Secret Kincora boys' home files will not be released for 66 years

Secret Kincora boys’ home files will not be released for 66 years

William McGrath was jailed over Kincora44
William McGrath was jailed over Kincora
Adrian Rutherford
By Adrian Rutherford

Highly sensitive documents on the Kincora scandal will remain locked away in Northern Ireland’s official archive for decades to come.

At least 19 files directly related to the notorious east Belfast care home are “closed” to the public.
In one case, the order remains in place until 2085 at the earliest. Around a dozen more of the files are closed – either fully or partially – until the mid-2060s and beyond.
Others which were scheduled to be declassified in recent years remain at least partly shut.
The department responsible for the records said they contained “sensitive personal data” and could not be opened in order to protect victims’ personal details and to comply with data protection legislation.
However, Ulster Unionist MLA Mike Nesbitt said the secrecy would only lead to more questions.
“The suspicion is they are hiding something. Is that legitimate? We can’t make that judgment when we don’t know what is in there,” he said.

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