Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA) in Berne, Kingston-upon-Thames, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Westminster and Hampstead

Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA) in Berne, Kingston-upon-Thames, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Westminster and Hampstead

In November 2017 I attended the European Society for Trauma & Dissociation (ESTD) conference in the beautiful medieval city of Berne. Given that my four presentations were inspired by suspected cases of ‘Human Sacrifice Murder’ in London imagine my surprise to see the ‘Kindlifresser Brunnen’ (literally ‘Child Eater Fountain’) a photo of which I uploaded to this blog. Naturally various legends compete on the origin of this fountain – however the You Tube postings concerning ‘Octagon’ and ‘Hexagon’ probably will not make it into the publications of the Berne Tourist Office.

ESTD Berne Poster

I reluctantly prepared a poster based on medical records I retrieved when helping a mother to appeal against a ‘Forced Adoption’ ruling. She had escaped a Satanist Cult in Kingston-upon-Thames where her parents were (are?) seemingly very influential. She disclosed to authorities at various stages in her life that she had a baby at age 14 that ‘disappeared’. ‘Mind Control’ manipulation and persecution followed instead of proper investigative action.


In the poster I put a snippet from voluminous health records that there were no GP visits for six months in the run up and aftermath of  the unregistered birth in April 1997. I got an audio recording of the mother describing the circumstances e.g. her parents removed all calendars and claimed that she had ‘slept around’ (rather than acknowledging that the impregnation resulted from incestous rape). She reportedly on one occasion observed half a dozen men entering the family home in the Kingston Hill area and changing into robes. On another occasion half a dozen men turned up dressed in robes (which implies that there was a temple/base nearby). One week after the birth the parents dressed in black and said they were going to a funeral.

Another snippet represents a Black Swan case in that disclosures of a Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA) act disclosed at age 30 were already mentioned in records at age 16. Reportedly she was made at age 8 to have sex with a girl of the same age on a stage somewhere in Ireland. Such ‘Cult Shows’ have repeatedly been reported in survivor accounts in books and alternative media. No reference to such SRA matters can be found in materials of the British Psychological Society (BPS) leaving Psychologists naïve and wearing rose-tinted glasses (until they come across a harrowing case where the natural inclination towards ‘Professional Dissociation’ denial fails).

ESTD Berne Paper

I discussed shenanigans at the British Psychological Society (BPS) in a standalone (sic) paper.

Kurz (2017) Lost Memories, False Prophets & BPS Guidelines

Why on earth did the BPS, a Learned Society supposedly, let Prof Martin Conway, who is on the Scientific & Professional Advisory Board of the British False Memory Society (founded and funded by accused parents), lead the development of ‘Memory & Law’ guidelines? The 2008 version contained the following ‘jobs for the boys’ phrase which was (thank god) removed from the 2010 edition:

A memory expert is a person who is recognised by the memory research community to be a memory researcher. It is recommended that, in addition to current requirements, those acting as memory expert witnesses be required to submit their full curriculum vitae to the court as evidence of their expertise.


2010 Sentence revision:

A memory expert is a person who is recognised by the memory research community to possess knowledge relevant to the particular case.

 memory_the_law_revised_version_april_2010_web – retrieved 2017 07 09th

Funnily (?) enough judges in a ruling on 20th July 2012 at the Royal Court of Justice (RCJ) Court of Appeal Criminal Division suggested that ‘Prof Conway may wish to consider amending his CV’ i.e. to include the various cases where his evidence was rejected. Doing so could have potentially prevented the very unsafe convictions in September 2015 of the ‘Norwich Three’ Marie Black, Jason Adams and Michael Rogers (whom I posted the various ESTD presentations today). The evidence of Prof Martin Conway was reportedly rejected outright – regardless of content and merit (and being ‘recognised by the memory research community to be a memory researcher’). ‘Throwing the baby out with the bath water’?

 I wrote about the Norwich Three case on my blog:


ESTD Berne Symposium

I originally submitted an ‘Experts-by-Experience’ symposium. One author thoroughly researched causes and symptoms of childhood trauma in the context of a high society abuse ring seemingly featuring dozens of academics, politicians and business people in a country in Central Europe. The other author from a neighbouring country had been subjected to Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) and become an expert in the field with encyclopaedic knowledge of the literature (that is largely ignored by mainstream Psychology and Psychiatry). Alas – costs (financial and possible reprisals) became prohibitive (especially as EMF torture had reportedly recommenced for one of them).

The organisers allowed me to restructure the symposium so that I talked about inadequate psych assessments in the first Symposium paper and about an ORCAN in the last. I found a brave volunteer who stepped in at short notice to present in between on (mal-)adaptive personality assessment and how he helped a colleague escape a Satanist Cult (before any criminality occurred).

