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JANUARY 12, 2019 @ 2:38 PM

False flag / psyco-op’ or the real deal – it’s nice to read Broken Britain’s Establishment ‘Paedophile Protection Service’ is on the ball – as usual – and the hammer of injustice coming down hard on these do-gooder whistle-blowers and anti-pederast campaigners who have the brazen audacity to dare expose the dirty deeds of the Masonic Satanist sodomites and noncing kiddie fiddlers – aka the ‘Pillars of Society’.
Robert Green and I both know from personal ‘jail time’ experience in bonny Nonceland the slam-dunk vindictive consequences of exposing Establishment elitist kiddie fiddling rings and their Violate Club membershits identities – (just Google ‘Hollie Greig sex abuse scandal’ – the serial rape and sexual abuse of a Downs Syndrome girl – and her Beechwood ‘Special School’ classmates – all minors – by an Aberdeen based Masonic-Satanist paedo ring) – along with naming and shaming various Plod Squad Scotland nonce-ponce pervs and Crown Office legal worthies – all implicated via loose lips court testimony / documented correspondences – of covering up the abuse.
Sabine McNeill and Belinda McKenzie are both known personally to us – and while both are fearless anti-child abuse campaigners – neither harbour sinister fantasy / delusional motives – or are mentally deranged – and thus acted on evidence that was available – whether psych-op trap variety or real.
Something stinks in Hampstead – and it isn’t Hamlet’s socks.

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