On the face of it, Timothy Rustige (Rusty) is on trial, jury denied as usual in these parts, for allegedly upsetting Elish Angiolini.  However, it is not Rusty who will really be on trial , but the integrity of the entire Scottish justice system.

Rusty, a gallant human rights campaigner from Prisoners of Conscience International faces prison – for what  – allegedly criticising, from his home in England,  the suitability of Angiolini`s publicly-funded appointment to a college at Oxford University. Thus, Rusty could be incarcerated by a regime notorious for its utter contempt for human rights, this time on the say-so of one of its worst practitioners, described as such by Ian Hamilton QC in his interview on BBC TV. Angiolini and her associates were also severely reprimanded by Lord Hope of the Supreme Court for continuous human rights abuses,  exemplified by the Peter Cadder case. Furthermore, Elish Angiolini was not only prepared to lie to the whole world in the Lockerbie case about both the conviction and true reason for Mr Al-Megrahi`s release, but also displayed cruel disregard for his basic human rights. What kind of person would state that it was contemptuous, as Angiolini did on 8th September 2009, for a terminally ill man wrongly imprisoned far from his home country, to appeal against a conviction that she already knew was completely unsustainable?

Following the recent posts articles exposing Alex Salmond`s involvement in the Hollie Greig abuse case, here is yet another headline from The Firm magazine`s edition of 1st October 2010:-

Angiolini Resigns

The article says that she is stepping down as Lord Advocate but had declined to provide a reason for doing so. It goes on to state that it understands that “she is presently facing further action in respect of a failed appeal against a decision by the Information Commissioner not to disclose whether she used her own or taxpayers` funds in legal actions against the media”.

This refers to her action, implemented by Levy & McRae in 2009, to stop the media from reporting her connection with the Hollie Greig case.

The answer to this obvious public interest query has never been revealed to this day, but I have a letter from the Crown Office confirming that the query from the Commissioner was ignored until Angiolini had left office – but who is there fit to investigate?

Angiolini`s lawyer is Peter Watson of Levy &McRae. Professor Watson also represents Alex Salmond and the Scottish Police, as well as most of the Scottish media, so they are all taking advice from the same lawyer.

If Scotland was run fairly and properly, such a situation demonstrating such blatant conflicts of interest would never be allowed to exist. Moreover, Levy & McRae boasts on its site of employing former senior police officers. Therefore, it could be surely reasonable to suggest that Peter Watson, the firm`s senior partner, has the Scottish police in his pocket. If the professor thinks such an assumption to be unfair, then I should be glad to publish his comments on this site.

When Rusty faces the sheriff, whoever he or she may be, it may be interesting to reflect on the extraordinarily lenient treatment offered to one of Angiolini`s former deputies, Stuart McFarlane.
McFarlane was initially arrested when discovered having sex with a female prostitute in a public place in Glasgow. McFarlane became violent with the two arresting police officers to the extent that both required hospital treatment. I think anyone would expect that any individual causing such injuries to police officers in the course of their duty would face a custodial sentence, but Angiolini`s Crown Office came to McFarlane`s rescue, deciding that it was “not in the public interest” for such a violent sex offender to be jailed. This left McFarlane free to subsequently be arrested again for possessing 15, 000 child pornographic images, some of a horrific nature, according to police sources. Surely, this time, he must be imprisoned, you may well say.

Well no, with an ally like Elish Angiolini, you can get away with anything in Scotland. McFarlane is still at large. It is only those of us who are prepared to expose sex offenders like McFarlane, such as Rusty and me, who must be locked up “in the public interest”. The words of the recently deceased but highly respected Jock Thomson QC come to mind when he described Scotland as a “banana republic” and the Crown Office as “institutionally corrupt”.

So what gives this institutionally corrupt banana republic the right to jail foreigners whose only “crime” it is to stand up for Scottish rape victims and to expose those who protect the perpetrators?

May I again ask for the maximum possible support for Rusty in Aberdeen on 4th and 5th November and for anyone who can attend to be there to bear witness to what may occur in the Scottish Court, as I know from my own experience that it is shamelessly capable of the most disgraceful acts of corruption.

This is not just about the Hollie Greig case, shocking though it is. It is about fundamental human rights, justice and decency. It is about freedom of expression and freedom of the press in a country where such concepts are not allowed to exist.

May the eyes of all those committed to belief in true democracy, civilised behaviour and protection of our most vulnerable citizens from sexual abuse be focussed on Aberdeen and Tim Rustige on 4th and 5th November.

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  1. Ref The Firm’s ‘Angiolini resignation’ announcement.
    The last paragraph of the article relating to her blatantly ignoring Information Commissioner Kevin Dunion’s demand viz disclosure of source of legal action funds resulted in a police investigation of such.
    Specifically Crime Reference No CS-20120125-0112 filed with Lothian & Borders, as the alleged crime was believed to have been committed in that area – and became the subject of a criminal investigation by Scottish CID into her alleged misuse of public funds to suppress media reportage of the Hollie Greig scandal and thus subvert the course of justice.
    Never heard anymore about that one did we. Wonder why? Yet another Wicked Watson (Levy & McRae) Magic Circle coverup?


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