It’s good to have a letter from Robert with me just now In it he mentions an open letter from concerning Mackaskill-does anyone know where this letter is so that I can read it-I plan to be in London next month for the demo outside the house of commons and am wide open to suggestions as to what form my ongoing support of Robert, and others in a similar position might take-I once taught at a scholl that Jimmy Saville visited, I expressed concern over his behaviour to the rincipal only to be told “I must not take life so seriously,He is only beinf friendly” if u have any suggestions for me please inbox m-I can’t travel far but am hoping to be in London next month all being well
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  • Kay Young George Coombs … A Deputy Leader of a Council where I lived … was Savilles CHAUFFER but has stated in a paper he NEVER knew what Saville was doing …. I don’t believe that frankly … How can someone who drove Saville around to NIGHT CLUBS, run MARATHONS with him and be so close to him, NOT KNOW what he was doing?!!
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