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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Scotland needs to clean up its own act

Here`s a dishonest article that implies there are no paedophile rings  or cover ups in Scotland:

While the revelations are decades too late, the disclosure of an elite paedophile ring potentially involving MP’s, ‘Lords’, entertainers, BBC employees and other members of the UK establishment may prove to be the knockout punch to any possibility of Scotland staying in the union.

Why would any Scot vote to remain part of a governing system in which such horrific crimes could be committed with impunity and legally covered up, by some of the most powerful political figures?

We are witnessing what happens when a feudal, barely democratic political system combined with a corrupt state broadcaster are allowed to function outside the law with no accountability.

Here`s two more articles which suggest otherwise.

Nicholas Fairbairn and Alistair Smith

THE two top Scots Tories from Margaret Thatcher’s Government were last night linked to an alleged child abuse ring. Former Kinross and Western Perthshire MP Sir Nicholas Fairbairn and former party Scottish chairman Dr Alistair Smith were named as suspects in the historic abuse of underage boys.

Senior officials in Thatcher’s Government were alleged to have attended private sex parties with underage boys and visited a notorious guesthouse.

Pearson added: “The Scottish Goverment cannot stand back from this. We know victims have been calling for action here in Scotland and so far we are the only part of the UK not holding any investigations.

Tam Paton

THE Scottish Government ignored calls from one of its own advisers to launch an investigation into a high-profile paedophile ring operating in Edinburgh. Dr Sarah Nelson revealed five years ago that she had uncovered an abuse network centred on convicted sex abuser Tam Paton, the late manager of the Bay City Rollers.

However, her demands for an inquiry were never followed up – despite compelling evidence that dozens of boys may have had their lives ruined by the twisted pop svengali and his powerful accomplices. Young runaways or children in care were lured in, drugged and then sexually abused. Many were then forced to work as ‘rent boys’ at a number of seedy secret flats across the Capital.

The paedophile ring is thought to have operated over several decades and to have included, at one time or another, well-known TV personalities, lawyers and police officers…

In 2009, Dr Nelson carried out a follow-up study and again came across a substantial number of Paton’s alleged victims. The age of the victims indicates that Paton’s crimes may have continued well into the new millenium.

You have to ask why the Scottish Government are so reluctant to hold any kind of inquiry into child sex abuse. Then we have the campaigner, Robert Green, a man who was imprisoned for three months and one week and who has now been under house arrest for the past fifty five days – all without a proper trial or knowing what the charges are. His only crime seems to have been that he kept pushing for an investigation into child sex abuse.

Here`s a snippet of a letter to Frank Mulholland QC, referring to Kenny MacAskill and regarding Robert Green and the Hollie Greig case – there`s still no reply from the Lord Advocate:

He claims that Hollie Greig’s case was properly investigated, and found to have no basis in fact. Yet, as you and I and thousands of others know (for I am sure that I am not the only person to have informed you of this) no investigation worthy of the name took place – unless, that is, it is normal procedure in Scotland to follow up serious allegations of long-term gang rape of a child by failing to question the named abusers, failing to seize and examine their computers, failing to admit the testimony of expert witnesses, and nonchalantly standing by while the despoliation of vital evidence is allowed to take place.

UPDATE:  It gets worse:

The Sheriff at Robert Green`s trial today (16 July 2014) threw out his challenge that the Scottish Government did not act within the limits of its judicial capacity when he was arrested and held in prison with no proper representation and without being aware of the precise charges.

A new trial is set for 21 January 2015 and the charges are still unknown but existing bail conditions remain. An interim hearing has been set for 15 December 2014, the purpose of which is not known.

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