils, courts, police, NHS, schools, law society, solicitors
barrister, judges, justice system. the roads and trains in a mess.
stealing of children and homes


TV bosses have teamed up with adoption experts whatever They are

to develop a package of support
why they should need that I do not know

adoptive parents and social workers following the success of channel
4’s Find Me A Family, fronted by adoption campaigner whatever That Is
David Akinsanya.

doesn’t this conflict with why they want to keep courts closed?

or should we say why They Say they want to keep courts closed


Questions about a conflict of interests and accountability, please contact Karen Wilkins at BAAF, by phone (0207 421 2613)
or email

because Mr Douglas 2D is a photo opportunity to accompany press releases.


The McCanns are using a fund to sue the police about telling the truth
in a book,the same firm is now being set up to sue anyone whos stands up
against the corruption in scotland against Holly by her own father,
Denis Charles Mackie.

The Lord Advoate Elish Angiolini, she has
been covering up the abuse to children no doubt a few family judges have
taken part in the abuse.


liverpool city council have been stealing children for some time with corrupt lawyers, judges and wicked social workers.

would like to know why Mathrew Bryan is in with the tory party and
mixing with the leader, if he has been down loading porn and taking part
in child sex abuse, tyaking photos of children and is a known
paedophile, and his mates in the council.

Why foster parents are afraid? to stand.
have been forced through the corrupt family court, we can not protect
our children anymore, we have to stand up against this evil


Cafcass and Coram in South East Partnership
04 April
Cafcass and Coram, are pleased to announce an innovative partnership between a government agency and a voluntary organisation.

It’s innovative alright
In a criminal sort of way.

They are pleased
They are abusing children
Abusing their position in HMCS
Using children as an industry resource
But they are pleased
That’s ok then isnt it


BTW Coram a voluntary organisation?
a charity with multi million pound turnover

and public money to burn burn burn on barristers and solictors to prise children from normal and very loving homes

What do you think


now we understand why cafcass ALWAYS elevate the abusive party

and use ££££££millions of legal services funds to try and drive a responsible parent to the end of their tether
by treating them like animals
in the family courts
and outside of the family courts
and inside their offices
and over the phone

dirty tricks

don’t understand DV?
how very convenient for cafcass

lack of resources again is it

Want to avoid scrutiny in the family courts
you bet they do

those reports wouldn’t stand up to an 11 plus test

or a cool breeze


I agree with “Natasha Phillips”

Great thought & Thanks for sharing your thought with us !
school of social work student.

Paul Brown

Patricia Hardwick, Rotherham Metropolitain Borough Council, She is
shamlessly pro rape, pro incest, pro sexual abuse. She has tortured and
bullied disabled victims of sexual assault, told viscous lies about them
in court and to the police that lead the there conviction instead of
the conviction of there attacker. I have no fear of naming and shaming
her on this public forum or fear of revealing my own identity.


The case of Holly and her wicked father, he is using a fund to sue
anyone from telling the truth about his conduct. A a big cover up in




It would appear that the Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini is trying to stop
the story of Holly in the uk column, so we need to get this out she as
she is trying to cover up for the wicked and evil in scotland.

Paedophiles have alot of power. Still like to know why Mathrew Bryan
from liverpool city council is still mixing with the tory leader pretty
boy David C.
Wait for the fear farts


Sotland against crooked lawyers, what about the UK against crooked Lawyers, were do you start, their are so many of them.

is why the family court doesnt work, they want to keep the wickedness
and corruption child stealing in the dark, the freemasons all seeing

Have you had trouble getting hold of a transcript for your
case and we all know social workers tell lies in reports, nothing is
done about that, why not who is protecting them?

the evil government and the rest, when the justice system is corrupt we loose law and order


Why have the McCanns got involoed with Denis Charles Mackie.

let hope we get justice for Holly. social workers have been useless


who is protecting woodman higman at Plymouth mind, monies are going
missing, no police checks on staff some of the inmates have been
claiming benefits by fraud on the hearsay of the staff.

deadful place to visit


You go to a lawyer for help and advice and then they act for the other
side, when you go to court and act for your self they treat you as less
than human, because they claim to know more, done of the beings are
above the law.

we need to get people on mass to these courts and make a stand. refuse to leave until we get justice.

notice, how they use the police to do their dirty work, it time to find were they live.

Their are more of us then them

you can not get a fair hearing in a court in the uk now.

who is paying them


stop paying for a TV Lience, they use the media to find social workers,
then they take your children away, BCC is common purpose and full of PC
gays and repeats


Why did Holly uncle die?

why did social services not protect her and the other children used in scotland child sex abuse case?

We need to stop her mother against this wickedness and evil.


paedophile cllr fry? tory party, plymouth, down loading child pron.
child protection social workers left as the could not work with plymouth
city council, they did nothing about him


cornwall social services are corrupt, cover up on stealing children,
social workers went around saying that they had section 5 mothers under
the mental health act, children taken for the greedy foster parents £400
a week for each child. agency in tavistock high st devon run by social
workers on the make.


looks like the pressure of the truth coming out as to the state of the
nation is hiting home, fear and control by the hidden agenda of th
government. the SS are the front line for stealing children and grand

police officer done for fraud and deception.

dont give up keep telling your friends we can make a differnce

P Brown

SORRY FOR THIS, I CAN NOT DELETE IT !Patricia Hardwick, Rotherham
Metropolitain Borough Council, She is shamlessly pro rape, pro incest,
pro sexual abuse. She has tortured and bullied disabled victims of
sexual assault, told viscous lies about them in court and to the police
that lead the there conviction instead of the conviction of there
attacker. I have no fear of naming and shaming her on this public forum
or fear of revealing my own identity” THAT WAS A VERY BIASED OPINION


Any burglar facing a prison sentence of 6 months or more can demand a
hearing before a jury so how can it be right or just that parents who
risk losing their children for life to “forced adoption” are denied this
option. Juries consider complicated medical evidence in cases such as
murder, and compensation for injuries, also complicated tax laws in
cases of fraud, and insider dealing. The simple decision whether a
mother accused of risk of emotional abuse should keep her newborn baby
or not would I think we must all agree be more likely to favour the
mother if considered by a jury but records show that such cases nearly
always favour the social services if decided by a judge. That is
probably why juries are banned from the family courts but allowed to
decide libel cases in other civil courts! To take a newborn baby from
its mother and give it away for adoption by strangers is a far far worse
punishment for her than any jail sentence as it condemns the mother to a
life sentence and the baby to probable death later in life if it should
require a kidney or bone marrow transplant or other medical attention
in which a birth family member was needed but could not be located! How
can this be justice?

has anyone seen the aid on the internet for the SS, SPIN AND EGO.


The officials working for the partnershpip interests of many CAFCASS and other similar departments,
are profiteering from database contract arrangements.

To this end they are arch manipulators.

They are exploiting their position and putting children into actual harm and risk.

The evidence is in abundance.

will sit back and let them do this, whilst they pocket their generous
salaries procured from rerouting public funds allocations into their own
accruement of personal wealth ?

Whilst such as they ruin
ordinary but vulnerable families sometimes of very modest income, by
making those families fight their ego-driven sloppy processes in the

Dispute between parents is a secondary issue to this ‘big
professional’ menace in some ways, although part of this schema is
strong-arming the abusive parent to the forced adoption end.

of what they say adds up, the garbage official reports rely on the art
of confusion to obscure truths and frustrate the legal processes,
frustrating clarity


to force the family situation to fit into an illogical hypothesis of their own off-the-peg laziness.

The reason? they are making money and this is key:
making tough decisions about children’s futures – the ambiguity they
create with these methods ensures they personally cannot be held
accountable for forcing the child into abusive and devastating outcomes.

families who are an asset to the UK are being undermined by HMCS being
used as a grandiose way of placing almost insurmountable pressures on
families, so that their interests and the child’s can be consigned to
collateral damage/lost cause: justify forced adoption proactive state

The evidence is abundant and clear.


The British Government are using children as a currency with far more greater value than gold or diamonds.

massive growth industry of perversion and wealth. the courts are no
more than a front to protect the perverts and steal the children.
Richard Polden is embedded in corruption and uses his lackey judge
green to do his dirty work for him in the Medway family courts.


Community Services
Social Service Worker

I have yet to meet one who is paid who does their job.

training described is a lot of lip service it seems to justify the
state earmarked employees guaranteed positions without evidence of
constructive activity.

how apathetic we are to allow this status quo to continue

I have yet to meet a social worker without ego, it comes across as pure voyeurism and damages the unpaid client subject.

children and adults alike

wait til you hear what a guardian -with 20 so-called years of
experience- calls age-appropriate language approaches with a child

The children are not fooled by it, but somehow the parents are expected to be, and the courts are

it is a pathetic expensive state of affairs

what a lot of smoke and mirrors


the idea that because one of these egovoyeurs has gone through an
accredited course, they will automatically have the necessary intuition
and intellect to carry what is required of the role

is shown now to be a lazy complacent assumtion

that doesn’t give a fig about the principles of the Children Acts

qualified social workers
cutting and pasting from someone else who has done the same
without the backbone of most teachers
zero life experience
the social worker family looks after only its own
ambitious to be seen to be a do-gooder
the worst

self-serving drain




together with the court moonlighting psyches
should be doing a useful job
cleaning the streets and public toilets

instead of turning Her Majesty’s Courts into public toilet soap operas

it stinks


Having in my career had a lot to do with social workers, and been in
more case conferences than I can count, I confess that I am cynical
about the value of the whole apparatus and seriously question whether
less harm might, on balance, be done if it were to be abolished and not


we should arrange meeting for parents who have lost children to social
services, i for 1 would like to meet others in my postion if intrested



Darlene Keeton Dreisch

My husband defended this country
in Iraq, and comes home to find we have no rights in the family court
system–he couldn’t protect our own son from one man in a black robe.
Why do we go to … See Morewar to fight for other nations, yet let our
own rights be denied in our own country? It is time we, the people, take
back our country and our freedoms.


Parents will be meeting up very soon with Brian Gerrish, the poor man
will be inundated, he is brave enough to stand up and be counted and so
must we.

It is the only way, safety in numbers, name names, the
message is out here and more and more families are being made aware
every day,we are very close to the tipping point .

Stay strong, they are the guilty ones who fear us.


Helen McDonald, Islington
see you in court

exploiter of small child
she really put the little one into harm last year

and the other children

do you get a warm feeling


Play this – as you read this-

as you read this-

more hogwash

today I was in court and the Judge was listening

cafcass directed proceedings remotely on the other end of the phone to
promote the abusive party and force the distraught child who has
suffered abuse during access over and over and over and over and over
and over again in the access circumstance
to go into abuse upon the threat of imprisoning the normal parent


listen to them going on the propaganda

delay, admin,
b s

factual error and manipulation wilfully putting children into risk

“plan properly, record properly, use public money properly”

The art of spion with the use of omissions

is called falsehood in law

Family courts=kangaroo courts

Christina Blacklaws: it’s not just public cases that…
are being screwed around with for forced adoption industry and child trafficking

…cafcass scout in private law for pickings


should think you Have got a low staff turnover mr Dougals:
above-average pay for no intellect and no work – it’s a cushy number
ammassing a CV and massaging the ego all the way to the nail parlour

Unreliable and misleading by design
failing children.

Thank you cafcass for disrupting perfectly normal families and well-adjusted children
and making those children vulnerable

home truths

The inference that cafcass are only dealing with vulnerable children makes it sound very laudible
That Is Not True.


cafcass Art of spin
using omission




Been asked to speak in parliament on the 3 March, Going to do some Shit
stirring, It will be recorded so people will be able to hear me and see
me for the first time, One of my questions will be when is the UK giung
to get a justice minister who does not act like a paedophile


Chris Jarvis
Leeds: Parents’
anger after son is circumcised while in care – A child in care was
secretly circumcised against his parents’ wishes, the Civil Appeal Court
in London was told.

