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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Sturgeon’s Ultimate Betrayal of a Nation; Scotland has highest drug death rate in the EU, SNP Leader Nicola Sturgeon’s failure to govern, failure to lead and failure to accept responsibility is at the heart of the problem, money is there, people are there, services are there, but the will to act isn’t, shamefully the SNP blame Westminster, it is time for new leadership, new government in Scotland

Dear All
In tragedy, there is opportunity, as Scotland’s drug deaths soar to a record breaking 1,187 in a year under SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon, the SNP are busy trying to blame Westminster for their failures.
The SNP run the Police, they run the health service, they run social care, we know this because when the cuts came to vital services, the SNP MSPs to a man and woman voted them through.
No fights, no questions asked!
The least vulnerable were an easy target, they had no SNP Champion. Do you remember the SNP pledge of a few years ago, ‘Elect a local Champion’. Sick joke then and it still remains a sick joke now.
So, let’s nail something down, the SNP under Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon have had control of the Scotland Government since 2007 till present day.
12 years!
During this time, they have given us election bribes sure, but that was so people would vote them in, targeted bribes at targeted voters.
One group, that doesn’t appear on the SNP voter radar is the disenfranchised, the people at the bottom of society who don’t vote because they don’t feel part of society. In Glasgow, you don’t see the SNP elected representatives at the soup kitchens, or the traditional places like Glasgow City Mission, or Lodge House Mission or the Wayside in central Glasgow.
Apparently Mhairi Black allegedly did a stint at Glasgow City Mission prior to being an MP.
Once elected never to be seen again!
Where’s Mhairi now?
Where are the legendary SNP Campaigns for foodbanks?
Did you notice how that all dried up post Westminster elections?
Pulling on people’s heart strings is something that the SNP have developed into an art form.
Find a victim which suits their SNP agenda then “champion” them for mileage because everything is always about Scottish independence. Once done, drop them to move onto the next cause célèbre, then milk that to death.
You can be sure that some of the 1,187 people who died of drugs used places like I have mentioned above, but what you don’t see Nicola Sturgeon visiting them. You don’t see the Health Sec Jeane Freeman visiting them or indeed any senior SNP figures of note.
The local soup kitchens don’t get any real support or help from the SNP Government; and recently even the homeless saw their chances of getting a bed for night slashed by the SNP Council. That “gift” to the poor and disadvantage came courtesy of Nicola Sturgeon’s pal, SNP Cllr Mhairi Hunter.
What we are really talking about in a blunt and brutally honest fashion is SNP neglect for the poor under Nicola Sturgeon. So, no money for food, no beds for the night and because of a party committed to grievance at Westminster, no goodwill.
The cause and effect principle!
The effect of bad will has rippled between Holyrood and Westminster for sometime, instead of learning to shut their mouth, the SNP have made a vacuous campaign of grievance putting people’s noses out of joint. The upshot is shocking total of 1,187 people dead in a year, people who gave up hope, in everything, for them there was no tomorrow. There was no future, no prospects and like a tsunami, when things got so bad, drugs washed away their pain. Living while poor is not living, it is existing; it is a life spent in fear and uncertainty.
You don’t know poverty really until you experience it first hand. It isn’t just lack of money, it is a lack of everything, hope, opportunities, help, justice; every door is barred and every ‘right; and ‘entitlement’ has to be fought for, again and again…… because it is withheld.
A ready example is higher education; we have millions to pay for rich middle class foreign students at universities but not a lot for working class people from the most disadvantaged background.
So, whether you like it or not, the poorest working class students and potential students suffer because the SNP leadership want to be seen as internationalists. The attack on the poor is further compounded by the SNP with their nonsensical immigration policy. Everything is done by the SNP to put downward pressure on the poor, given the SNP won’t deliver fairness in devolved government, what do you think will happen when they are free of UK oversight?
Out with Scottish Enlightenment and in with Scottish Mugabe-ism.
In previous posts, I blogged I favour drug legalisation, and although a supervised drug consumption facility in Glasgow sounds like a good idea, the idea is short-sighted. You see what is needed is a bespoke facility which can offer alternatives, services and structures to effectively reset a person’s life.
But I would make a point, not everyone can saved, life isn’t that simple, some people aren’t going to be able to be turned around, not in the manner you might expected. The mental impairment caused by drugs in some is just too much damage to repair. We can see of course see the physical signs like people dead or losing their limbs, but the mental side can be as equally damaging.
The Scottish Secretary David Mundell has said the Commons Scottish Affairs Committee was currently undertaking an inquiry into drug use in Scotland and the Government would want to consider its report. Then perhaps there maybe an opportunity for a pilot of supervised drug consumption facility.
Finally, given the traditional Conservative response to drugs and crime, this coupled with SNP hostility, this may kill off prospect of that pilot happening. Rather than holding the traditional view and line, I would like to see Scottish Conservative MPs take a proactive lead and push this through. It is said that there are about 13,000 addicts in Glasgow, in theory 13,000 chances to turn people’s life around. I think it is worth taking a chance and making the investment for vulnerable Scots who have lost their way.
Yours sincerely
George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University
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