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Are The Outlandish Claims Of Ritual Abuse And Sacrifice Proving To Be True?

In September 2017, a story began to appear on news and media platforms concerning the mass grave of hundreds of children at an orphanage run by the Catholic church in Lanarkshire in the south of Scotland. Around four-hundred bodies of babies and toddlers were discovered in an unmarked area of St. Mary’s Cemetery. All of the victims are alleged to have been in the care of Smyllum Park Orphanage, which looked after almost 12,000 children between 1864 and 1981.

The remains of 400 children were discovered on the grounds of the former orphanage.
Frank Docherty and Jim Kane, both local residents of the area, made the discovery as part of their investigation into abuse at the care home following claims by several former residents. Each of them both passed away at the beginning of 2017, but before their deaths, each of them stated their belief that the number of bodies in the grounds was likely to much higher than the four-hundred they had found.

Although the records of children that died there state such things as “natural causes”, “TB” and “pneumonia”, testing of the remains suggests physical injury, possibly so severe that it would be a direct cause of death. They suggest, in no uncertain terms, there was systematic child abuse at work behind the walls of the orphanage. You can read a little more about this story here.

Perhaps these claims should be taken all the more seriously when considered alongside the similar circumstances at a “former home for unmarried mothers and their babies” in County Galway, Ireland. The remains – numbering just short of eight-hundred – are thought to range from foetuses of thirty-five weeks to toddlers of age two or three years, and initial carbon dating suggests they are from the 1950s (although it is possible they could be from anytime the home was active between 1925-1961).

​You can read more about that here and check out the videos below which look at the aforementioned recent discoveries.

While he is certainly not alone in such assertions, author and researcher, David Icke, has long claimed that abuse was taking place in such establishments as those mentioned above. So even those most sceptical of Icke’s work must begin to ask, if he was right about these such claims, perhaps he was right about others. Incidentally, as we will look at a little later, there are many who remain more than sceptical.

In the vast majority of his books, but perhaps more predominantly in “The Biggest Secret” and “Children of the Matrix”, Icke tells of accounts of specific cases of such abuse, involving (according to Icke) many prominent, household names of people in positions of power.

Taking the question a little further, if he was right about the subject of ritual abuse, then what other “general subjects” may be true.

Perhaps one of the most intriguing might be the claims he has repeatedly made about former British Prime Minister, Ted Heath, who incidentally, is currently under investigation for alleged links to paedophile activity. You can read more about that here and here.

Icke claims he was informed of the alleged activities of Heath by an anonymous woman in England in the late-1990s, and then of a further particular account that took place at Burnham Beeches in the early-1970s by another witness.
According to Icke, not only was Heath a paedophile, but he was also involved in the satanic abuse (and sacrifice) of children. Further to that, Heath, according to Icke, was a shape-shifting reptilian, whose lust for blood – particularly that of children – was something primeval contained within his alien make-up. Check out the short video below which features Icke speaking about Ted Heath.

One specific account, told in both of the aforementioned Icke books, describes these claims in detail. In “The Biggest Secret” Icke writes:

“On more than one occasion, she says, she was brutally raped by a man who has been a major name in United Kingdom politics for decades. This man, she says, used to hold her naked body to him using hooks inserted into her flesh at the hip!”

According to Icke, her further writes that this happened to the witness when she was only a little girl, before naming the person committing the alleged crime as Ted Heath, who Icke further writes, “….his (Heath’s) name comes up again and again in interviews with victims of Satanic abuse in Britain!”

In the book “Children of the Matrix” Icke writes of the alleged Burnham Beeches account:

“…She said that one night in the 1970s, while Ted Heath was Prime Minister, she was walking through the woods after dark when she saw some lights. Quietly, she moved forward to see what they were and to her horror she saw a Satanic ritual involving Heath.”

According to the account, several people, all dressed in dark, hooded robes were present in a circle around Heath. Icke continues, “She said as she watched, hidden among the trees and undergrowth, Heath began to transform into a reptile and she said what staggered her was no-one in the circle looked the least bit surprised!”

​Icke claims his source informed him that Heath “grew by some two feet” and was a “full bodied reptiloid” even adding that “he spoke (when transformed) fairly naturally although it sounded like long distance!”

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