Thats the same council that have taken
my children from my protection. We are in court a week tomorrow for the
finding of fact judgement to be made after 3 years of on-going hearings.

will we are in court at 9:30 in York, the judge is going to give a
written verdict and then at 11:30 we come back for a disposal hearing

I have got judge Cliff, he is a circuit judge for the high court family court


In family proceedngs

the cafcass simply delay putting forward
the welfare issues, leaving the parent to state and restate those issues
in proceedings which aggravates any chance of mediation between parents
winds up the parents
confuses the child
and increases risk of abusive retaliation against child by an abusive parent

places pressure on family all round

we have seen this again and again

talk about a divisive way of failing in No1 mandate


that’s not the ‘delay’ in dougalsspeak

this is active
delay in report after report after £ report after database expert £
after report after £ database expert £ public funds, addendum £ report
£self-appointed experts£
omitting the evidence of welfare abuses and
neglect just long enough to cause utter devatation to the family and
the child’s life they hope
then in they go to harvest for BAAF and coram

makes me want to baaf


confusing the child first in the family courts

then misleading the public using public money

busy busy busy

the drip drip press release smokescreen
Douglas profiteering operations his repressed adoption issues as a blueprint using public funds


In family proceedngs

the cafcass simply use million£ public
money to not put forward the welfare issues, leaving the parent to state
and restate those issues in proceedings which aggravates any chance of
mediation between parents
winds up the parents
confuses the child
and increases risk of social exclusion against as abuse is actively encouraged by the cafcass guardians

places pressure on family all round

we have seen this again and again

talk about a divisive way of failing in No1 mandate


the pressures increase actual risk of hazards and accidents as pressure on family is all-pervading

employment is lost
homes are lost
family becomes isolated
deadlines are issued to parents and evidence is rerouted
again and again by cafcass
like some multi-delegating puppeteer

time to be an everyday parent is sorely challenged as everyday upbringing and parental guidance and care
for time – the parents are fire fighting cafcass and fielding the
network of well-resourced barristers and solictiors who all cow tow to

cafcass run the UK family courts


Harriet Harmen
putting paedophiles and adoption first in the family courts


US experiment to save children from neglect arrives in Scotland
Paula Adams
group involved in Westfit — West Glasgow Family Intervention Team —
hope that it will satisfy two disparate camps: those who believe that
children should remain with parents if possible, and those who feel they
should be taken into care at an early stage. If parents can show that
they are capable, they keep their children; if not, the child’s fate can


Sheila Oneill
Yes, but its not going to stop corruption within the
system. If I could find my rose tinted glasses I might just believe that
its a good idea to give the parents the right ( and help if needed) to
parent and give a stable home to their children BUT having vast
experience of ss, agencies and family courts I would hazard a good guess
that the same … See Morelies, persecution and child snatching will be
just as rampant as before. By the way the numbers of solicitors who
give legal aid to birth parents is rapidly going down, fostering and
adoption is on the increase and care for children in care and within the
fostering network is reaping many rewards for the carers, county halls,
ss pay packets and children’s solicitors and GALs but there are not
many rewards for the children who have been denied their birth families.


Paula Adams
Spot on Sheila think awareness has expanded but we are
not seeing any real difference at all…..The powers that be are doing
as they please and yes its getting worse. Those poor kids in care have a
very slippery path, bless em…they have a tougher time of it these
days than we ever did. The disinformation they are fed is atrocious for
starters and will only breed confusion. This intervention will only
serve their purpose, more unnecessary noses over the family home
doorstep, more judgmental opinions to feather everyones apparent
‘concerns’ over certain children… it says the childrens fate can
be decided more quickly = more children going through the system =
bigger bank balances for all concerned……


Margaret Wilkie
This is what Coram contributed into the Green Paper ‘
Every Parent Matters’ There are too many similarities and ideas with te
same meaning, Coram have the adoption process down to 6 mths now thanks
to their Concurrent Planning Placement, the younger the more expensive.
did amuse me was that muppet from Barnado’s ‘Sounds like it may make a
… positive contribuaton to (OUR?) approach to early adoptions’
– Mr Big Gob Narey should remember that there are a great shortage in
the numbers of potential adoptive children, yet Coram have an increase.
did laugh at one aspect – This trial is taking place in West Glasgow –
Im dying to wait and see the response when they move to the SouthSide –
They will be made to feel right at home in Possil or ParkHead, Bring it
on LOL


Charles Pragnell
Yes this looks like another scam to abduct and
traffic children into adoption. “More children have been adopted
permanently,”. Just as Barnado’s, Coram and co did for over half a
century of transporting children to the British colonies. Of course it
was always in the children’s `Best interests’ to be abused and used as
slave labour in other countries. They just are incapable of learning
from their mistakes and the atrocities to children they leave in their


Margaret Wilkie
Its the input from our judicial system Charles, they
are sending families at present to Tavistock NHS Trust for adults and
couples, children are sent for assessment to the Anna Freud centre for
children. What do you think their verdict is going to be? Ive listened
to several recorded meetings and they are like a pack of wolves when you
contradict anything they say or suggest.. Its definetly mind control
and not only with the Children. When I found out that the DCFS have been
financially backing Coram since 2005-2006, I think it was at this point
where I askd myself


Paula Adams
yes the Delphi technique its well used amongst colluding
professionals, experienced it myself. The police are spending vast
amounts of money sending them in their droves to Neuro Linguistic
Programming courses, its also used with many social workers. Though
where money is to be made one would suspect many people simply do away
with their moral compass especially in this financial climate.


Mary Docherty

Here are the top five earning Local Authorities in
2007 and how much money they made (GBP) by forced adoption. Essex
County Council: 2,469,200.0 Kent County Council: 2,156,583.00 Manchester
City Council: 984,877.00 Cheshire County Council: 685,134.00
Gloucestershire County Council: 612,209.00 So that’s why kids are
dis……appearing into the abusive UK forced adoption racket

including my grandchildren stolen by Kent County Council


Haringe social services
Annie walker
annie is a liar whose only interst is to take children under 2 years old for adoption.
has a reputation for that in Haringey. She will do anything to hit
those targets including paying huge sums to private investigators and


Sheena Williams is a parent wronged
– –
and those who attempt to
smear, the name of parents and grandparents who have spoken out against
crimes against children, to cover for their own disgusting profiteering

your shame will be known


see you at judgement


This is how they are taking children via the birth certificate registration, legally not LAWFULLY

Care and Custody. The holder of a lien voluntarily in possesssion of a
chattel which belongs to another [see BAILMENT vol 2 (Reissue) para
1801.], is a bailee of the chattel [the bailment is probably one for
mutual advantage] and (subject to contrary agreement or special
circumstances) owes the normal duty of care owed by the bailee towards
the owner. This includes a duty to exercise reasonable care in the
safekeeping and management of the chattel and a duty to answer for the
deliberate wrongs of those to whom the holder of the lien has entrusted
the chattel and delegated any part of that duty of care. In general, the
party asserting the lien cannot charge the owner for the cost of
keeping the chattel during the period of his possession by reason of the
lien, and cannot add such costs to the charges in respect of which the
lien is asserted.


8.05 am

Sheena has been deeply wronged by Kent County Council who
have stolen her 4 beautiful young granddaughters Elle-May, Ruby, Lacey
& Poppy for forced adoption.

As we all know this was because
she questioned the LSP and childrens board having no elected member,
being officer led.She had also dared to point out to Paul Carter KCC
leader that she was against children being bio-metrically fingerprinted
in school, as had been the case with her own daughter in Loose Infants
school, at first denied by the Vicar Townsend School governor but when
she removed her daughter after getting elected as the first ever Tory
councillor (now IND) Shepway South the school admitted to removing this
from their system.

She also broke the Tory rules by standing at county Elections alongside her partner.

& CO, all councillors who stayed silent and tried to label her
cuckoo for giving them a copy of Brian Gerrish’s talk on ‘child
stealing by the state’ all Common purpose led officers and including the
CEO Maidstone involved should be sacked and her granddaughters

Kent Family courts are completely corrupted and condoning abuction by KCC.


Richard Card

I wonder if you would care to google “The Beeches Care Home Ixworth”. You should come up with a Hansard report of 1972.

About six weeks ago Lord Clinton Davis phoned me.

He was one of the MPs who raised the Commons question in 72.

that phone call I was only aware of three child deaths, in Hackney
social services care, in 3 incidents from Dec 71 to April 72.

was aware that Islington MP Michael O Halloran had raised a Commons
question asking Minister Sir Keith Joseph for a public care inquiry. Sir
Keith Joseph refused to order inquiry at the same time as he refused
Barbara Castkle MP request for full public inquiry into care standards
(and 3 deaths in 6 months) at the Sue Ryder Care Home Cavendish.

Both the Bedches Ixworth and the Sue Ryder home Cavendish came under West Suffolk Social Services for care standard monitoring.

I was the Police constable for Cavendish.

six weeks ago I was surprised when Lord Clinton Davis told me that his
Commons question in 72 was not asking for care inquiry for the four
month period Dec 1971 to April 72. He was asking for inquiry into child
deaths over SIX years at the Beeches.

To Tony’s point. If there
is any justiofication for a Royal family, and constitutional monarchy,
it is that it SHOULD provide a bulwark enforcing separation of powers.

The Queen is sole fount of justice in mercy. She and the people (the Crown) are the authority who parliament serves.

Law is administered independent of govt.

happens though when an independent ministerial officer of the Crown (A
constable) tries to access his only master the law itself ?

A govt minister, the Attorney General, uses absolute custodianship of secret public interest to deny access to the Courts.

is something deeply wrong now with our constitutional arrangements. The
Queen will not be judged lightly by history in this regard. If she had
the intellect and independence of mind of Elizabeth 1st we would still
have but one law that of the Realm.

Her successor thinks only of
becoming “Defender of faiths”. Nowt wrong with that if he gave greater
emphasis to his Coronation Oath commitment to become sole source of

If they cannot do what the Coronation Oath commits them
to do then sadly it is time to create a system that does act as a check
and balance against the increasingly dictatorial govt endured in UK.

And of course we still do not know whether West Suffolk had its own Haut de la Garenne. Where’s justice ?


Where’s the justice in the Hollie Greig child sexual abuse case and for Robert Green in exposing this.

disgusting and shocking, the UK should be hanging their heads with
shame, why are they not up in arms against their disgusting governments ?

What has happened to the great British public’s spirit ?


Well we have seen the wicked and evil cover up their dirty tricks
before, but I have a feeling we will take them all on, on mass.

Why is Judge tyzack still ing asa family court judge why is judge vinccent sitting as a family court judge.

I heard the other day and saw the evidence that judge wigmore was acting against a high court judge?

when a high court makes a court order at the apeal court that a lower
judge in the lower cour over rides 5 years later, when he was no longer
sitting in the family court in the south west.

Because it the freemasons acted again, you do not get justice right or truth in any of the courts.

why in the family court a mother doesnt have a jury to plead her case.

why are people turning up to the courts they are corrupt, we need lots
of people sitting in the courts hearing what these barrister have to say
and the way they use spin against the parents.

notice the complaint dept is run by the government to protect these wicked judges, a district judge is on £90,000 a year.


Linda Frances Mcdermott

Mr Brown I have no respect for you or
your wife as you do not respect our loss of our children. end force
adoption show your voter you will listen when we say we have had enough
……. Hurry up and fook off out of politics and do not hit your ass on
the way out the door!


who is protecting plymouth mind, fraud with benefits, nothing is done
about the way it is run, another rubblish complaint dept with spin.they
get a grant from social services?

the freemasons started in cornwall and moved to the temple in london.

city council treats it staf like shit, it hell to work in the cheif
exectiue office, barry keel has a limited credit card, why.who gave it
to him.?

when the labour council got in they made a rule that
anyone from a secert group ie the freemasons had to delare their
interests, however, when the tory members got it they remove this rule
right away, most of them are freemasons.

Mike Robsions who worked
in the council went to the government because plymouth city council was
in the red for 12 million pounds, the public was not made aware of
this. corruption.


3 beautiful grandchildren stolen by Kent County Council by Carter/Gilroy & Co

mary docherty wrote:
I have great sympathy and empathy for a parent who loses their
child/children to death,at least that parent/grandparent/aunt/uncle can
take some comfort at having a grave to visit or some other memorial
place and they are in the knowledge that no one or nothing can harm that
child any more (i am so sorry if i come across as callous and
unfeeling)I cannot have the luxury of visiting anywhere to be near my
three beautiful grandchildren,they were taken for money/profit that this
and other governments pay out to unscrululous local authorities for
were removed for no reason after they had been placed in my care for 2
years,so,mr brown,no respect to you or indeed your government,actually
when was it anyone voted you in as pm?Magna Carta says a pm has to be
voted in by the public,and,as far as i can remember,tony bliar was voted
in,when he left office precott should have become pm,when were YOU
voted for by the public?
February 15, 2010 10:28 AM GMT on
Recommended (21)


We all need to help robert green, what going on in scotland has been going on in the uk.

is Holly’s father the dirty old bastard using the McCann leagl team,
trust, what ever these people call it to spin out their guilt.

What has Holly got to do with the McCanns case?

they are all taking public money to protect themselves v the corrupt and greedy lawyers.

time for justice, child sex abuse can never be right, children are
taken by the corrupt social workers, corrupt cafcass, lawyers and
barristers in the corrupt family courts, dirty old judges, freemasons,
for big money, they abuse the parents and children.

big cover up
all in secret no press as they claim they are protecting children and
when you go to the police they cover up the abuse and arrest the

the fostering and adoption spin, meeting new labour targets, is all about helping the child abuser take their picking.

they are pure evil


Try telling that to all the parents/grandparents who have had their children/grandchildren stolen for forced adoption.

They have no grave to visit and will never get to see their offspring again.

