Sabine McNeil ARRESTED

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Please can you all think about Sabine
McNeil today, who’s being persecuted and harassed by the police for
whistleblowing about institutionalised child sexual abuse and
ritualistic sexual abuse here in the UK…

She’s been arrested overnight and is being held in custody for
allegedly breaching a ‘harassment order’ which states that she shouldn’t
detail any information about a certain ‘secret family court’ case
online… Where children have been abused…
This is the state,
suppressing information, which could lead to the exposure of a wide
paedophile network spanning the whole world…
We NEED to help her…

Sabine stood up in European parliament and disclosed the truth behind
the UK’s involvement in international institutionalised child sexual
abuse, in particular the link between the epidemic rate of children
abused and taken for forced adoption… From parliament… To royalty…
To the institutions in your local area… Past and present…

Sabine has fought for two children who have detailed graphic
ritualistic abuse conducted by a network of organised satanic
ritualistic abusers in HAMPSTEAD… HERE IN THE UK…
This is
happening WORLDWIDE but the epicentre of this network of paedophiles;
murderers and abusers is believed to be here the UK… Where it’s the
only country in the world to take children from parents for “future
emotional risk”… Which can basically mean ANYTHING… Many children
are procured within the ‘care’ system for abuse… The level and rate of
this is horrifying…
An ex senior detective who interviewed
the children’s mother, following their disclosure on mobile phone
footage to her and her partner, has said that he believes the mother of
the children who explains that her estranged partner, the children’s
father, RICKY DEARMAN is heavily involved in this network…
There has been no formal criminal investigation in to the matter despite numerous pleas to the police…

The national mainstream media have dismissed the children’s pleas for
help and have implied that the mother has ‘made the whole thing up’ and
forced the children to lie…
This is not the case… The children are telling the truth…

What’s strange… Is that the father was allowed to go on national TV,
namely the BBC and proclaim his innocence… The whole thing’s absurd…
It’s disturbing…
So, I hear you ask yourselves…
What can I do to help these children?
Well, you can help by sharing this…

So that people know what’s happening and can start researching
themselves… We need more people helping with these cases… More
people speaking about them… More people investigating…
Collaborating… Forming class action…
I want you to start questioning everything…

Ask yourself why this government has suppressed information relating to
the involvement of high profile government figures regarding
institutionalised child abuse… Both historic and present day… And
buried that information for HUNDREDS of years?!?
Ask yourself why
the UK rapidly wants ‘out of Europe’… Why they’ve spent so much money
on influencing a whole nation to ‘leave’ Europe, bamboozling them with
the establishment doesn’t want to be scrutinised by the European
courts?!? The courts that are investigating these allegations of
institutionalised child sexual abuse… Orchestrated by those in
power… Here in the UK….
Ask yourself why there was no police
investigation in to the Hampstead case… Why family courts are kept
‘secret’?!? Why so many children are taken each week?!?
yourself why Sabine’s now in a cell… Why they’re persecuting an old
frail child abuse campaigner and locking her up on one of the busiest
weekends of the year when austerity is at peak… For allegedly posting
information on a website?!?
Ask yourself if you can get to Holborn Police station for 11am?!?
To protest…
*** 10 Lamb’s Conduit St, London WC1N 3NR ***

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