Rusty’s trial over; back to Robert

After a two-day break Rusty’s trial resumed this morning Thursday 27 February 2014 with more evidence from police and forensics officers and further witnesses lined up for Friday, but by mid-afternoon Sheriff David Pyle decided he’d heard enough – time to wind up and save another day of court costs! Hence without further ado he delivered his verdict “Guilty as charged.”
No date has been set as yet for sentencing and Rusty will be off back home to Manchester tomorrow Friday 28 February still a free man, no doubt to the relief of his family, but for how long?
For the record and as might be of interest to all following the finer detail of this extraordinary saga, Hollie’s campaign for justice, it is worth recording what happened to the other of her two most intrepid and ‘out there’ champions in the field, Tim ‘Rusty’ Rustige, second only to Robert Green (but there are others supporting Hollie who keep a lower profile and are playing a ‘longer game’), on Wednesday 19 February 2014.
In the past fortnight the ‘Grampian plod squad’ as Rusty calls them have raided 2 English homes and carted their incumbents off to Aberdeen, by no means the first time for such startling happenings that have occurred at rough intervals ever since February 2010 with the raid on Robert Green’s home on 13 February 2010 while he was already in the police cells in Aberdeen. Robert’s home was raided most recently as usual by Grampian police on Thursday 13 February 2014 and Rusty’s 6 days later on Wednesday 19 February, 5 days prior to his trial on charges brought against him by former Lord Advocate of Scotland, Dame Elish Angiolini of ‘harassment & [cyber] stalking’ of her opening at Aberdeen Sheriff Court on Monday 24 February 2014.
Rusty’s raid occurred while he was out for a jog and in his case there was no patient waiting outside for him to returnas in Robert’s latest raid; 7 officers of Grampian police attended by 2 from Greater Manchester simply smashed the front door in and crashed straight into his house. Grampian seized the 3rd? 4th? computer they’ve taken off him or his wife by now, plus any cell-phones they could lay hands on, plus all files relating to his accounts, plus his wife’s poetry, his wife’s short stories & kitchen recipes, all in an attempt to find some evidence linking Rusty to the original Feb/March 2012 cyber-attack on DEA. They would have found nothing however as there was nothing to be found, Rusty says. They also took his copies of Hollie case medical reports and other relevant documents but of course there are other copies of those in existence so no matter.
Rusty was then borne off to Aberdeen and spent that Wednesday night in the cells in Queen Street police station before attending the Sheriff court on Thursday afternoon.
Initially Rusty assumed he was being charged with breach of bail conditions but it turned out that the operation was a bid by the Crown office to have his bail revoked and have him held on remand pending further enquiries – thus delaying Monday’s hearing. The excuse was that he was a ‘flight risk’ and might have tried to abscond, the absurdity of which was quickly pointed out as among the papers seized the previous day from his home and now in Grampian’s possession was the booking confirmation of both his flight to Aberdeen on Sunday plus the hotel booking for the week of his trial!
Sheriff Summer who heard the issue on Thursday 20th happened to be a decent judge – he’d already been of assistence to Rusty in a previous brush with the police. He made short shrift of the Crown/Angiolini’s application and threw it out.
So by Thursday evening Rusty was winging his way back to Manchester & freedom, for 3 days anyway, till his return to Aberdeen to face trial the following week.
While a certain illustrious or notorious Dame, depending on your viewpoint had to encounter her cyber-assailant or was he really? in the flesh in court on the due date, her attempt to delay the proceedings having foundered yet again on the rocks of Grampian police’s perennial bungling or smart thinking? again, depending on which side you’re on.

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