Sympathy or empathy for mr brown or mr cameron; not on your nellie

read Mary Docherty,comments in the

wont forget her stolen 3 grandchildren after caring for them for 2
years, nor will Michelle Chadwick who had her 2 granddaughters stolen
after losing her son to suicide, nor will EX-tory now(IND
Maidstone)Councillor Sheena Williams, forget her 4 granddaughters after
raising concerns about her daughters domestic voilence and caring for
them twice before.

Where was the help for these families?

run Kent County Council has alot to answer for , as do all the gutless
cowardly councillors/mp’s who did nothing – shame on them all!


Hollie Greig’s sexual abuser perverts

Thus for posterity, and
too the protection of vulnerable children in Aberdeen, below is a list
of the paedophiles thus far named.

DENIS GHENGIS MACKIE (Father of Hollie Greig, lover of Sheriff Buchanan)
GREG MACKIE (Brother of Hollie. Both Mackies fled to Praia da Luz in Portugal)
SUSIE BUCHANAN (Sheriff`s wife)
EVELYN BUCHANAN (Sheriff`s sister, Bieldside)
JACK BUCHANAN (Sheriff`s brother-in-law)
TERRY MAJOR (Grampian police officer)
SYLVIA MAJOR (13 Ferryhill Place)
ANN ROYAL (15 Ferryhill Place)
WINIFRED (WIN) DRAGAN (72 Ferryhill Road)
EILEEN SIM (Social worker Woodend Crescent))
ROBERT LYND (Partner of Eileen Sim)
HELEN MACDONALD (Social worker, 9 Lochview Place, Bridge of Don)
IAN MACDONALD (Husband of Helen Macdonald)
CAROL LOW (Nurse, 26 Grant Close, Westhills)
ATHOLL SCOTT (Accountant)
ANDREW YOUNG (Headmaster, Beechwood ‘Special’ School)


It’s all making sense now. The swingers… sharing and passing around
children… I think this is widespread and in our own communities. I
also think that by attempting to silence Robert Green they have created
more than a dozen Robert Greens to pick up and carry the flame of

We might as well take them on massive …lets see how
many councillors/mp’s/judges/barristers/social
workers/cafcass/solicitors etc start resigning now

There are at least a 100 MP’s child abusers in parliament RIGHT NOW

Time to start naming names folks
, The Sun newspaper already has the Labour party done up like a kipper, time to force their hand.


Robert Green

‘Open the curtains, throw open the
windows and permit the light of investigation and fresh air into family
courts and sexual, emotional and physical abuse of the vulnerable –
expose the abuse & the abuse of authority of those acting in OUR
No child asked to be or enjoys abuse,
it is for the gratification of the inadequate’.


Everyone very very IMPORTANT pass this on to everyone, all families
MUST be made AWARE

Now we know why they are stealing children for forced adoption, where do these children end-up

masonic families, failed adoptions, sex rings for sick judges/mp’s


Hollie Greig


before the fuckers attempt to try to bury it under their 100 year secrecy act, like the Dunblane case.


Local papers and the BBC, public information providers. They are there
to provide the public with information. Has someone forgotten to tell
Its ok the BBC saying we are here to provide the public with
information, but it kinda does’nt work when some person is sat in an
office deciding what information the public shall be provided with.


one world order hidden agenda,
Freemasons at the top,
the media give out miss information all the time, part of the fear game on the mass/the public.

look at baby Peter’s case spin it out, find a victim in the SS, bring in new laws a set up.

Kirk was never guilty of having a fire arm, however, judge david Tyzack
QC sits in the family court court in the south west and the rest is
guilty the police did nothing about his conduct.

Maurice went to
find his papers and he was arrested for stealing? in court today, they
try the mental health card on him again, look what they did to MAUREEN

What happening now about the Mathrew Brayn working for Liverpool city council, known child sex abuser.

One world order bloodlines royal family stealing money from the poor, it about control and fear.

We musy wake up as many as poss. David Icke is correct awake up before its to late.

common purpose was put in place as part of the agenda. All governments in power are acting with the same agenda.

they want re-action so they can bring in laws to control us. the swine flu is part of the agenda.



Scottish Officials personally notified of these crimes so far:

Alex Salmond – Scottish First Minister
All SNP Scottish Cabinet members
All 43 Aberdeen City Councillors
Colin McKerracher, Chief Constable, Grampian Police
Peter Watson, Levy & McCrae, solicitors
Dr Alastair Palin, Royal Cornhill Hospital
Fiona Palin, Social Work Manager
Ann Begg, MP
George Galloway, MP
Angus Robertson, MP
Ann McKetchin, MP
Jim Murphy, MP
Nick Clegg, MP
David Cameron, MP
Gordon Brown, PM

… amongst others. Can this continue to be covered up?


boycott cafcass
it has no mandate


The following are people known to abuse children regularly, and some of
the names will shock you, but i can assure you i would not name them if i
were not sure of the information.

Lord Graville Jenner(Labour Peer)

was accused of raping a 15 year old boy at the holiday in in Glasgow,
the night before the boy was due to give evidence, the judge was taken
out to dinner by the defense team for Jenner, and it was arranged that
the boy was not allowed to Jenner in court as his rapist, or he would be
in contempt of court. Jenner won his case and he walked in to the house
of commons to a standing ovation by MP’s. I stand by what i have said
for many years, the house of commons and Lords are filled with perverts
and rapists, and the police and the courts will defend them all the way,
as they are all in the same private club.

Lord Kaufman(Labour Peer)

He is well known to police in London for sexually abusing young boys, he likes them under 12 when he can get them.

Lord Britton(Leon, former home sec when Maggie was in power)

is very well known for raping young boys. The police raided his house
when a young boy staggered in to the street half naked, and when police
asked what happened he told them about Britton and his friends and took
them to the house. When they called in to report what happened , they
were ordered to take everyone in, and when they got there there were 2
officers from the security service waiting. The boys were paid off, and a
short time later, Leon Britton was summoned to meet his fellow MP,
William Hague on the beach in Brighton at 5.45 in the morning, where he
was told that he was to be made commissioner for the UK, and he would
not be allowed to be in politics again in the UK. That was how he became
commissioner and he stayed there for many years, until the corruption
inquiry went ahead, which saw a large number of people from different
countries being made to resign.

is known for sexually abusing numerous boys, as well as girls. He is
known for a particularly vile rape in Aberdeen in the 70’s, when he and 2
others paid a prostitute for access to her 9 year old daughter. They
all raped her several times, and some years later the girl went to court
to get custody of her little brother because of her mother’s abuse, and
drug use. She won the case and has had custody of him ever since. The
records have vanished from court, but the victim still remembers what
happened, and who did it.

Anthony Charles Lynton Blair(Tony Blair,former PM of the UK)

was charged and appeared in court at Bow Street magistrates court for
importunity in a public toilet with another male. He tried to get sexual
favour from the other man, little did he know that the toilet was being
watched by police. Blair was fined £500, and walked away with nobody
knowing who he really was as he used his middle names to cover who he
was. Charles Lynton is the name used, and his friends in court got him
off with a fine, because he is one of them.

Edward Heath(former PM of the UK)

is very well known for his perverted abuse of young boys. I spoke to
one of his victims and he told me about others who were present, and
more important, who was supplying the children to him. The person
bringing children for him to abuse is Sir Jimmy Saville. He was seen by
the witness, victim, taking young boys onboard Heaths yacht the morning
cloud when they were at party conference. Saville is known for supplying
a number of high profile MP’s with children for them to sexually abuse.

This is the first part, i will reveal more tonight and tomorrow.


This is the next part of MP’s who abuse children.

Lord Robertson(Former head of NATO)

is very well known to police in the UK. He was removed by the US
government because they found out about his perverted taste for boys.
They were going to expose him if he did not resign, so we got the”I’m
resigning for family reasons bull shit)Robertson is a dangerous
predatory paedophile, but as bad as the one i am about to name next.

Lord Hardie,
former Lord Advocate for Scotland, is a known paedophile, who some
years ago had his BMW stolen by 2 victims, when they were caught, Hardie
told the police to let them go, and he did not bring charges against
them. Why would a judge not charge them with theft, unless they had
information which would destroy him.

Lord McAlpine,
Former treasurer of the conservative party.
is known to the police in the UK and abroad, for sexually abusing young
boys, including using a coffin to put the boy in, then they simulate
burying him by sprinkling gravel on the top of the coffin, the child is
screaming with terror and will do whatever he is told due to being so
scared of being put in the coffin again. This person is alleged to have
murdered at least 2 boys and buried their bodies on his estate. I got
this information from a police officer who was involved in investigating
McAlpine, and he is certain that he has committed murder several times,
but he is to well protected to get him.


Micheal Portilo(former MP Kensington & Chelsea.

Portilo is
well known within the conservative party, as are others for his perverse
abuse of children. He also likes adults now and again, particularly his
friend and fellow MP Peter Lilley. He was giving portilo a good time in
the DTI building on the day of the 92 election, he was on his knees,
(I’m sure i don’t have to paint a picture for you.
He also like
Morocco Del sol, where he delights in having young boys for sexual
abuse. He used to go to the same hotel and on one visit, he left top
secret documents behind in connection with the UK’s defense systems, was
it an accident, or was he being blackmailed? He also goes to the Isle
of White regularly with Lilley and other friends where they have access
to children. He is disgusting and i want him in prison where he belongs.


Can Robert Green please get in touch concerning the Hollie case. I have a
very good journalist who can help with this vile case, and i want to
give them as much support as i can. I am not far from Aberdeen and i
have campaigned in the past in the area concerning paedophiles, and i
know Grampian police are corrupt to the core.


There is very good site for all to visit where they are trying to expose
child abuse and stop this disgusting abuse of our children. You can
look through their site or join them to help fight abuse.

The details are


& Celebrities MUST BE named and MUST be held accountable for their sick perverted crimes against children and families.

But who will we get to judge them ?

of judges are also perverts or up to their necks in corruption, we
already know the secret family courts are completely and utterly

Maybe we should just hand them to the families to meter out their just deserts

ROLL ON JUSTICE NOT JUST US; like we have now


I will say this: where was SS when Victoria Climbié, Peter Connelly, and many, many others died?

Here’s part of the answer:
Google Daily Telegraph article: “Agencies-fail-to-prevent-child-abuse-deaths”

quite plainly shows that CP policy DOES NOT WORK. Indeed, CP policy
actually PLACES CHILDREN IN GREATER DANGER! This irrefutable fact is
borne out by DH statistics that show a child is THREE TIMES MORE LIKELY

Another part of the explanation can be
arrived at through extrapolation of the available facts: when newspapers
and TV such as the Daily Mirror and Channel 4 have their annual
Adoption Drives, how many of the children shown for adoption exhibit
physical injuries?

That’s right. NONE.

ALL the children
placed for adoption are CATALOGUE MATERIAL, selected for physical traits
and appearance to MAXIMISE their price on the ADOPTION MARKET. I will
NOT mince words here; the TRADE in HUMAN BEINGS is ALIVE AND WELL IN
BRITAIN, and SS are the jackbooted SELECTORS. Victoria Climbié and Peter
Connelly would, if anything, be listed in half a column-inch in the
Jalopy section. Not worth the £600,000 the SS would spend (of YOUR
MONEY) in legal fees to have them removed then released for adoption. Go
ahead, look at the photos of my three youngest boys and TELL ME that
were you looking for a kid to adopt, you wouldn’t pick one of those
rather than a kid with five broken ribs, a broken back, four skull
fractures, and two black eyes, and I will get right in your face and
call you a LIAR.


c a f c a s s

professional shit-stirrers soliciting in the family courts


keeping children at risk and causing harm year after year for Each family

bankrupting families

destroying prospects




family law industry solicitors and their barristers on trial

pay back the money you owe


Having read the case of Hollie Greig, i am looking at how i can set up a
protest in Aberdeen to expose the vile cover up by the police, the
courts, social services, and everyone else who is stopping this case
from coming to court. It will not be the first time i have done this in
Aberdeen and it won’t be the last, i’m sure, this case is so disgusting i
feel i cannot sit by and do nothing, nor do i believe that just writing
to people will be enough to get them to react. I will be in touch with a
very good journalist who i know will want to help on a case like this,
he also understands what it is like when powerful people are involved in
child abuse.


Reading the post by Anita Dixon, it makes my blood boil to read such
pre-prepared garbage. When are they going to take their head out of
their backside and see the real world. Children are being stolen by the
state, they are being abused by the state, and when they are found out,
the state abuses them again by denying everything and trying to make out
the victim is a liar, or the family must have a grudge against social
services. Damn right they have a problem with social services, it is no
secret that social services child care division has so much power they
think they are above the law, and abuse the power they have to cover up
abuse, incompetence, lies, abusing parents who are wrongly accused of
not caring for their child/ren. Every time another vile case hits the
news we get the same crap, “there are lessons to be learned” my question
is, WHEN ARE THEY GOING TO LEARN THEN ?, because so far, over the past
25 years i have seen no changes in the attitude of social workers in
child protection, they have become more arrogant and abusive as well as
now coming up with new ways of taking children away from innocent
families, while leaving children in abusive, and sometimes fatal
situations, because they don’t do their job properly. Why is it so hard
to get a social worker removed from their job ?, in any other situation,
if a person was so incompetent at their job, and covered up for their
mistakes, when found out, they would be fired on the spot, so why do
social workers have a special deal whereby they cannot be sacked until
there is such a public outcry that there is no other way to deal with


The post entitled all the sick perverts sums up the state of this
country, and the vile abuse suffered by innocent children and families
every day.I will now continue to name those we are aware of who are
involved in sexually abusing children in this country.

