Woman threw herself under a train after discovering her husband was a paedophile

Jenny Mullinger jumped to her death after spouse David, 64, admitted sexually abusing a nine-year-old schoolgirl

A woman threw herself under a train after discovering her husband had sexually abused a school girl, a court has heard.
Tragic Jenny Mullinger jumped to her death after partner David admitted touching the nine-year-old girl twice, once above and once below her underwear.
Mullinger, 64, initially denied the assaults, but then he tearfully rang police to admit the sick acts.
He was jailed for three years in what Judge Martin Picton described as a “desperately sad case”.
He told the predator: “This is a desperately sad case.
“I’m sure you’re only too aware of the awful harm you’ve done.”
Mullinger was handed an indefinite Sexual Offences Prevention Order, banning him from unsupervised contact with under 16-year-olds.
Bristol Crown Court heard the assaults came to light when the victim told her mum about secrets and disclosed that Mullinger had been “fiddling with her bits”.
The girl’s shocked parents called police, Mullinger was arrested at Bristol Golf Club where he he denied any wrongdoing.
But two days later, when the girl made disclosures to police, a distressed Mullinger, of Rangeworthy, South Glos, contacted police and told them he had lied.
He pleaded guilty to two sexual assaults on a child aged under 13.
Kenneth Bell, prosecuting, read to the court a victim personal statement from the girl’s mum.
In it she said: “Prior to this abuse she was a happy, carefree and innocent child with no knowledge of anything sexual whatsoever.
“Now this is no longer the case.
“The anger she feels about what happened to her is immense.
“Will she be able to trust a man ever again?
“My heart breaks at the thought of the long journey that lies ahead for her in order to recover from something like this.”
Mrs Mullinger, 62, could not live with what her husband had done and walked in front of a train between Wickwar tunnel and Yate Train Station, near Bristol.
She was pronounced dead at the scene at 8.03am on September 16.
Virginia Cornwall, defending, said: “He (Mullinger) feels the impact daily.
“He suffers himself daily.
“He bears responsibility and knows the consequences such as the loss of his wife.
“She took her own life and that has impacted on everyone for the rest of their lives.”

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