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Do you not understand that a system has been created where children are disappearing all the time, where are they going. women have babies who are sacrificed. That the shadow elites control the police, courts, judges, social workers and councils now. This is happening and I feel sick that people like you cannot understand that … Continue reading The so-called “Hampstead Satanic Cult” should be a warning to the credulous

My aunt Alice and uncle Bill Kirby were both taken by my “grandfather” to satanic rituals where they were raped by him and many other adults along with other children from toddler age to about 9 years old or so. My grandmother finally discovered what was happening and he was taken down. The courts had all the evidence they needed. Dr. Reports, pentegrams, ritual items the works. It was confirmed yet it all goes under the radar. My aunt and uncle are both dead now because of habitual heavy drug abuse. My aunt received the Holy Ghost and spent the last year of her life with me. I always knew what happened from my mother but found out the little details from my aunt the year we were together. What is troubling to me about this case is how extremely similar these kids original testimony was to what really happened to Alice and Bill!!! This kind of stuff was very difficult for me when I found out it was true so I can understand how it is hard for people to believe. Unfortunately these things are happening everywhere right under the worlds nose!!! It’s real, it’s real, it is soooo very real!! Wanted to share because the author of this and the world needs to know. That is the only way something will be done. I believe in Jesus Christ and do believe He is returning to put an end to all this very soon. God bless!!!!

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