Sir Paul McCartney

operation Ore, his credit card details were found to have been used
several times, so any claim by him that either it was accidental(Peter
Townsend, claimed it was research)
or that someone had used his
details is totally without foundation. The police took a great deal of
time to research all those involved, but due to the influence this
person has, he has never been prosecuted or even cautioned for
downloading child pornography.

Sir Cliff Richard.

He has
been on so many watch lists for child pornography that he probably has a
filling cabinet all to himself. He sold his mansion in Surrey and went
to live in Italy at the height of the investigation into celebrities and
child porn. He is very dangerous indeed, and the fact that the police
will not touch him is a disgrace.

Kevin Keegan(former England football Captain)

was stopped in a lay by in Reigate in Surrey, (At the top of Reigate
Hill) When police arrived Keegan claimed he had been assaulted and
robbed by strangers. The truth is he was stopped by a young girl’s
family and told to stay away from her and the area for good. The police
found that he was having a sexual relationship with a 13 year old girl,
and the family found out. There was a journalist from a very large
national newspaper at the scene, and the editor decided not to run the
true story because, in the editor’s words”he is such a national hero,
that any paper printing the story would be put out of business because
no one would buy the paper ever again. What a pathetic excuse for
covering for a child sex offender.


David Jason(Actor)Known best for Del Boy in only fools and horses)

received information on this one from a very reliable source, who has
nothing to gain by telling me. The police have been trying to get him
for over 20 years but no one will talk, and without the victims coming
forward they cannot touch him.

Martin Clunes(Actor)

He was
seen paying a young boy who is known as a rent boy in the Kings Cross
area, and they then left in a taxi. It was one of a number of incidents i
have been told about concerning him, but like so many in the TV, acting
profession, he is allowed to get away with what he does and no one will
say anything.


I am going to give information concerning a case which is still ongoing
in Scotland, which involves a little boy being abused by his mother’s
partner in the way of pornographic pictures being taken, and also being
physically abused by his mother to keep him quiet. He also has to deal
with his grandparents on his mother’s side mentally abusing him to keep
him quiet, which is disgusting.

This case started in January
2006, the little boy, was with his father when he was looking at photos
on the fireplace in the lounge. He said that BG, which is the nickname
for his mother’s partner,(real name William Forrest Guthrie)had taken
pictures of him with his clothes off and his clothes on.

father asked him to explain what he meant, and he told him that Guthrie
told him to take his clothes off then photographed him, then told him to
get dressed and took more pictures. The father was shocked by what his
son told him, as at the time the boy was just 4 years old. The father
new that Guthrie had a family member working for Grampian police in
Elgin Morayshire, which is the main police station. So he called
Scotland Yard paedophile unit for advice. The officer he spoke to was
very concerned and told him he would contact the chief constable’s
office to make sure the case was not put to Elgin for investigation. The
father received a phone call from the police and to his shock it was
Elgin police station that called him, and they asked him to bring his
son in for interview the next morning.

The father did this, and
the boy was interviewed by police and a social worker. The father gave
police a statement at the same time, and when it was over the police
woman DC Clark, told the father that she was 100% certain that his son
had been photographed by Guthrie in the way he described and they were
certain the boy was telling the truth, as they changed part of his
statement to see if he would say the same things again. The little boy
did, and when they got to the part they had changed he called the police
woman a silly goof for getting it wrong, and he told her again what had
happened to him.

The father was asked to keep hold of his son to
give them time to get a search warrant for the properties and cars,
which the father had told them about.


The father made an excuse to keep his son longer and this allowed a
warrant to be obtained. The same day the social services child care
manager came to see them, he is Mark Cotter, and when the little boy
told him he did not want to go back to his mum, the social work manager
told them, it doesn’t matter what the boy wants”we don’t listen to
children”. The father was shocked and worried by the statement and asked
him what criteria they use if they do not listen to children concerning
sexual and physical abuse, Mark Cotter replied, we decide what happens,
no one else. How arrogant can he be.

The father was told he had
to hand his son back to his mother and they would be in touch. Well
right from the start there were threats against the father by the ex
partner’s family, her name is Laura Childs and she is a teacher at
Turrif Academy, and her mother is Anne Childs Aitken, and the stepfather
is Brian Aitken.The next day, the father contacted social services and
police to discuss how he could get his son to live with him so he would
be safe, as the father loves his son, and wants to bring him up. Social
services did not want to know, neither did the police, they told him
that because he had not married his ex partner he did not have any
rights and they would not give him information about the case except the
bare basics because he had made the complaint on his son’s behalf.With
all that he kept calling them for information, and he was told in March
2006 by senior social worker Lesley Mawhinney that she and another
social worker had been watching Miss Childs and her partner, and they
believed the boy was in serious danger from William Guthrie and his own
mother, as they had witnessed the boy being left with Guthrie alone,
which was not supposed to happen. The father asked them to bring his son
to him right away for safety, but to his shock, the social worker told
him they would not do that, they were going to visit them the following
day to speak to them about it. The father was getting very worried for
his son’s safety and asked again for his son, they refused and told him
they would call the next day to tell him what happened.


The father called the next day only to be told that no one was available
as they were all on strike. He called the police woman and told her
what had happened, she told him she did not know that social workers
were acting like police officers and keeping watch on the people
involved, but said she would find out and call him back. He never got a
call back from DC Clark, and when he called the next day to speak to the
senior social worker Lesley Mawhinney, he was told she was out visiting
schools and would be back later. It took until the Friday to get hold
of her and when he did, she turned round and denied ever having called
him and denied that she told him they were investigating Guthrie, Miss
Childs, and the grandparents. She totally denied ever telling him his
son was in serious danger and claimed he could not prove otherwise. It
was a bizarre statement to make, that he could not prove she had called
him, but he then called the head of social services and the police
officer to find out what was going on. The police woman was very rude
and dismissive of his concerns and told him, “why are you calling me?
I’m not the officer in this station” to which he said, “no you are not,
but you are the police officer dealing with my son’s case, now what is
going on?”. DC Clark then told him to stop calling because she would not
tell him anything from now on, because she had spoken to the social
worker and she told her not to say anything because i had no parental
rights therefore they were not telling me anything.

disgusted by this he called the police complaints dept to complain at
the attitude of DC Clark, but no one wanted to do anything. By April he
managed to get in to court to secure seeing his son with a court order,
and he was given the right to see his son. The first time they met again
was outside the main supermarket in the town, and stepfather threatened
to kill the boy’s father and made a gesture of a gun with his hand and
shouted he will f…… kill him, and he is a dead man, this was in
front of the little boy, who was shaking and hiding behind his father.
The father asked them to stop shouting in front of his son, and was told
again that they were going to kill him. He reported this to police, but
nothing was done.

Guthrie went round to the father’s flat and
stood outside shouting on him to come out, when the father went to the
window, Guthrie openly told him that he had taken the pictures of the
man’s son, but there was nothing he could do to stop him because he had
family and friends in the police and they would make sure nothing
happened. The father made a complaint and Guthrie was charged with
breach of the peace. The father called a number of times to find out
when the case would come to court, the last time he called he was told
that the case had been dropped, and no action was being taken.

father was disgusted that this person had been allowed to walk away
after admitting what he had done, but the police refused to do anything.


The little boy told his father that his mother’s partner Guthrie had
punched him, and it left a bruise on his leg, which mad him cry. The
father asked if anything else had happened, and the boy told him that
his mother had shouted at him and hit him for telling his father about
the photographs. He showed his father bruises which he said were by his
mother kicking his metal truck at him, and hitting him on the arm with
her fist(he showed him a clenched fist which he said his mother had when
she hit him)He called the police to report the incident and they said
they would look into it. The police in fact called the boy’s mother and
told about the allegation, she then went up to the police station for
the boy to be interviewed, and for her to be interviewed. The police
claimed after that they interviewed him with his mother in the room, and
that it took place at the special suite in Forres which is the town the
boy lives in. When the father asked why his mother was in the room, the
police officer told him that he is a qualified police officer and he
decided that was what was happening, and told him the boy did not say
anything about his mother hitting him. The father was so angry at the
way police had handled the situation, he called social services and
asked why none from their dept was there to be with his son, they told
him no one was available at the time, and police can handle these
things. When he say his son again the following week the boy told him
they had gone to the police station and on the way there his mother told
him that if he told them she had hit him he would get the biggest
punching he had ever had. The fact that he told his father that it was
the police station they went to, not to the social services office, was
not what the police claimed at all, and he said his mother was in the
room next to him, and that he told the policeman what had happened, but
he did not do anything, and when he got home his mother hit him for
telling what had happened.

Following this incident the father
held onto his son, and asked for a court hearing, but before that could
be done, his ex partner got her solicitor to get her a date in court,
claiming the father had broken the court order by not handing back his
son. The court insisted that the boy be given to his mother and
dismissed the allegations about assault on the little boy.


village of Zennr, cornwall area, children have gone missing, secret
operation to exume a mass grave to find children and bodies. police
didnt look in the right area.


Judge David Tyzack QC abuse to mothers that he has made victims in the
family court, makes them homless, taken payments for dirty deed in the
family courts with the pead judge Overend he left plymouth county court
quickly, Sun new paper wrote on his dirty habits protecting child abuser
leting them get off.

Tyzack lives out side of Exeter, 9 bedroom house.

Judge Overend lives at Moss Mayo.
was up to his nect in corruption, he even allowed David Walsh a murder
in to the court at anytime of the day. Walsh was found guilty of fraud

The corrupt solicitor working with the agenda was Curtis,
Mathrew Becker, Ross N lost his bussiness due to Curtis AND THEIR

Judge Vinccet family court judge likes rent boys.

Julie williams cafcass, steals children for the pead ring in the south west, spiteful and nasty.

notice the complaint system for Cafcass officers and the social care council is spin, protection.
social workers.


Zennor in cornwall no one would look. what about the McCann case Why are
they supporting the father who abuserd Holly and the other childern. He
has meant to of set up a trust for holly?


About a month later the boy was with his father again and he noticed a
lot of bruises on his son’s legs as he was wearing shorts at the time.
The boy was very scared when asked how he got them, but when he stood up
he lifted his jumper and showed him bruises on his back, and then
showed him bruises on his thighs as well. He started to cry when he told
his father that it was his mother and Guthrie who had been hitting him,
and that Guthrie punched him and laughed telling him no one can stop
him doing what he wants. It took the father some time to calm his son
down enough for him to tell him what had happened, and because of what
happened the last time the father took pictures of the injuries and
spoke to his son with a video camera on, which he told his son he was
doing so that others could see what had happened and listen to what he
said. The father then called social services to report the abuse and
sent them a DVD of the evidence he had and a copy of the little boy
telling him what happened and who had hit him and caused the serious
bruises. The father was told by social services that they would
investigate and get back to him but he had to give his son back. The
father waited for 2 weeks while constantly calling social services to
find out what happened, but never got any reply, until one morning the
police came to the flat and said they wanted to interview his son, and
they were going to have a doctor look at him. The father pointed out
that it had been 2 weeks since he had reported it, and he had called the
police the night before because no one from social services would tell
him what was going on.

The officer was DC Duthie, and she
told him that they were only told of the incident by social services the
previous evening, and they did not know of any photographs or DVD

This to be continued. The whole story takes some time to type out.


I can not understand how or why you would rape a baby or children, these bastards are sick.

Their not human in my mind


The judges in the courts are out of control like the police, social workers, we know why they want to keep it secert.
David Icke said they are going for the children.
aginst parents, anti social behaviour, laws coming out of the EU,
trying to take away the bill of rights 1668, the royal family and
governments are not above the people.
The media, miss
information,,spin and propaganda by the illuminati to defame us. One
world order wake up. Freemasons, common purpose all part of the set up.


someone should get the press to read this blog site, the Sun and New of
the World, the mail has run some good stories on child stealing, times


Zennor M16


we need lots of evidence to back up what is being said, cases, on mass, people power.

Tony and Gordon were in the public toilets in london, when in court
Blair used a difference name so no one would know who he was.

I alway felt that gordon brown was a pead


we dont need judges we already have the Mafia in the legal sysyem.

all done in Secret, what they did to those children in scotland. we
know that social workers are bullies, look at the false passport from
the cabinet office over linda lewis daughter’s case, in wales and still
their is no justice. I witnessed a social and the local council in court
and lie.

cover by the doctors North Neat Talbot, police, social workers, useless lawyers on the make again.