Kurz (2017) Challenging Inadequate Assessments and the ‘Discourse of Disbelief’

In this paper I relayed some of my attempts to challenge psych assessment malpractice in Family Courts. In Case A I discussed IQ testing results of the mother in the Kingston-upon-Thames case in the poster. The data attests to a Twice Exceptional ability pattern (that gave rise to a Dyslexia diagnosis). These IQ tests were ‘concealed’ from the proceedings – seemingly to fraudulently ‘help’ Social Services succeed in the Forced Adoption court process. The poor auditory memory test results explain why the mother was re-victimised at numerous occasions and fell for the manipulation of a Kingston police officer who instructed her to delay any reporting of a sexual assault on her or her toddler for several weeks. When she reported an assault on her toddler in South Wales with three weeks delay the ‘system’ pounced. A NHS Psychiatrist threatened to ‘section’ her reportedly making self-incriminating remarks suggesting he was compromised. He was seemingly brought into the UK around 1996/1997 straight after graduating from a medical school in Pakistan with a Psychiatry specialisation. Interestingly I recently heard that Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA) groups decided strategically in the 1980ies to increase involvement of Muslims. The Psychiatrist was seemingly a family friend of the Satanist family in Kingston and at the time of the teenage pregnancy lived in Hounslow. A ‘compromise’ allegation to the Council was largely ignored. Three years later I submitted a 46 page ‘Third Part Crime Witness’ document to South Wales, Surrey and Wiltshire (Operation Conifer) Police alongside a 45 page complaint about 7 officers concerning suspected arson murder of the toddler’s godmother. As far as I can see the submissions have been ignored. Similarly Operation Midland refused to interview me with regards to the alleged deadly ‘hit’ of a school boy in Kingston in the 1980ies in spite of the case I am writing about involving four instances of ‘Dangerous Driving’ (2 with lethal outcomes).

Case B was in the Westminster area with the Psychiatrist claiming – seemingly fraudulently – that the mother had ‘Histrionic Personality Disorder’. General Medical Council (GMC) concerns were ‘fobbed off’.

The same Psychiatrist, who seemingly adds to her NHS income by running on Saturdays a ‘character assassination service’, was writing a damning report on the mother in Case B. It is disconcerting to learn that her use was recommended by the legal representative of the biological father who was accused of abuse of his son on weekend stays. The Court ignored two previous reports as well as the next five reports by other Psychiatrists stating that there is no psychiatric problem with the mother. Borderline Personality Disorder was proffered by the Psychiatry Gun for Hire. A similarly minded Psychiatrist later added ‘overvalued sexual abuse beliefs’. It was a cruel demonstration of how so called ‘Child Protection’ works in practice.

US Clinical Psychologist Dr Ellen Lacter is one of the view professionals who critically reflects on the difficulties and persecution/retaliation risks of reporting child sexual abuse:

Case Study D is based on a survivor of extreme abuse whose is willing to share his journey.

In the final paper of the symposium I exposed some of the workings of the British Satanist ring finishing on the chilling ‘house fire’ where the godmother of the toddler was found dead (half a year before the toddler got assaulted in broad day light).

Eye, eye, Westminster!

In summer I exposed the all-knowing attitudes (e.g. ‘Satanic child abuse claims are almost certainly based on false memories’) of Psychology Professor Chris French at Goldsmith to some of his academic colleagues. Shortly afterwards a trio of articles appeared in Private Eye portraying negatively my poster ‘THE SATANIST CULT OF TED HEATH: ETHICAL IMPLICATIONS OF AUTHORITY COMPROMISE’ presented at the European Psychiatry Association (EPA) Conference 2016 in Madrid.

I uploaded below scans of the articles, relevant EPA posters and other information. With a circulation of 200k I welcome the ‘publicity’ as some of the brightest and most critical thinkers are given an opportunity to reflect on my investigation.

Private Eye (8th September 2017) and Kurz (2016) EPA Poster The Satanist Cult of Ted Heath – Ethical Implications of Authority Compromise

Private Eye (22nd September 2017) and Kurz (2016) EPA Poster POOR QUALITY OF MENTAL HEALTH REPORTS IN UK FAMILY COURTS


In parallel a self-identified survivor of the Luciferian variety of Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA) submitted to Mike Veale at Operation Conifer an account of his involuntary encounter with Edward Heath around 1969 including a description (based on ‘Tactile Memory’) of one of his body parts. A different self-identified rape victim of Ted Heath reportedly can describe the interior of his Yacht. Naturally if the Metropolitan Police or Northumberland Police get involved any witnesses giving statements are likely to end up in a ‘persecution’ situation like ‘Nick’ who is facing trumped up ‘perjury’ charges.

At least 5 individuals have reportedly claimed seeing Ted Heath involved in SRA:

The Operation Conifer report detailed six incidents in the 1960’ies for which Ted Heath would have been interviewed and made some references to SRA e.g. at Pages 59 and 60:

Enquiries about Ritual Abuse

 8.11.1 During the course of the investigation six victims made disclosures that included allegations that Sir Edward Heath was involved in satanic or ritual abuse.

