This is the staggeringly inaccurate remark attributed to the current Lord Advocate, Frank Mulholland QC, whilst discussing the issue of corroborative evidence The Scottish Law Reporter and others have challenged Mr Mulholland over this clear inconsistency in relation to its treatment of the Hollie Greig case.

The article can be accessed as follows:-

In Hollie`s case, there were in fact no fewer than 29 potential corroborative witnesses, although not one of them was interviewed by the police following Hollie`s detailed account of September 2009, supported furthermore by extensive expert witness documentation. There would have been another corroborative witness, Hollie`s Uncle Roy (Robert Greig), had he not died mysteriously and suspiciously in a car fire shortly after walking in on Hollie being sexually assaulted by her father.

The astonishing and horrifying case of the poor Italian lady whose baby was ripped from her womb on the orders of Essex Social Services has shocked the nation, but has served to highlight what those of us who have had dealings with social services and the Family Court have known for years. Therein exists a terrible and heartless culture that has arisen as a result, primarily, of the secrecy that allows  cruel, venal and often greedy people to act with impunity.

We have experienced this type of conduct in Hollie`s case, initially when Hollie`s mother Anne was forcibly and unjustifiably dragged to a mental institution just days after Hollie had identified the members of the ring that abused her, which included two Aberdeen social workers.

Once the case was gaining public momentum, the two unfortunate ladies were persecuted yet again by Shropshire Social Services, who ransacked and vandalised their home on 3rd June 2010 without any justification whatsoever while the ladies were on holiday. This draconian action by Social Services was presumably taken in order to protect their abuser colleagues in Aberdeen from publicity by intimidating Anne and Hollie into silence.

Legal action was also taken to do so, with another example of the corruption that exists within the Family Division taking place on 1st July 2010. In another secret court, Mrs Justice Pauffley attempted to pervert the course of justice by trying to bully Anne Greig and me into entering the court without our chosen legal advisers, in contradiction to our equitable rights. We faced the judge down, despite her threats and she was forced to concede. The same judge appeared to lose control at a subsequent hearing on 14th June 2011, when she made a thoughtless and offensive remark directed at Hollie.

I formally complained about her conduct at the time and have now done so again to the head of the Family Division, Sir James Munby, who seems to be getting to grips with the scandal within the courts and has just intervened on behalf of the Italian lady and her baby. However, I learned a few days ago that Mrs Justice Pauffley has been promoted!

Thanks to all of you who sent kind messages to me following my interview with Sonia Poulton on TPV last Thursday. Good luck also to another interviewee, Sid Hingerty, who is currently walking across the Midlands on his way to London to highlight the government`s granting of de facto immunity from prosecution to influential serial sex offenders like Jimmy Savile and Cyril Smith. Never forget that it is not who you know, but what you know about who you know that counts in this country if you want to get away with committing serious crimes against children and the disabled.

Best wishes also to the new broadcasters of TPV and to UK Column Live, who have flown the flag for some time in highlighting cases that the government does not want the public to know about. I`m quite sure that we would have heard nothing even about the Italian lady if the Leveson oppressors had got their way in gagging the media.

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