Well done to Robert Green for standing up against the evil and wickedness in scotland.


In Holland the parents went out on mass, when they found out that nothing was being done about the child abusers.


I will never forget what those wicked bastards have done to me and my
children, its a question of time, lies false reports on files, threats,
stealing money, lies by social workers who I had never met.
Corrupt solicitors, corrupt cafcass, corrupt judges, rubblish police. I reported my case to the BBC they did nothing.
The corrupt director of social service left quickly, I was up against a corrupt lawyer for the council.

they allowed a mad women and a abuser to take my children, when I had a court ordr in place protecting them.
can this be that these people get off with it. I made complaints to
everyone about the case. Nothing was done still these bastards are in
those jobs.

And the wicked and evil go free.

no evidence to back up their corruption


no eviedence to back up their corruption against me as a mother protecting her children by the SS.

fucking bastard who did this is still working purporting her self with
the labour party and the council. Her own mother was seeing a pead this
was reported to the police nothing was done. child protection police
over up.

on the hearsay of a meantlly ill women, evidence to
support this statement un-like her evidence, a court order was given in
secert by a corrupt judge. And still they get away with it


the bodies in Zennor may of been moved however you can still find evidence.

the freemasons started in cornwall the first lodges, then move to london.

gilbert married was having an affair in the B/B in Truro, hand up women
dress told she was not to tell anyone and as he was a judge. these
people live a difference life, they shouldnt be sitting in the courts at



Can we trust the press to print the truth and tell the truth, but that
is what they wantus to think, we must find good people, not everyone is


how many mother and fathers have been protecting their children against
abuse only to find it is used against them by the SS nazis.

you make a complaint to the general social care council, law society,
bar council, cafcass, NHS, BMC the ombusman, the staff refused to answer
questions, we need to get their name and address.

these groups are not inpartial they are bias to start with this has to change


I did wonder that Sir Paul might of kill his wife off, her body was taken very quickly after her death.

Maybe she knew what he was up to? someone might of been black-mailing him? after his millions

they go for the family members, the weak point,


Statutory Instruments
2010 No. 232
European Union
The European Communities (Definition of Treaties) (1996 Hague Convention on Protection of Children etc.) Order 2010
10th February 2010
Coming into force
24th February 2010
At the Court at Buckingham Palace, the 10th day of February 2010
The Queen’s Most Excellent Majesty in Council
accordance with section 1(3) of the European Communities Act 1972 a
draft of this Order was laid before, and approved by a resolution of,
each House of Parliament.
Accordingly, Her Majesty, in exercise of
the powers conferred by section 1(3) of the European Communities Act
1972(1), is pleased, by and with the advice of Her Privy Council, to
order as follows:
Citation and commencement
1. This Order may be
cited as the European Communities (Definition of Treaties) (1996 Hague
Convention on Protection of Children etc.) Order 2010, and shall come
into force on the 24th February 2010.
Specification as one of the Community Treaties
The Convention on Jurisdiction, Applicable Law, Recognition,
Enforcement and Co-operation in Respect of Parental Responsibility and
Measures for the Protection of Children signed in The Hague on 19
October 1996(2) is to be regarded as one of the EU Treaties as defined
in section 1(2) of the European Communities Act 1972.
Judith Simpson
Clerk of the Privy Council
(This note is not part of the Order)
Order declares the Convention on Jurisdiction, Applicable Law,
Recognition, Enforcement and Co-operation in Respect of Parental
Responsibility and Measures for the Protection of Children signed in The
Hague on 19 October 1996 to be an EU Treaty within the meaning of
section 1(2) of the European Communities Act 1972.
The Convention
improves the international protection of children by providing uniform
rules on jurisdiction, applicable law, recognition and enforcement for
decisions on parental responsibility and measures for the protection of
children. It also establishes a system of administrative co-operation to
facilitate the operation of the Convention across international
The Convention contains matters within the competence of the
European Union, although the European Union is not able to become a
party to the Convention itself. Those parts of the Convention which do
not fall within European Union competence are ancillary to the
provisions of the EU Treaties regarding judicial co-operation in civil
matters, in particular those regarding the conflict of laws and
jurisdiction, and the recognition and enforcement of judgments in civil
The principal effect of declaring this Convention to be an
EU Treaty is that the provisions of section 2 of the European
Communities Act 1972 (which provide for the general implementation of EU
Treaties) apply to it.
A full Impact Assessment has not been
produced for this instrument as it has no impact on the costs of
business, charities or voluntary bodies.
1972 c.68 Back [1]
Cm 7727 Back [2]


Child molesting perverts with connections to both Common Purpose & David Cameron


look what happened in Jersey with the cover up of child abuse, their may
be links to Ireland and the R/C chruch child abuse case’s.

evil bastards all work together, we know that ARK is behind stealing
children they thought they could get away with child stealing in Haiti


Fettesgate: ‘Magic Circle’ spells panic in the police

Published Date: 24 February 2009

IT started out as whispers between lawyers over boozy lunches and mutterings of discontent in police canteens.

group of gay judges and lawyers were conspiring to ensure soft
treatment for homosexual criminals, or so went the rumour that spread
through Edinburgh legal circles in the late 1980s.

The talk was
of a “magic circle” reaching the highest levels of the Scottish legal
system and the potential blackmail of judges by “rent boys”.

gossip grew on the back of police frustration at the outcome of a series
of fraud and other cases, where officers felt that defendants who
happened to be gay had been unusually leniently treated.

It would
all no doubt have died a quiet death if it were not for the bizarre
events which took place one Sunday night at the police headquarters at

At around midnight on July 19, 1992, an intruder slipped
in through an open window – which was apparently left unlatched by
detectives who used it as a shortcut to the car park – and made his way
to the offices of the Serious Crime Squad.

Daubing Animal
Liberation Front slogans on the walls as a smokescreen, he spent two
hours searching the offices, including that of Deputy Commander Jimmy
Smith, before making off with a haul of confidential files.

the two holdalls full of missing documents were ones listing details of
police informants, Loyalist sympathisers and Animal Liberation Front
activists, but there was one particular police report which would cause
huge embarrassment to the force.

It examined the alleged existence of the so-called “magic circle” within the highest echelons of the Scottish judiciary.

by a respected senior detective, Detective Inspector Roger Orr, it
concluded there was evidence to support claims that justice was being
seriously subverted by “a well-established circle of homosexuals”,
including judges, sheriffs and lawyers. Significantly, the report named

The police dossier listed five court cases where the
outcome caused concern among officers and lawyers and concluded that
“homosexuality may well have been used as a means to seriously interfere
with the administration of justice”.


Now there was panic at police headquarters. The possibilities –
including a potential goldmine for blackmailers and the undermining of
public faith in the judicial system – did not bear thinking about.

Derek Donaldson, 32, a convicted fraudster and valued police informant, was quickly identified as the prime suspect.

efforts were made to recover the documents – attempts that would lead
to the downfall of some of Lothian’s top detectives. One former senior
detective, who was serving on the force at the time, recalls: “This was a
perfect example of a storm in a teacup. You had a very dangerous and
Machiavellian informant who had been allowed to gain a position of
influence and power because he was good at what he did. But he was a
double-dyed manipulator.

“Then we had some very ill-advised
junior detectives who had allowed themselves to be convinced that there
was some sort of conspiracy. But they failed to follow the evidence.

“Whether there was any conspiracy, I can’t answer. What I can answer is that there was no evidence of it.”

detectives, Det Chief Supt William Hiddleston and Det Sgt Peter Brown,
eventually promised Donaldson immunity from prosecution as long as the
documents were returned.

Within weeks, the files had been dumped
at the council tip off Dalkeith Road and police informed, but detectives
naturally suspected the most sensitive documents had been copied.

deal did not prove popular with the high command, however, who were
anxious to see an arrest to act as a deterrent. When he heard of it,
Chief Constable Sir William Sutherland immediately vetoed the immunity

The force was under immense scrutiny. The internal
report and its controversial initial conclusion was leaked to the
Evening News, sparking a national sensation.

The Crown Office
appointed a highly-regarded QC, William Nimmo Smith, and a regional
procurator fiscal, James Friel, to investigate.

But the affair, dubbed “Fettesgate”, was about to take another twist.


Before the report was officially published, Nimmo Smith was duped into
revealing his findings to a bogus journalist. The “journalist” was none
other than Derek Donaldson, who immediately sold his “scoop” to a
tabloid newspaper, indicating that the report had found no evidence of a
homosexual conspiracy.

Days later, Nimmo Smith was admitted to
hospital with nervous exhaustion. Donaldson was later jailed for
assaulting a real journalist who had continued to investigate the

When Nimmo Smith’s report was finally published in January 1993, it dismissed the idea of a “magic circle” of gay lawyers.

101-page report concluded there was no evidence to support the idea of a
conspiracy to undermine justice, but strongly criticised a number of
police officers.

Some had been “prepared to give as much credence
to rumour as to actual evidence and to believe in conspiracy theories
whether or not supported by evidence”, it said.

Other officers, it suggested, had been motivated by homophobia.

Hiddleston announced his retirement just hours after the chief
constable had admitted a small group of detectives “may have let the
side down”. Several other officers connected were moved to uniformed


MP’s enquiry that sparked dramatic chain of events

long-serving Linlithgow MP Tam Dalyell played a crucial role in bringing
the “magic circle” controversy into the public domain.

stolen police report which sparked the scandal was prepared in response
to a letter the MP wrote to then Lothian and Borders Chief Constable Sir
William Sutherland.

Mr Dalyell had raised what he believed to be
genuine public concern about a series of Crown Office decisions on
cases investigated by the force.

Sir William took these concerns
very seriously and, after discussions with his deputy, Hector Clark,
decided to have a secret report drawn up by a senior officer.

Today, Mr Dalyell looks back on the furore as something which had positive effects on the force.

and Borders Police established formal links with a series of gay
community groups for the first time in its history in the wake of the

Mr Dalyell said: “In the years following the
so-called ‘Fettesgate’ scandal, Lothian and Borders Police did make an
effort to learn some of the lessons from the inquiry.

“It was a very awkward situation for some of the officers involved. I know that William Sutherland took it very seriously.

“But, from that, the police did try and make things better.”

recent years, the force has won widespread praise for its work building
relations with the city’s gay community. The rainbow flag of the
lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community was flown above
the Fettes HQ last year.


In 2001 Scotland Yard police revealed that it had been unable to find
three hundred black boys aged between four to seven that disappeared
from London in a three-month period. The three hundred boys were
reported missing between July and September in 2001.

Yinka Sunmonu an expert in missing children told the BBC’s Today program
“Children are here one day and gone the next”.


well well look what we have here

The aforementioned Temple
Bar is the juristic arm of the Crown and holds an exclusive monopoly on
global legal fraud through their Bar Association franchises. The Temple
Bar is comprised of four Inns of Court. They are; the Middle Temple,
Inner Temple, Lincoln’s Inn and Gray’s Inn. The entry point to these
closed secret societies is only to be found when one is called to their

Simon Cox or should we call him simon templar ! – humans rights barrsiter works from Gray’s Inn

wife Polly SS barrister


Henry Lamb
Gray’s Inn
stitched my child and me up the other day


Mai-lin Savage
a pathetic excuse for a barrister

Gray’s Inn?

woman acted out the persecutor, victim, rescuer triad of dysfunctional
behaviour on her client, ie the pattern so beloved of DV perpetrators!
but at the same time declined to raise DV which remains issue for the children.

and she bills herself as an expert for clients with Mental health vulnerabilities

I have a comedy to tell on this one’s shabby turn-out


Grays inn collection of barristers, so meek and

obstructive to a child’s welfare

when the cafcass are around.


gray’s Inn barristers are a disgrace
getting my legal funding taking it and not representing me

What is wrong with them?
What is right with them


A manual to steal ?

Checkout what your council’s CEO

SOLACE – Human trafficking report 2009 – Society of Local Authority Chief Executives

Miranda Carruthers-Watt Chief Executive, Lancashire Police Authority
Clare Payton Senior Equalities Officer, Cardiff Council
Lauren Watts Team Manager, Education & Children’s Services, Slough Borough
Jonathon Toy Head of Community Safety & Enforcement, Southwark Borough
Maria Memoli Consultant, Local Governance Ltd
Colin Carswell Chief Inspector, Metropolitan Police
Graduate Researchers
Kalpana Kapoor Diversity and Communities Projects Officer, London Probation
Mary Hill Management Trainee, Greenwich Children’s Services
Helen Sturgess Project Officer, Engagement & Diversity, London Borough of
Silla Haili Graduate Management Trainee, Hertfordshire County Council
External Contributors
Rob Jones Deputy Director, Policy and Strategy Group, UK Border Agency
Andrea Dias Policy Adviser, Office of Criminal Justice Reform
Nick Kinsella Head of Centre, UK Human Trafficking Centre (UKHTC)
Christine Christie London Safeguarding Children’s Board
Philip Ishola London Borough of Harrow, and London Safeguarding Children’s
Board Child Trafficking Group
Silke Nebenfuehr Communications Officer, International Organisation for
Migration, London
Ewa Hussein Senior Assisted Voluntary Returns Officer, International
Organisation for Migration, London
SOLACE support
Jo Benfield International Consultant to SOLACE; Study group Manager
Kathryn Rossiter Director of Development & Operations, SOLACE; Study Group


Coram solicitors

Farrer & Co

66 Lincoln’s Inn Fields

Charles Russell LLP
8 –10 New Fetter Lane

Steynings house
Fisherton Street


Soldier had child abuse images
A serving army corporal has admitted making indecent images of children while based at Ballykelly in 2003-04.

