Demonology sacrifice caught on camera outside Cern at the Shiva statue allegedly…
“Exclusively… Supernatural…
A very dangerous video leak from cern…

Human sacrifice opens its doors after him in front of the door of cern…
Kurban human dimensions opens the gate in front of the door of CERN…


Lord Shiva… the strangest mạstshạhd in your life…
Shiva is one of the most important of the gods. Hinduism, and often the
so-called ” controlling and is one of the gods besides needles are
vishnu, and we are having their stories later.. and Siva, God statue in
front of the building project atoms hadron collider big ” Cern ” were
wondering The reason for his presence in this place. Watanabe and reason
the way I think it’s not a coincidence and we were wondering what’s
going on at cern. He said one of the scientists there to what they say
something and do something else!! and see what he means!! The video has
been LEAKED One of those working within the established cern was filming
when I watched the scientists wearing strange clothes and made a ritual
and bring a girl and they slay her. You’re his horror and try to escape
when the camera back again reveal the location of the statue had opened
its doors after him. He liked his first time???!!!! you must watch gate
after real opened with the blood of human. Real and video a few days
serry Jacob.

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