Satanic ritual survivor Jenny Hill news clip

Satanic ritual survivor Jenny Hill news clip

This clip is from awhile back, I found it while trying to find a full clip of the Dr. Phil show that Judy Byington (author of the book Twenty-Two Faces) was on. Jenny Hill claims she witnessed a human sacrifice from a satanic cult. She saw a small child get killed and she was next, only being saved by a last minute disruption while she lay on the alter. Hill’s story is a reminder of the various MKULTRA style victims who get brainwashed and get these alter ego personalities shoved into various corners of their mind.
News clip:

As the only known survivor-intended-victim of a human sacrificial ceremony, Jenny Hill is living proof that ritual abuse is, in fact, a reality. With great courage and in open defiance of her sadistic abusers, Jenny wishes her story told. The ending will shock you.
Referring to journals written throughout childhood, Jenny Hill and her multiple personalities document how as a five year-old, she overcomes trauma by turning to prayer while utilizing her alter states to compartmentalize abuse at the hands of a master mind-control programmer from Nazi Germany. After suffering deaths of a high school sweetheart, plus her only girlfriend, she somehow completes Army medic training, receives a nursing degree, prepares for a church mission and becomes a mother.
Simultaneously led by sex-addict Head Alter J.J., intrepid alters assume frequent control, engaging in larceny and prostitution. With her children, her lifeline, the increasingly desperate nurse escapes a drugged-out pimping husband, blacks out in a job interview, comes to nine days later as an inpatient headed for the Utah State Psychiatric Hospital and only then learns what her life has really been.

Dr. Phil teaser promo:
This is the book that Judy Byington is plugging, Twenty-Two Faces, but if you read through the reviews, people are blasting on it because they claim that she is exploiting Jenny Hill and not giving her any of the revenue, however, Judy herself left a message to the website and had this to say about it:

Thank you for featuring 22 Faces on your website. Jenny and I took 17 years writing the biography using diaries entries by her alter personalities. Our purpose is to expose the ritual abuse of children which is rampant in our society. See the 2007 Extreme Abuse surveys:
Jenny wishes proceeds from the book to be used for ritual abuse survivors, which is where it goes including to our Child Abuse Recovery website where you can learn more about Dissociation and reporting ritual abuse:
Jenny and I have Open Letters to Dr. Phil explaining our side of the story on our website:

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