O’Leary, 33, from Madeley Close in Market Drayton, had denied the 11
charges but changed his plea to guilty before his trial started.
Judge Desmond Marrinan said O’Leary’s behaviour was “shameful”, and said his military career was probably at an end.
He was ordered to sign the sex offenders register, and was released on bail pending sentencing next month.


Child porn teacher banned

Published Date:
17 February 2010
By Chris Wilkinson
A teacher from Wigan has been banned for life from working with children after admitting child porn charges.
Daley, of Bolton Road, Ashton, pleaded guilty to 17 counts of making
indecent images of children up to the age of 11. He was also given a
three-year community order during sentencing at Liverpool Crown Court

Police raided Daley’s home in May last year, seizing the 43-year-old’s computer, pictures and prints.

When it was examined, officers found 39 images of child abuse on the computer’s hard drive.

Some of the images depicted abuse of children who were believed to be as young as five.

well as the downloaded images, police also found 17 websites saved
among his ‘favourites’, all of which shared a common theme of teen and
pre-teen pornography.

Read the Wigan Evening Post Monday-Saturday for all the local news and sport …

has been employed as an English and media studies teacher at the
highly-regarded St Aelred’s Catholic Technology College in
Newton-Le-Willows since 1991.

It is understood that Mr Daley’s
position at the school will now be reviewed by St Helens Local Education
Authority via the proper process.

Daley was arrested after police executed a warrant at his home on May 8 last year.

was interviewed for a second time a month later, on July 7, and
admitted downloading the images to his computer and printing images that
had been found hidden under his bed.

Alongside the community
order and life ban on working with children, Daley was ordered to attend
a sex offender programme and banned from downloading images of children
under 16 for life.

DC Ian Pennington, of Wigan CID, said: “Daley
was never in contact with any of the abused children in the pictures he
had – but those accessing such horrible material are well aware that
their interest perpetuates the terrible suffering of victims.”

At this rate there will be no (professionals- give me a break) teachers left to teach


Craig Murray
Writer and broadcaster

Craig Murray is a human rights activist, writer,
former British Ambassador, and an Honorary Research
Fellow at the University of Lancaster School of Law.

January 4, 2009
Gordon Brown Is a Murderous Two Faced Cunt
Nice to met a man who doesn’t mince his words !!


Think i am going to puke

watch this

executive kent county council peter gilroy’s mistress Tanya Oliver
talking about the Gateway in maidstone where they have SS services and
how this could change people’s lives. Never heard so much shit, steal
more children tanya as you well know.

everyone in KCC knows what
positions she preformed, as you can see she is a ugly old dog and hated
by her colleges because of it,

she walks around like lady muck as if she owns the place.

when you go in may gilroy take your tart with you !


head teacher of wiley court school found guilty of sex assult, plymouth.

A 5 year old boy was raped and murdered, the sick bastard got 8 years, then let out.

Hyde Park junior school, devon probation service housed sex
offenders.Plymouth city council was trying to keep this from the parents
and the press.

Mutley plan 5 mins away sex offenders had been
reporting to the staff, this is a busy area with lots of families and
three schools. Cafcass down the road refused to explain to the public
what was going on.

certain police officer in child protection
told locals that a sex offender was living next to a family with three
children, Ford Park rd, his picture was all over central park and the
warning the public

Judge Overend sitting in plymouth
county court he was letting the sex offenders off. this was reported in
the Sun new paper, he left his job quickly. Evil old bastard, Judge
Overend had been working with judge Tyzack another evil bastard, they
have both taken money behind close doors £10,000.

The sun and the new of the world wanted to print the name of all the sex offenders to protect the public.

Gay groups feel sorry for the sex offenders, as we are picking on them.
However, nohting can be done about their dirty habits, out of control.

try making a complaint to the local MPs Linda Gilroy and Garry streeter, freemasons behind this.

social workers, Ballards house, threats to parents,you must have mental health problems, classic statement. what are the SS for?

they all work together to protect.

Why have they been housing the sex offender near families?


“every child matters” word from hilter 1939, policy was made in Berlin.

Edd Balls and his scilly wife they were spending about £35,000 a year on food for the family?

he lives the SS have been picking on sigle Mums stealing children on
false/ hearsay evidence in the corrupt family court set up.


edward health, reptillian shape shifting, he did have the nose for it was seen in the woods with others

He was a spy TREASON
EU corrupt


The official professionals are far too busy with reams and reams of guidance rhetoric
generated to fashion policy and procedure,
that it obscures policy and the law

fundamentally therefore these professionals are just not available to
carry out the mandate for which they are paid, ie to provide services of
any kind to any parent, child, family or person

unless it suits
unless it suits
the strategic objective of the department
to advance whatever profit (financial or narcissistic) they themeselves seek for themselves.


Paula Adams

Yes there are many that have joined here being
supportive waiting in the wings….Their experiences are similar to to
the plight of Hollie. Many have gagging orders and are threatened with
prison if they speak, secret courts are held where they are denied a
trial or jury. Harriet Harman actually mentioned it in the houses of
parliment in 2007 stating there was over 200 parents that had been
imprisoned by secret courts. At the time it was discovered the real
figure was more like 500…anyway after her little revelation she fell
into silence and sat on her hands…tut tut..thats another politician
that needs exposing, especially with her historic association with
organisations in support of child/adult sex….


Teacher faces child porn charges

William Whillock 56 from
Headcorn Road, vice-principal of The New School in West Heath, near
Sevenoaks; is charges with four counts of possessing indecent images and
abuse of a position of trust, relating to a relationship with a 17 year
old girl.

The scool’s headteacher Christina Wells says on its
website that her aim is to help children who are emotionally scarred by
abuse, bereavement, bullying or other trauma.

Be very interesting
if this is the same case that Deputy Mayor of Maidstone Eric Hotson
(Mayor 2010) refer too, when Councillor Sheena Williams sort help about
the forced adoption of her 4 granddaughters.

He was supposedly
supporting a teacher who was accused wrongly of possessing child porn
and who was innocent; obviously cant not be the same man ? could there
be more than one teacher in Eric Hotson ward accused of this ?


Social workers are mainly context twisting their reports just so it looks good for their own career’s.
have core assessments to complete and at the end of the day if a few
tiny negative points can be put into their reports i.e toys on the
floor in the living room ect then they will do it just to do a good
days work for themselves.
I hate these vultures.
Deeside flintshire children’s intergrated disability service are the worst i have ever seen.


Cllr Fry down loading porn tory Party, was allowed to continue within the SS


Is this the same Eric Hotson, who used to work for KCC legal department?

chairman of corporate services, ex leader maidstone borough council/ conservative leader ?

backed Peter Hooper ex lib dem pervert who downloaded child pron on his
council laptop , governor of infants school, magistrate,

eric told his conservative group at maidstone not to say anything about it ?

eric also work for kingsfords solicitors in ashford who have worked for
kcc in ss child cases and supposedly have connections to a child
molesting ring ?

kent really’s need to be careful who they pretend to put asbo on


it would appear that those who are reporting the abuse about scotland and the rest are having telephones e-mails watched


I feel i need to correct a statement made by someone on here concerning Gordon Brown and Tony Blair.

It was not Gordon Brown who was in the toilet with Tony Blair, it was someone Blair met in the toilet.

understand people wishing to put information out, but we need to make
sure the information is correct if we want our credibility to stay in
tact. This is a very serious problem we face in this country, and it is
good to see so many people wanting to get involved. By coming together
we can take on this vile abuse and beat it, these people rely on fear
and intimidation to survive, only by exposing the truth will we be able
to protect the innocent from harm. Our children need to be protected
from these power mad perverts, and we need to build strong cases against
those who want to harm children across the country.


The number of dangerous sex offenders free in the UK at the moment is currently around 3.2 million.

equates to around 4 for every street in the country. To stop this
problem we must come up with suitable solutions to prevent these people
from being able to attack children. The more information we can put out
in the public domain the less they can hide.

We are building the
country’s largest sex offenders register for public access, which we
will publish for everyone to see. The site will also contain the details
of social workers, police officers, council officials, CAFCAS members,
Judges, solicitors etc who are known to be involved in criminal conduct
such as illegal taking of children from families, and of care staff
abusing children in their care.


The Hague is an agreement between countries, which basically says that
the countries should agree to enforce Court orders and Judgments made.
If England made a Court order (for example. A care order/residence
order) and the child is considered to be “in the care of a council in
England” or “resident with a parent/removed from the jurisdiction for
longer than 28 days” but someone takes the child abroad without the LA
permission, then the country where the child is staying is expected to
use their legal powers to recover the child and return the child to the
country where the residence order/care order is made.

I am not to
familiar with the specific detail of the Hague. These powers that are
coming into force are presumably bringing the UK’s version of Parental
Responsibility into some sort of recognition in other countries. In
addition, (and probably) reminding the rest of the world) that the UK’s
expectations, no matter how unreasonable, should be respected and

While reading the newspapers, it seems that the Hague
is failing to recover children who were stolen (legally) by the state
and then (illegally) stolen back by the parents. The UK’s reaction is to
strengthen the Hague powers, rather than find out why people feel the
need to take their children back.


we are watching them watching us

The sooner the corrupt bastards
are caught the better, including judge richard polden and judge green
who operate by rubber stamping the councils orders in the secret medway
family courts,

why would they do this ?
could someone have a
hold over them , why did polden climb up the tree so fast from a
partner in a solicitor’s practice in Gravesend ?

why was the case
of councillor sheena williams 4 granddaughters transferred from
magistrates court just prior to the guardian amanda barden ex kcc social
worker contacting her?

couldnt they get the result they wanted from the magistrates court in dover, why did they make it so complex?,

we know they use a template, to try to label grandparents abusive or mad, they have done this to lots of us

wicked child abuser’s who removed elle-may , ruby, lacey, & poppy
williams-piper for forced adoption , are both mad & evil

judgement day is coming…..hope you are ready because we are ?


Progress at Evolve YP and Catch22 social work practices for children in care – 17/02/2010 – Communit

years after they were proposed in the government’s Care Matters white
paper, the UK’s first independent social work practices are now up and

Jim Moore

hang on, they have to be
registered at the gscc to practise, the gscc is chaired by a SOCIAL
WORKER, ergo there’s no such thing as an “independent” social worker.


Cafcass in ‘meltdown’, report claims | The Law Gazette

the Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service (Cafcass)
has hit back at the claims, which it says are ‘not based on fact’ and
undermine the good work being done by its frontline staff.

Michael McManus



David Cameron: Tories will clamp down on ‘sexualisation’ of children | Mail Online

Tory leader outlined proposals to punish firms who target youngsters
after telling how he stops daughter Nancy, six, from listening to ‘too
adult’ Lily Allen.

Paula Adams
love to believe you cabbage patch ….but thing is I DONT….


Steve Bayliss

will be making it known shortly about planned
demo’s after i’ve agreed with Founder of Fathers 4 Justice Matt O’Connor
which will include mums, dads and Grandparents. If its not done soon
the government will have acheived it’s goal in ruining the traditional
family as we know it.


Cameron vows to legislate against those currently speaking out against nuLabour


time to clean house


will matt o connor join the mothers march

It begins with childbirth


concept of mother

how do you feel about yours


Elish Angiolini, Lord Advocate of Scotland, and Common Purpose

Lord Advocate of Scotland, Elish Angiolini, refuses to pursue the
sexual abuse case involving Down’s syndrome girl, Hollie Greig, who
claims to have been raped by well-known members of the Scottish
establishment; Angiolini’s department in Aberdeen took so long to
process the case of another girl who claimed to have been sexually
abused that it was thrown out for taking too long to come to court by
the very Sheriff who has been named by Hollie as one of her sexual
abusers and rapists.

Now it turns out that Angiolini is a speaker
for Common Purpose, the ‘training of leaders’ organisation long exposed
in my books, on this website and in the research of Brian Gerrish at
UKColumn who has been threatened by Angiolini’s lawyers, Levy &
McRae, for posting the story of Hollie Greig and the people she names.

The plot thickens, but nothing like as profoundly as it will.


