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Lamara Bell & John Yuill: Law Chief states it’s “INCONCEIVABLE” for no FAI #M9Crash



  1. Family of M9 crash victim Lamara Bell a ‘step nearer the truth’ Telegraph june 16th 2016
  2. This is where tragic couple’s crashed car lay for 3days -Press & Journal july 9th 2016
  3. Lamara Bell’s mother describes “torture” of year since M9 crash july 4th 2016
  4. Fresh report submitted into M9 tragedy June 16th 2016
  5. Police ordered to review handling of incident.. Press & Journal april 9th 2016
  6. Willie Rennie claims “reckless” SNP policies led to M9 tragedy april 20th 2016
  7. Lord Advocate: “Inconceivable” no FAI into fatal M9 crash april 3rd 2016
  8. Police left voicemail asking Lamara Bell to call them back… Press & Journal July 28th 2015
  9. Dead man and injured woman discovered three days… Press & Journal July 8th 2015

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