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OMG, I feel sorry for him. What can you do, he should realise that under legal authority the police can do whatever they want
and don’t give a shit.
Owing fines is not good. I was sad watching Santos try to verbally argue with cops that treat people like
criminals for owing fines to the government.
I would donate to him actually to pay a bit of his fines. I tried donating to brother Nathaneal but paypal
laughed at my debit card.
I started researching bitcoins after that.


Minions of the pedophiles in power is all the police are but they are that conformed and prolly the half bluebrained morons are that way inclined em selves lmao Ima see the Trolls on facebook are out with their dribbling lying bollox pmsl Santos facebook friends list has some of the HGHG hoaxer nonces on it lmao ima had dealings with a bunch of anon twonks that Ima dunni believe they care a f@ck about what is going on apart from their own reputations not been blown! they really are a paranoid bunch of bullsh1tters this wee bunch Ima come across is saying the lassie that slept with Mal B at occupy went back because “YOU NEVER MET BROKEN GIRLS.” WTF eh Ima had my share, but then ima further said along the lines > yeap but none are that fkn braindead because she must have been if she never gone back with a hammer or a knife, does nae add up!< he/she then said because it was a guys named account but they said they were female not by the bollox they typed unless they were butch as feck but she/he said "SHE OBVIOSLY FELYT ABUSED
she must have been really badly raped the first time to go back for more? eh fck knows maybe it did or did nae happen but these spin docs mess with folks minds they say one thing then another as if agenda driven but when caught out for their bollox their minion trolls start their bollox threats but hey guess what none of them scare me with their pathetic threats “do you know who we are we are BOLLOX anon” p1sh threats and oh this is WAR bahahaha as if Ima did nae notice Ima been on the fkn frontline here in Scotland for a few years now even fkn exposing infiltrators from Glasgow and other places including Aberdeen dunni know Ima was one of 3 that organized FREE ROBERT GREEN but hey Ima found out from Robert while Ima visited him in Craigy that he was getting out and that was nae long after IMA was shouting FREE ROBERT GREEN at 2:30am ish walking around the prison all on my fkn tot which if none believes me feel free to contact Robert himself
Anyway you may ask why Ima go on about this on Santos thread but Badda Brian Davies as ima stated has started his bollox bahahahaha very bad move for Delusional Brian Davies

Trolls will be trolls and Ima been trolling the fkn trolls, just a wee hobby of mine that Ima become addicted to hhmm might write a book or an article apon my experiences with this sometime in the future :mrgreen:

Enough of this about trolls for now but Ima been in touch with Santos about these trolling morons and sure Santos will hunt em down n eat them when he is FREED that is for sure

Here is some awesomeness >

Paradigm Shift Radio 82 – Truth in Plain Sight: The Santos Bonacci Legacy w Kate of Gaia

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Published on 27 Jan 2014

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My silence doesnae mean Ima quit. . . It simply means Ima wunni argue with folks that dunni want to understand. . .

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