Peter Gilroy CEO of Kent County Council has also spoken at common purpose courses

a psychotic ( apoligises I meant psychiatric social worker)

claim he didnt get paid and only carried out these assignments during
his lunch break ( must have a blood long lunch break)and after work

I wonder what courses he spoke at and how long these courses went on till ?

He is being to sound like an angel rather than the devil child snatcher he is

these narcissistic personalities are connected to child stealing and
have been protected and paid very handsomely by the state

wonder Paul Carter is getting rid of him this year, although he is no
better and covered the tracks of his completely corrupt SS services and
devil workers within – SHAME ON THEM ALL


Our story ended happily and we won our case against Devon County Council. But these are the names of the corrupt:

Nicki Cozens (previously mentioned) now the laywer for the LA (Exeter and DCC).

Hayes – Consultant Paediatrician of Royal Devon & Exeter hospital.
APPARENTLY involved in several other cases at the moment where her
medical evidence has been questionable and the court has favoured
against her opinion. In our case she refused to attend court to give
evidence and refused to attend the experts meeting. The jointly
instructed national experts slated her procedures and opinions.

Dr Marsh – Registrar at Royal Devon & Exeter hospital (falsified evidence).

Naomi Hughes – Practice Manager for LA.

Keith Lambeth – Social worker.

Hepworth – Guardian. Supposed to be independent and unbiased but is
best friends with Nicki Cozens. On several occassions we saw them
hugging and sharing each others lunch.


Just take a look at the pictures of baby Poppy Williams-Piper all over
the internet; with her badly cut head , whilst in the so-called ‘care’
of Kent County Council foster ‘carers’

Where she apparently
fell out of a car onto her head, she looks like something the NSPCC
would use in their adverts, she looks so sad an unhappy,; take a look
for yourselves

And what is the ‘social’ worker in the background writing about this in her notes ?

wont Sarah Hollier cabinet member for children services , who
confessed (before being given the post by Paul Carter , most probably to
shut her up) to Councillor Sheena Williams who resigned from the Tory
party that she knew nothing about social services ?

Why wont she
answer the freedom of information request , asking her directly if the
care given would be considered good enough for her own children or

We know that Sarah has very high connections in the
CONservative party, how high and to what aim do they serve ? Obviously
she must have been disappointed when her daughter failed to get elected
in the May 2009; Carter had others plans.


Is that Amanda Barden the Canterbury ‘guardian’ who Kent County Council
lied about having previously worked for them as an assistant manager
social worker ?

Kent SS has a lot to answer for, corrupt to the very core.


Anon 9.26PM

Peter Gilroy Chief Executive of Kent County Council,

Also worked as a practitioner as part of a project closing large psychiatric hospitals in Devon.

you for your enquiry which I found interesting. I am assuming that it
is a genuine request and on that basis I am happy to give details of my
career starting in Nursing and then in Social Work. I started in
psychiatric nursing and qualified as a registered mental nurse (RMN)
before going on to study psychiatric social work and gaining my CQSW
(Certificate of Qualification in Social Work). I then went on to do
further training in mental health at the Tavistock Institute and with
the Richmond Fellowship as well as in the Health Service, and undertook
postgraduate training courses both at Exeter and Bristol Universities.
As a practitioner I worked as part of a project closing large
psychiatric hospitals in Devon where we were one of the first areas to
develop alternative housing for former patients. I then applied to join
East Sussex County Council where I managed all the social services (as
it was then defined) for Brighton, Hove and Lewes. Throughout this
period, up until I joined Kent County Council, I retained a small
caseload. While I was there I was asked to be part of the Clunis
Inquiry, looking particularly at the implications for policy. I also
initiated an approach to conferences where 90% of the audience were
service users. In Kent as Director of Operations and then as Strategic
Director of Social Services, I chaired the Kent Child Protection
Committee for thirteen years and Kent Social Services gained the top
star rating for its services which it has maintained. I hope that is
helpful in terms of my career…..”


‘Outstanding’ Peter Gilroy was worth the money

Take a look at the
picture of this freak, alongside rent a gob on the left and his common
purpose chums, including the Chief Constable of Kent Michael Fuller,
who is also due to leave Kent to become the Crown Prosecution Service
Chief Inspector.
Kent Fire service is riddled with common purpose graduates.

(why are all the common purpose graduates being moved from the LSP children’s board or being moved on?)

KM comment:
“He needs all that cash to pay for his hair dye.”
Now aint that the truth ?


Common Purpose needs exposing and this is a Telegraph journalist

John Mitchell doing just that;

come on the rest of you lily-livered cowardly media,

stop this evil or admit you are also part of it,

means you would be as guilty as all the child molesting MP’s, judges,
social workers, police, etc involved with the Hollie Greig case and the
thousands of other children this is still happening to right now.


So the euphemistic
best interests of the child originated with Hitler- and children were sent to be raised by ‘Appropriate parents’.

In the lebensraum, the women taught the child that he/she would obey without question.

women would sit the babies on their laps- while they ate- and the child
got nothing. No matter how much the child cried, it got nothing, only
to learn that it got fed when the stranger “parent” decided to do so

Social workers often treat children in the same manner today- as i have seen with my own eyes.

also know a child psychiatrist who does this- intentionally or not- I
am not sure. But somehere in the system this programming is being taught

corporate parent facilitator
tried to raise children according to this book-led counter-intuitive ‘knowledge’
and affection witheld to train brain into obedience from baby through
pre-school age, became bored with the children after that


Families For Children

Families For Children steal a diverse
range of children from all over the country and white British children
are in the majority. We welcome your interest.


£We teach our adopted children that parents who adopt are kind and not selfish £

What do you think about that?

you are a birth parent we would have you down for potential emotional
abuse for far less, but here at the adoption cartel we have one rule for
persons paying to become parents and another altogether for natural
parents. And we are confident that we can maintain and feed such
double-standards, because we network with all the right people including
our own database of quacks who will invent tailored diseases and
diagnose natural parents in the family courts behind closed doors, for a
small fee of up to a hundred thousand £. Most of the practitioners in
the family law industry are part of this cartel so we have no trouble at
all stitching natural parents and their children up like kippers, ready
for a life of bereavement in our industry.

We like it. We find
it gratifying. It keeps us with a useful share of the rising economic
debt so that we can spend it on an affluent and if desireable perverted
lifestyle to reflect our narcissitic and masturbatory careers.

supported by
The Bar
Family law Panel
Family Law Resolution
Law Society
assited by
Institute of Family Therapy
Tavistock Institute
Legal Complaints Service
to name a few of our wealth generating drainers.

We have families all stitched up

works hard to make well-adjusted children vulnerable, and to upset the
lives of young people and their families, transforming their lives
through a tactical and aggressive war of attrition in the family courts.
We aim to build on our partnership with the failing-esteem of cafcass
towards the well-being of our apparatchiks, preparing children and young
people to fulfil adult gratification.
£££ donate to BAAF bucket today



for anyone who has had bad dealings, genuine complaints and been on the
receiving end of acts of an illegal nature from the Dorset County
Council Social Services. I am looking at bringing a case against them
and need any info from any of you, if you have a serious matter
personally I am also interested in possibly joining up as a group.

you know of any complaints against Dorset Social Workers especially out
of the Dorchester offices, any information that shows they have
breached parental agreements, Human rights, civil rights, Children’s act
etc. Please let me know ASAP.



Jeremy Rosenblatt
42 Bedford Row
Coram Chambers
14 Gray’s Inn Square
Renaissance Chambers

The greed of these people

Child abuse enabling and profiteering


Jeremy Rosenblatt barrister

16 February 2010

just another bad apple?

rotten to the coram


The self-appointed court experts who hate mothers
paid by the public

I think what parents in proceedings are saying is spot on

witnesses seem to lack the ability to look at the real facts, and more
to the point to fully assess the subject matter in hand.

also seems to be a heavy bias towards what is said by the Local
Authority and/or their multi-agencies, leaving parents stranded and
branded with bogus personality disorders etc

Maybe the system
could be improved by assessing the subject first, a report being
submitted, and THEN an assessment based on what is said by Social

Until then, there will be heavily biased assessing, and no genuine assessment

But then that is how they want it to be in the kangaroo courts.


nicki cussions was having an affair with a soliitor at at foot ansty
solicitors in plymouth they are corrupt in to child stealing with the

She is married and so was he they both worked for the firm worked above.

I heard that when they have the law society dinner they all sleep with each others husbands and wife.

Nicki Cussion worked for the family section which is a nasty part of this frim of corrupt solictors

Ahe was told off for her fraud in exeter.

Stay away from her two face old cow.

Also works with the corrupt barrister coral Mashembo north hill useles at the law full of her self importants.

are only after money report them to the SRA, law socirety, bar council,
master of the rolls uk column, they need to be stoped


nicki cussions was having an affair with a soliitor at at foot ansty
solicitors in plymouth they are corrupt in to child stealing with the

She is married and so was he they both worked for the firm worked above.

I heard that when they have the law society dinner they all sleep with each others husbands and wife.

Nicki Cussion worked for the family section which is a nasty part of this frim of corrupt solictors

Ahe was told off for her fraud in exeter.

Stay away from her two face old cow.

Also works with the corrupt barrister coral Mashembo north hill useles at the law full of her self importants.

are only after money report them to the SRA, law socirety, bar council,
master of the rolls uk column, they need to be stoped


do not trust any one in the main parties, Davis Cameron is link to the
Astor family bloodline, he is using the agenda of common purpose
to try and get people to vote. waht we need is people power.

the governmnet and the queen is not above the people the bill os rights 1668


We need to warn people about Nicki cussions solicitor, she is a evil old
cow, lot of children have gone missing because of her actions and the
that fucking cow carol mashembo, barrister.


It is becoming common knowledge that the govt depts are using their
access to the legal matrix, against parent couples and lone parents, to
get babies and children to feather nests in an industry and worse.

is becoming obvious that the use of self-appointed expert psyches in
the industry trying to make a name for themselves are … See
moreturning decades of progressive mental health knowledge on its head,
creating stigma and trauma for families, parents and children alike, of
all ages
using harassment, intimidation and unlawful common purpose
in routine breach of Data Protection law. They appear to be so low in
intelligence, that I believe they do not understand data protection law.


GULAG stands for

____ C _hief
____ A _dministration
___o f _
____ C _orrective
___L a bor
Camp s



originally a govt agency

came to stand for a whole system of oppressing academics and dissenters

commonly ‘special purpose’ camps


Solzhenitsyn, harshly chastised the Soviet people for their tolerance
and apathy regarding the Gulag, but at the same time provided a
testament to the courage and resolve of those who were imprisoned


Even more broadly, “Gulag” has come to mean the repressive system itself, the set of procedures once called the “meat-grinder”:

the arrests, the interrogations,

the destruction of families,

the years spent in exile,

the early and unnecessary deaths.


Has anyone succeeded in a complaint against a sw? If so, was this with
the GSCC or their employer, or both? The advice from solicitors seems to
be that it’s a waste of time and effort. If this is so then it’s a
green light to those who can’t behave themselves to carry on
misbehaving. All comments welcome before we get on with the task of
bringing down one particularly bad person.

Finally, a quote for everyone battling the system:

have to meet the other side with equal determination, otherwise you
will get flattened or injured. You certainly won’t win.”

Albert Tucker
Fair Trade pioneer


Yes well a family law industry solicitor would say that

because they are often very lazy

and lack intellect or integrity
or both

I don’t know about exemptions

there are guidelines to CP
-around making the story up as professional go along
-around protecting a child

A child is not protected by the caring family being traumatised nor by the child being unlawfully removed

We hear a lot about risk-averse
but they know that we know that what normal parents are screaming at outer space about

is the dodgy dealings breaches
and discrepancies which have nothing whatever to do with risk-averse
something to do with lack of aptitude
lack of ethical grounding
lack of academic grounding everything to do with impaired judgement
and other factors to do with money

It depends on your circumstance
but SWs not above the law

are they ?

It is up to caring parents to make these practitioners accountable

There are a lot of intelligent parents out there

increasingly Draconian measures might abuse our children and kill us all

but it changes not the truth


if you don’t put in your formal complaints parents
and follow them up when you can

you fail children in the system

speak out
support children
support UK families
children taken unlawfully
parents and grandparents and children bereaved
siblings divided

resignation not an option
in these trials and tribulations


There is no children and family court advisory service

There is a process of fulfilling the criteria
by whatever means
to remove the child

unlawful processes that cafcass-coram are using to fulfil an objective
to remove your child.

That formula is what there is to it.


Some say it’s the management

So let us have some answers from the management.

