Knocking on the gates of satanic child abuse.
How much filth is going on in Holland ?
When the Dutch police start kidnapping your daughters to cover-up horrific child abuse you tried to report !
The Dutch police in Bergen Noord-Holland set me up and put me in jail illegaly for 6 months the first time,the second time for three months under a false naam BRINK instead of van den Brink !
Kidnapped Demi and Nirvana van den Brink on 24 September 2009 using a couple of NONSE Dutch child protection officers !
Demi and Nirvana now illegaly placed in Satanic child abuse family in Meerzicht Zoetermeer ,who use false names,give false statements and use a false made up adres on the Hazewater in Meerzicht Zoetermeer !
5 NONSE Dutch police officers ran this abuse ring in Meerzicht Zoetermeer,one of them Sander Vreeswijk  (vals name) allready doing 20 years in jail for abusing and then murdering Dutch school girl 12 year old Milly Boele out of Dordrecht.
The Head NONSE calling himself Anton Wijers ,who runs the abuse ring ,ex detective Leidschendam / Voorburg ,Holland,who says in his false statement against me on 2 November 2011 that he has 3 children / Care Kids working for the Dutch police !
The church Satanic Serpent who jointly runs this vile satanic child abuse ring in Meerzicht Zoetermeer calls herself Willy Aaltje Bruins / Wilma Wijers / Wilma Wijers Bruins / Wilma Weijers ,i dont think she knows how many different personalities or names she really has !
The vile child abuse ring has used 24 different names and versions over the past 20 years horrificly abusing several hundred children of which we allready know 14 of them,they have made a false dubbel adres using the back of the house !
Satanic child abuse,which is so sick ,vile and evil that children dare not even think of it or what happend ,they are learnt in horrific manner to BLACK OUT the abuse and dissociat !  

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