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@ukHomeOffice @metpoliceUK Sex education to beat Police Corruption? Email to Chair of #Police Commissioners

Dear Commissioner Baird QC It is with great interest that I read
your call for sex education in The Guardian: Rise in child sexual abuse
cases threatens other policing, warns chair of commissioners For your
interest at the other end … Continue reading

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@UKHomeOffice @MoJGovUK What does it take for #Police to become corrupt? Sex? Money? Promotion? Perks?

Here’s the Police oath taken from Wikipedia: The 43 territorial
police forces in England and Wales are responsible for general policing.
Members of the police Service are attested under section 29 of the
Police Act 1996.[1]The prescribed form of words … Continue reading

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@MoJGovUK When Conspiracy Theory becomes Conspiracy Reality: the Care System is a Paedophiles’ Playground

Originally posted on National Inquiry into Organised, Orchestrated & Historic Child Sexual Abuse:
The care system is a paedophiles’ playground. Haringey is the council
with more ‘care homes’ than any other. Barnardos: there is a ‘poacher
culture’ here. Prostitution…

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@MoJGovUK CPS? Police? Judges? Lawyers? Who’s afraid of #Truth? Who prefers incompetence and #corruption?

Prosecuting lawyers ‘are lacking brain cells and don’t understand
criminal trials’, blasts retiring judge – publishes the Daily Mail –
two days before my trial that has been joined to another one:
Christopher Ball QC accused prosecution of service of ‘lacking … Continue reading

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@twitter Victims of #Lucifer Unite across the Globe: Jewish #Paedophilia and Child Sacrifice include McDonalds

This diagram comes from the remarkable blog;
which has as its tagline: Judaic Paedophilia ¦ the truth is
anti-semitic. The author is a highly trained professional who feels
deeply betrayed by the values of his oath relating to serving … Continue reading

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@coe @MoJGovUK #LeaveEU guilty of #dishonesty of industrial scale – in context of Global #Capitalism

The University of Liverpool has a website dedicated to the EU
Referendum: Experts respond Not seen, not heard: the implications of
children for Brexit. My email to the President of the EU Parliament is
on YES! to Children’s Rights across … Continue reading

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Interesting Bills Making Their Way Through Parliament

Originally posted on Researching Reform:
just spotted some very interesting new Bills going through Parliament
at the moment, many of which focus on children and families, and thought
we would share them with you. First up is the Registration of…

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When dishonest money ruins justice, judges, lawyers, courts, personal and societal values

First there was the Bank of England Act 1694: to avoid the
oppression of Their Majesties’ subject, the Corporation is not to trade
but it set up the first national debt: the Government borrowed money
from the Bank of England … Continue reading

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@HumanRightsFirst Support for #Whistleblower Peter Hofschroer in Teesside Crown Court TODAY

Aged over 90, Norman Scarth continues to be victim turned
starfighter and veteran McKenzie Friend par excellence. Regarding Peter
Hofschroer (left) who is A3324DJ in HMP Hull, he writes: To The Court
Manager, Teesside Crown Court. MOST URGENT! We understand that … Continue reading

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When the #State lets us down, people can help each other with #socialmarketing

This image describes my situation extremely well – illustrating
the article THE SATURDAY ESSAY: where the culpability on State pension
foot-shuffling really lies by the most prolific and eloquent blogger
John Ward. However, on top of circling sharks, I have: the Department … Continue reading

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History of trial by jury in England – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Originally posted on Parents Rights Blog:
through from: Anglo-Saxon England According
to?George Macaulay Trevelyan?in?A Shortened History of England?(1959),
during the?Viking?occupation: “The Scandinavians, when not on the Viking
warpath, were a litigious people and loved to get together…

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The future of public interest litigation?

Originally posted on UK Human Rights Blog:
are difficult times for bringing public interest legal cases. The
withdrawal of legal aid from many areas has meant that it has become a
lot more difficult to fund cases. And the…

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From Fiona Barnett to Miley Cyrus

Originally posted on cathy fox blog:
Barnett and others  have recently blown wide open Australia’s dirty
secret of a VIP child sexual abuse network, which involved 4 Prime
Ministers. Fiona also says that she was drugged and abused at…

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As Above so Below? Satan and Satanists vs God and Humans? #War coming to #Israel and #Synagogue of #Satan?

Originally posted on We Who Oppose Deception:
above video is by Dr Patricia Snow about War coming to Israel. She made
it based on the video of three nights of blood or red moon rising in
the East on…

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@Lawrence_Jones @BBCNews @JeremyCorbyn @Nigel_Farage #BBCToday
#interview OPEN EMAIL to Minister of Education Nicky Morgan MP

Originally posted on Voluntary Public Interest Advocacy:
Minister Nicky Morgan MP Open Email Your statement to BBC Today about
removing babies at or shortly after birth has caused considerable
outrage, to put it mildly. How you as a mother…

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#WarMongers Repent to Avoid #WWIII in #Israel? Kindness and Sincerity
of Heart matter! #Pray like you’ve never prayed before!

Originally posted on We Who Oppose Deception:
The above video is a 50-minute commentary by Steven Ben-Nun on
His passion for the 2-hour interview by a Rabbi of 15-year-old Natan
who had a Near-Death-Experience ends with: pray like you’ve never prayed

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#Buddhist #Happiness to Balance #KiddieKilling Cults and #Churchianity #SatanicRitualAbuse #SRA

Ok, we’re in a spiritual battle between Good and Evil and better
choose which side we’re on. Every day. Every moment. The French
geneticist Matthieu Ricard has become a Buddhist monk and discovered
inner spiritual happiness according to this once again … Continue reading

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Queen’s Bench Division

Originally posted on Parents Rights Blog:
Queen’s Bench Division ? Source: Civil Procedure Rules, Practice
Directions. The Queen’s Bench Division is one of the three divisions of
the High Court together with the Chancery Division and Family Division.

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1st Sunday of Advent: who Cares about #Peace and #Joy and #Spirituality? #JohnLennon

VIP Child abuse and the Missing Religion. John Lennon was shot on 08 December 1980.

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UKIP Uses Forced Adoption To Rally Voters In Commons Debate

Originally posted on Researching Reform:
Having no
shame whatsoever, UKIP has now decided to weigh in on child welfare
matters by moving a debate in the House of Commons on Forced Adoption.
What follows is a comical attempt at appealing to…

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@HumanRightsLaw UK vs #HumanRights EUROPE: Mind the Gap and Spot the Differences! @UKSupremeCourt

There is more to Europe than the idea of the European Union [EU]
of 28 Member States as the grand POLITICAL ‘club’ and the ‘Eurozone‘ as
the FINANCIAL club, where the Euro is legal currency. Seasoned victims
of white collar criminals turned starfighters … Continue reading

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