Scottish teacher had sex with underage pupil telling her: “lowering the age of consent makes sense”

Scottish teacher had sex with underage pupil telling her: “lowering the age of consent makes sense”
Fisher is facing a jail sentence.
Fisher is facing a jail sentence.
Published: 16:38
Updated: 16:59
Monday 03 June 2019
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A TEACHER is facing a jail sentence after being convicted of having sex with a vulnerable 14-year-old pupil.
Ryan Fisher, 29, told his victim to take the contraceptive pill and admitted he was “like a Jimmy Savile”.
He targeted the girl, who had dyslexia, after helping her with her studies at Prestwick Academy in Ayrshire.

But a physical relationship developed in which she sneaked out of her home at night to be picked up by Fisher in his car.

They had sex around 23 times, mainly in his Ford Focus, which he called Basil and had its own Facebook page, but also at his home and in woods.
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A jury at Ayr Sheriff Court found Fisher guilty of having unlawful sex and breaching a position of trust between October 2013 and March 2015, while she was 14 and 15 and he was a student and qualified teacher.

Fisher, of Troon, who told the girl he he had been a police special constable, was cleared of sending a sexually explicit communication after the prosecution dropped that charge.

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The victim, now 20, said the computer science expert helped her at school as she was struggling.

They were in daily contact on Facebook and Skype and Fisher admitted having a live-in girlfriend with whom he had a child.

Police computer forensics experts recovered more than 1,000 incriminating Skype messages from the girl’s laptop computer, despite Fisher teaching her how to delete them.

He complained to her that lowering the age of consent “made sense” but everyone was “outraged”.
He texted: “I mean, in France and other countries it’s 14, ha ha ha.”

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Describing their first secret meeting, the victim said: “He was speaking about his feelings as well, trying to help me with my emotions about school and life in general.”

But on about the seventh date in his car they started kissing and cuddling. “He turned around, leaned in and kissed me,” she said.

”I didn’t know what to do. I was in shock.”

Mark Moir, defence counsel, told Sheriff Desmond Leslie: “This is a case where your lordship will clearly be considering a custodial sentence. Mr Fisher is very well aware of that.”

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