The management say their staff are on the frontline under pressure

but they don’t say that it is the managers themselves putting pressure or incentive to falsify or switch emphasis of reports


Shaun O’Connell

Last years appesal got rementioned and maybe
Potter will now have to reconsdier his stance on whether children
[especially over 12] will have to attend court to be cross-examined if
they make allegations of abuse;
W (Children), Re [2010] EWCA Civ 57 (09 February 2010)


2 Children Baldy 6 and Roly mo 3 were taken from their parents and
placed into foster care after allegations of assault, the police
intervened and despite extensive investigations found there was no case
to answer. It has been ongoing now for nearly 2 years, the courts have
seen and heard the lies, yet officials have strived to keep this family
apart. The parents are suffering and so are the children. All they want
is to be a family again.
These children are prisoners of a system
that really needs to put its house in order, they take children from
good parents and leave others with drug addicts and alcoholics, could
this be because it is the path of least resistance. The quiet ones cause
the least trouble.
These children need to be freed from their captors and allowed to return to their own home and their loving parents.
Please support this cause, join and show social services that we will not tolerate this behaviour, justice needs to be done.
so many other stories you hear about social services, this is just one
but there are many hundreds of people out there that know that this
story is true and if you wish to clarify the validity of it, please feel
free to contact me.


the staff if there are to be some staff
need critical supervision and aptitude

It’s up to the manager to manage this

and ensure that the staff can and do the job

It is up to the manager to prioritise and assess, delegate diligence,
That is what manager is paid for
Not paid to participate approve in periodic press releases
to hide behind
either no work
or unlawful operations

that cafcass guardians are not an appropriate mechanism to deal with formal complaints

cafcass should not be scouting for work on custody cases given that we
have heard much disconnected noise lately from douglas about shortages

when will the penny drop

you don’t look at DV
fosterers and adopters are not harassed like parents and children are harassed and intimidated
concurrent dogma is avaricious planning
It’s a system of abuse

We are tired of the bleating

B ritish
A ssociation
A doption

get over it
or do you have envy that other children have a mummy

is it the strategic objective that children are made vulnerable to
abuse by your effective systems of removing them from protective


There is no children and family court advisory service

There is a process of fulfilling the criteria
by whatever means
to remove the child

unlawful processes that cafcass-coram are using to fulfil an objective
to remove your child.

That formula is what there is to it.



ask questions about your local authorities, courts, cafcass

name and shame everyone involved with your case in your requests

otherwise persons are immune from evidence and scrutiny


“I began to see myself as part of a
vast industry of professionals who earn their income by providing
services to families and their children. We provided a vast array of
services, which I quickly came to realize were ineffective and at times
even harmful to the people we were supposed to be helping. Parents also
did not see services as helping. Services were a series of hoops they
had to jump through to get my agency out of their lives. At each hoop
was another professional accepting money from the state. The more hoops,
the more money.”


“You have to be very clever to overcome the jealousies and the instincts
to destroy, which are deep. You have to listen hard, schmooze a lot,
pretend everyone is on board, use flattery and the sweetest of bribery.”

Prue Leith, Social entrepreneur, businesswoman, restaurateur and writer


the ft
g a y lobby have more rights than birth par ents over our chi l dren


ROTTEN BOROUGHS, you can say that again

Knacker comes calling for council leader Lord Hanningfield. –

£1bn out on one sum, £430m out on another – the chief executive’s
beancounting ambitions aren’t helped by the district auditor’s refusal
to sign off his accounts. –

business dealings are “about as transparent as the waters of the
Humber”. – WIRRAL: Officer who raised concerns about vulnerable people
being fleeced by the council was told: “Put your moral considerations to
one side.” –

KENT: So. Farewell then Kent TV… but hello again to its well-remunerated chief executive!

– ISLE OF WIGHT: Why fear and loathing stalk the corridors of the council’s offices.


I wonder if Private Eye mentions the CEO of Kent Peter Gilroy’s new
company Gilroy & Associates set up by Dunstana Davis ( well worth
looking into); a very interesting team. Or that he has written articles
for the Guardian newspaper and written to Lord Laming offering to write a
piece for the Conservative party, also been a speaker at common purpose
talks in his lunch hour and after work : (non paid of course ?)

(Maybe staff do not get paid for their lunch-breaks?)

A board member of the LGN’ local government network’ with other s who
have connections to the Guardian newspaper, including him.

need to hear far more from the Telegraph who are being to report what
has been kept hidden for far to long , and less from the Guardian ; who
are they guarding?


Kent Messenger report – Outstanding’ Peter Gilroy was worth the money

Contains some very interesting comments from both the public and staff;

KM comment: Quote:

“He needs all that cash to pay for his hair dye.”

are all the common purpose graduates being moved from the LSP
children’s board or being moved on?) Including the Chief Constable of
Kent Michael Fuller, who is also due to leave Kent to become the Crown
Prosecution Service Chief Inspector.

Isn’t it a bit worrying that Geoff Wild: Kent County Council
Director of law and governance is a mayor player in Kent Fire service , which also has common purpose graduates?


After reading this article , it looks like Mr Gilroy should pay us to
leave, or are the councillors and staff just relieved to see the back of
him, could this be why they are so silent?

Telegraph – common purpose, quangos


Kent Messenger report – Outstanding’ Peter Gilroy was worth the money

Contains some very interesting comments from both the public and staff;

KM comment: Quote:

“He needs all that cash to pay for his hair dye.”


The Guardian newspaper isn’t always on side;

But I wouldn’t bank on Cameron doing anything about Carter & Co in Kent,

Dave at Davos

Davos: Why did David Cameron assemble the cream of world media and then tell them they couldn’t report anything he said?


What are the ass-holes doing on here with political conspiracy shit?
Please sod off to your nearest clinic and leave this blog for the naming
and shaming of social workers



Peter Gilroy Chief executive of Kent County Council is a psychiatric
social worker of the worse kind, highly involved with common purpose,
so much so that he has climbed up the ranks very quickly and given

Common purpose are highly involved with children, Kent is one of the worst offenders of:

‘child stealing by the state’


John Banks

That is what i was desperately trying to uncover. The social workers were preditors, who preyed on vulnerable adult women.

I got that into the local paper, but what was put was not what was told. The social worker with the assistance of his

tried to cover up what went on. He even used the Directors note paper
in doing so. Collusion Corruption at the highest level. No matter what i
did it went ignored.

The complaint was first sent to the
Director of Children’s Services. He must have Shite himself. The
response to the complaint was replied by the social worker as if he was
the Director. So the Director was assisting with the cover up of the

I did an FOIA about this the reply was that under no
circumstance can a social worker reply on behalf of the director. It did
go to stage three, but by this time the leader of Islington Council
stepped in and stopped it going any further. And as well the Director
would have overseen stage three. That could not happen because he had
become part of the complaint.

The GSCC were aware of what was
going on but did nothing. I found out later GSCC boss Mike Wardle was
sacked by the GSCC by his or her own misconduct procedures. I contacted
the GSCC recently, but they have refused to reopen the case. I know
there is something wrong; Islington has had paedophile goings on in the
past…. See More

Islington and those who are in control did not want for this to go nowhere you can understand why.


Marilyn Hodges – Director of Strategy ,Policy and Performance for Kent County Council

Watch her in action here.

she does not enforce it , but works to ensure the removal of children
first , then straight into forced adoptions, one very evil wicked woman


To Mssr !YOUPRATS!: ‘conspiracy is Your word, so go to your own clinic.

The naming and shaming of persons who command the status and privileges of the label professional
is associated with unlawful common purpose



1201 – 1400 of 5000



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Getting Access To Your & Your Children’s Social Services Files

You are entitled to have copies not just to view them! Remember to view them is free anyway

For any one asking for their copy ss files:-
Make sure you ask for:-

Copies of all records, handwritten AND computerised.

of all e-mails, faxes, letters, internal and external communications
etc. E-mails are very important. SS do not expect you to ask for
these. It is amazing what you can uncover.

Copies of all telephone messages

Copies of all internal memo’s.

Copies of all contact logs from any contact centres that you or your family have attended

of all “Running Sheets”. This is the day to day log of what is
happening in your case – (like a diary). You can tell if any are
missing as they are numbered. You MUST ensure you get copies of these.
Check them against the reports that SS have given into court.

a child is 12 or over, then he/she is considered Gillick Competent. The
law was set out in the case of Gillick (Gillick v West Norfolk and
Wisbech AHA [1986] AC 112). It means that the child has sufficient
understanding in relation as to what is happening in a given situation
and has the capacity to take their own decisions. This gives a child who
is Gillick Competent the right to consent to medical treatment,
instruct legal representation, request records, etc. Therefore the local
authority may say that you are not entitled to have access to your
child’s records because he/she is old enough to request their own
records and is protected under the Data Protection Act 1989 under
his/her own right.

get copies of your SS files and your children’s ss files, you must
write a letter to the social services asking for copies of all
handwritten, and computerised data they have of you, including internal
memo’s, running sheets and daily logs. (Running sheets are a day to day
recording of what is happening and are very important). Make sure you
put in your letter “I am requesting this information under the Data
Protection Act 1998”. They have 40 days in which to reply. If not,
re-send a letter saying if they don’t reply within 7 days you will
report them to the Information Commissioner (Contact details below), as
they are in breach of the law.

Information Commissioner will ensure they give you the files, and
comply with the law. You are entitled to have copies of everything for
£10.00. Sometimes they say you can only view them with a social worker
present, but they know that this is against the law, and it is your
right under the Data Protection Act to have actual copies. You must
state this to them, if they try it on. Lastly, if there is information
from third parties in the file, they can still give it to you but must
write first and obtain permission from the person involved, i.e.. Health
visitor, doctor, etc.

section covers your rights under the 1998 Data Protection Act, which
covers information from private and public bodies, and the Freedom of
Information Act 2000, which covers public bodies only. It is always
worth asking for information under both Acts, although the 1998 Data
Protection Act covers everything.

1998 Data Protection Act gives all individuals general right of access
to the personal data which relates to them. These rights are known as
“subject access rights”. Requests for access to information about those
records are known as “subject access requests”. Personal data may be
computerised or paper records.

The Act gives a right of access to social work records which are held by any of the following:-

A local social services authority (England and Wales)
A social work authority (Scotland)
A Health and Social Services Board or trust (Northern Ireland)

request for information can be made by the person to whom the data
relates, irrespective of age, or by someone who is legally acting on
their behalf, e.g. a parent because the child is too young. Requests
must be made in writing to the local authority social services
department, and they have up to 40 days in which to respond. (It is
worth sending your request letter by recorded/special delivery otherwise
social services may say they have not received it).

are entitled to be given a description of the data, be told why it is
held, who it has been given to, any information about the source of the
data, and to be given an explanation as to how any automated decision
taken about you has been made.

You are entitled to have copies of the information for a fee of £10.00. Not just to view it.

Information which may be withheld:-

the information on a file identifies other people, then it will often
be right to remove that information unless the third parties have agreed
to the disclosure. (This is less likely to apply to information
identifying social workers or other social work professionals unless to
disclose it would cause them serious harm).

the disclosure of the information would prejudice the carrying out of
social work by reason of the fact that serious harm to the physical or
mental health of the data subject, or any other person would likely to
be caused.

in the case of requests made on behalf of the data subject, by a person
able to exercise their legal rights; the data subject has expressly
asked that some or all of the information should not be disclosed or if
they have provided the social services department with information on
the assumption that it will not be disclosed.

If it will hinder the prevention and detection of crime or the prosecution or apprehension of offenders to provide it.

If access is denied:-

social services are denying you access to records, or have not
responded to your request within 40 days, if you are at court you can
apply to the judge for release of your data. You can also contact the
Data Protection Commissioner, who will investigate this for you and :-

Information Commissioner England
Wycliffe House
Water Lane
Telephone: 01625 545 745
Fax: 01625 545 510

view advice on how to make a complaint and download a complaints form
go to:-

Information Commissioner Wales
2 Alexandra Gate
Ffordd Pengam
CF24 2SA
Telephone: 02920 894 929
Fax: 02920 894 930

Information Commissioner Scotland
28 Thistle Street
Telephone/fax: 0131 225 6341

Information Commissioner Northern Ireland
Room 101, Regus House
33 Clarendon Dock
Northern Ireland
Telephone: 028 9051 1270
Fax: 028 9051 1584


Freedom of Information Act 2000, also gives people the right to access
information on them that is held by public authorities. Any person has
the right to make a request for information held by a public authority.
You should write to your local authority to see your records under the
Freedom of Information Act, and the authority must usually respond to
this request within 20 working days. This right came into force on the 1
January 2005. You are entitled to access to any recorded information
such as e-mails, minutes of meetings, recordings and reports held by
public authorities in England, Northern Ireland and Wales.

the local authority decides not to let you have access to the records
requests it must give reasons for the decision. Also, if they ignore
your request for information you can complain to the Information
Commissioner (see Data Protection Act for addresses)

ICO may serve a notice on the local authority either confirming the
decision made, or directing it to disclose the information within a
certain time. If the local authority do not comply with this it
constitutes contempt of court, and they are in breach of the law.

If you disagree with the ICO’s decision you have 28 days in which to take the matter to an Independent Information Tribunal.

For information on the appeals process please contact:-

The Department of Constitutional Affairs:-

Tel: 0845 6000 877

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