 8.11.2 There is no nationally recognised or agreed definition of ritual abuse. Operation Conifer assessed that disclosures were of a ritual nature if the abuse alleged included a combination of emotional, physical, sexual and/or spiritual abuse and that the offences were committed using symbols, ceremonies and/or group activities that appeared to have a religious or supernatural meaning.

 8.11.3 Two of the alleged victims of ritual abuse died before Operation Conifer commenced. They had made disclosures of alleged ritual abuse where it was alleged that Sir Edward Heath was a perpetrator. There was limited opportunity to investigate those disclosures further.

 8.11.4 Following investigation, no further corroborative evidence was found to support the disclosures that Sir Edward Heath was involved in ritual abuse.

According to victim advocates Leon Brittan, Jimmy Savile, Edward Heath, Cyril Smith and Lord Montague of Beaulieu were all during their lifetimes clearly identified by SRA Survivors as Satanist Ritual Abusers.

Wales, Scotland, Shropshire & Hampstead

What links these regions? -The Justice Anna Pauffley Connection! Born 13 January 1956 she retired (surprisingly early) at age 61 from the Family Court on 1st October 2016:

She received praise for some of her actions:

On a Court Appointed Clinical Psychologist:

Dr van Rooyen’s involvement – fundamental flaws

I am gravely troubled by the speed, the manner and the ambit of Dr van Rooyen’s involvement. It simply cannot be right, fair or reasonable to commission an expert to provide what may turn out to be the pivotal evidence justifying separation of a neonate from his mother in the way that happened here.

It surprises and alarms me that Dr van Rooyen was asked, and was prepared, to provide a report during the course of a single working day, a terrifyingly tight timeframe, and on the basis of papers supplemented by a telephone conversation with a local authority professional who had never met the mother. I struggle to understand how Dr van Rooyen’s apparently firm opinions, adverse to the mother, could have been formed given the complete absence of any kind of discussion with her or, indeed, any communication with [the resource].

To my mind, it is quite simply unacceptable for an ‘independent’ expert to be instructed in the way Dr van Rooyen was – to conduct such a scant inquiry in preparation for a hearing which was to have such wide ranging consequences for the child.

However other reports are less favourable:

Tag: Dame Anna Pauffley QC

Anna Pauffley QC. Anna represented over 100 people who had received ‘Salmon letters’. These were letters sent out to people who were alleged to be guilty of physical or sexual abuse of children or who were likely to be the subject of criticism. The Salmon letter recipients included people who had been named by the former children in care as having abused them – some of these people had already been convicted and even imprisoned by the time that the Waterhouse Report was completed. Other Salmon letter recipients were people who had witnessed or been told about abuse but who did nothing. So the Salmon letter recipients included some Grade A scumbags. Anna represented people who had punched and kicked children, who had raped or buggered them or forced them to participate in oral sex. If the former children in care were to be believed – and of course Anna’s job was to suggest that they weren’t – some of their abusers took them to other locations where they were molested by unknown people as well. One of the many people whom Anna represented was Lucille Hughes, former Director of Gwynedd Social Services, whom it was acknowledged even by Waterhouse had known that a paedophile ring was operating in the social services but who had not acted.

So what became of Anna who defended Lucille et al by severely cross-examining anyone who dared allege that they’d been abused? Like Nicola Davies QC, Anna is now a Dame of course! She was appointed a High Court judge in 2003, although she did end up in hot water in 2015 when she publicly stated that it was ‘Okay for migrant families to hit their children’ (it’s their culture you see). Gov’t spokespeople were wheeled out to explain that child abuse was unacceptable from anyone. But what did the Gov’t expect from a woman who was made a Dame after psychologically assassinating people who relived details of the most horrific abuse – sensitivity???

A particularly remarkable anti-Hoaxtead site:

I presented a poster at the European Psychiatry Association (EPA) in Florence comparing how Justice Anna Pauffrey made the timely and credible disclosures of two children regarding SRA ‘disappear’ whereas in Norwich Marie Black’s five children made NO DISCLOSURES of abuse between January (coercively taken into care on a ‘voluntary section 20’ arrangement) and August. Only when it transpired that her children would probably be returned to her did the SS produce ‘overnight’ a document alleging sexual abuse by 40+ individuals. Through Parental Alienation techniques and Brain Washing her children seemingly had ‘False Believes’ implanted over the next few years – possibly using post-hypnotic suggestions.

Kurz (2017) EPA Poster From Hampstead to Norwich

Issues regarding Complex Trauma and False Memories were very competently discussed in this 1995 document written by the BPS Working Group on Recovered Memory:

Andrews et al (January 1995) Recovered Memories – Report of the Working Party of the BPS

Their informative article in the May 1995 issue of The Psychologist found that 15% (!) of practioners surveyed had encountered Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA) disclosures (see pages 209-214):

The Psychologist May 1995


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