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Ex-barrister who warned of plot to assassinate Queen found GUILTY of two bomb hoax threats

AN EX-BARRISTER sparked a security scare after claiming a secret underground German organisation was plotting to assassinate the Queen.

Former barrister Michael Shrimpton arrives at Southwark Crown Court to defend himself CENTRAL

Former barrister Michael Shrimpton arrives at Southwark Crown Court to defend himself

Michael Shrimpton warned a colleague of then-Defence Secretary Philip Hammond that a nuclear warhead had been stolen from a sunken Russian submarine and had now been hidden in a London hospital.
The 57-year-old claimed it would be used to attack the London 2012 Olympic Games and would either be used to target the monarch, the main stadium or the opening ceremony.
But he was prosecuted for deliberately knowing his outlandish plot was false and now faces jail after being convicted of two counts of communicating false information. 
I admit that the stuff I deal with is bound to sound strange, high falutin, incredible and fantastic. It’s my world, welcome to my world
Michael Shrimpton
Southwark Crown Court heard the barrister, who also wrote ‘Spyhunter: The Secret History of German Intelligence’, has a fascination for the world of political and military intelligence.
On Thursday April 19 2012, Shrimpton had phoned a colleague of Mr Hammond and made the claim as fears mounted of a terrorist attack ahead of the Games.
The following day he repeated the assertions when he phoned the offices of David Lidington MP in a plot he likened to an episode of hit US drama 24.
At the start of the two-week trial, prosecutor Alan Blake said: “The information was extraordinary and dramatic, in essence Mr Shrimpton announced that a nuclear weapon stolen from the sunken Russian submarine the Kursk a number of years ago, that such a nuclear weapon had been smuggled into the UK and was being stored in a London hospital in preparation to be used during the Olympic games.
“With the benefit of hindsight the information may seem outlandish, perhaps even laughable.
“Before being too dismissive do recall the position in 2012 when those calls were made.”
Mr Blake said Shrimpton made references to DVD – the Deutsches Verteidigungs Dienst, or German Defence Service – which he claimed was a shady agency that has “penetrated MI5, MI6 and GCHQ”.
He added the barrister must have known the information was false but he was a “respected professional man” who has “superficial plausibility”.
He told the jury that Shrimpton “is not being prosecuted for being a conspiracy theorist”, but added: “There may be a temptation to dismiss the defendant as a harmless eccentric or even to some as mentally unbalanced.
“The defendant will be the first to assure you that he is sane and, he would say, highly intelligent.”
Author Michael Shrimpton has today been ordered to undergo psychiatric reports CENTRAL

Author Michael Shrimpton has today been ordered to undergo psychiatric reports

Shrimpton was arrested hours after the calls were made and claimed his detention was a “colossal cock-up….worthy of an apology, some damages and possibly a nice lunch from MI5.”
The barrister, of Wendover in Buckinghamshire, refused to disclose his sources but revealed it was an informal team of unpaid experts, including someone based in Munich who lunched occasionally with the Pope.
He described his own home – which was later raided by police – as a nerve centre and a bona fide HQ of an international intelligence network.
The former barrister – who defended himself in court – denied referring to a definite attack, claiming instead that he was simply passing along information of a potential nuclear plot to the relevant authorities.
Defending his elaborate terror plot, he told the jury: “I admit that the stuff I deal with is bound to sound strange, high falutin, incredible and fantastic.
“It’s my world, welcome to my world.”
Giving evidence during his trial, Shrimpton boasted about meeting Prince Philip twice in a social context and claimed he had his phone number.
He also said he was consulted for his knowledge of intelligence by makers of popular British spy drama Spooks and by police investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.
He added that he believed “the German DVD now control Al-Qaeda” and that “Bin Laden himself was a DVD asset”.
However, this afternoon, a jury of nine men and three women did not believe his claims and convicted him of deliberately giving false information to the authorities by a majority of 11-1. 
Judge Alistair McCreath QC today ordered psychiatric reports for Shrimpton, telling him: “The sentence that I pass upon you will have to reflect that gravity of the conduct of which you have been convicted.
“But if, as may be the case, there is some underlying reason for it, then it seems to me important that I be informed of that underlying reason and I am therefore minded to order that you undergo psychiatric examination.”
He was granted conditional bail ahead of sentence on February 6 next year.
Shrimpton holds one previous conviction for possession of indecent images of children.
A memory stick filled with more than 40 vile pictures was found in his house search and has been the subject of separate proceedings at magistrates’ court.
There he claimed the intelligence services had planted the pictures.
He was handed a three-year community order for the crime and appealed the conviction, but the conviction was upheld.

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