UK Kiddie Fiddling Coverup Endemic

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The above URL links to Robert Green’s latest expose of the Scottish crime syndicate that poses as Alex Salmond’s SNP-controlled government and bent Judiciary and Plod Squad – and their joint complicity in the continued suppression and coverup of the Hollie Greig scandal – a moral outrage which has now achieved global notoriety due the systemic sexual abuse of special needs / disabled children by elitist paedophile rings operating with continued impunity due police / Crown Office protection – inside Scotland’s ‘devolved’ borders.

Here he draws parallels with the insidious issues of Sir Jimmy Savile et al, and the grossly-obese Sir Cyril ‘Who Ate All The Pies?’ Smith – the former sodomite Lib-Dum Party MP for the notorious kiddie fiddling Rochdale constituency – conspicuously knighted by Her Royal Reptileness, QE2, for his services to bumboy paedophilia and promoting the lard-wallowing, gluttonous, triple-chinned culture of ‘laugh and grow fat’.

In this scathing weblog Robert poses the rhetorical question as to why the Powers That Be – in all branches of Broken Britain’s executive, legislative and judicial branches – and too the mass media machine – either turn a blind eye or are feloniously complicit in the suppression and coverup of these vile crimes?

Why? For the simple reason they labour under the delusion that crimes committed by one of their elitist old school tie / secret handshake club brothers must be swept under the proverbial rug as allowing the mass media to report such, and prosecuting the same, would expose the festering graft and corruption-ridden sodomite / pederast-infested system to the scrutiny of the trenchant public glare.

Yep, the public eye – that’s ‘us’ – the ‘common herd’ / the 99% useless eating ‘have nots’ – (aka the very same tax-paying electorate that have been conned into financing this venal charade which has the gall to pose as a ‘womb to tomb’ government tasked with a responsibility of care for the captive population) – hence destabilise the system and put the entire perverted edifice at risk of collapsing in on itself.

To the minds of the money-grubbing commercial interests and banksters this would result in a state of nation-wide anarchy – though such, in the opinion of many, would be preferable to the ‘divine right to rule’ monarchy-dominated snafu we are subjected to – which poses itself as no more than a constitutional figurehead – while abusing executive privilege at every opportunity.

There is no limit to the criminal abuse expedited – and too concealed – under the ‘one size fits all’ deception of ‘national security’ or ‘defence of the realm’ and – audaciously enough – ‘in the public interest’ – or false flag terrorist attacks visited upon the heads of their own population (7/7/2005 / Woolwich, to name a couple) and the cabinet-ranking kiddie fiddling crimes which fall under the same heading in this officially-ordained dereliction of duty.

It’s not so much a matter of covering up Whitehall civil service lobbying by money-grubbing parties of self-interest or abuse of privilege MPs fiddling their Parliamentary expenses or Tony Bliar putting the block on the exposure of the Operation Ore list of seven thousand named child porno paedo’s after his own aide Philip Lyon was collared – or involving the UK in illegal wars of aggression in Afghanistan and Iraq – or Posh Dave Scameron signing us up for the Libyan disaster (and doing his Nasty Party utmost to commit us to the same in Syria) – but the contrived arrests and imprisonment of – or silencing by murder – those moral-minded whistle-blowers who would expose the crimes and corruption of these elitist scumbags to the light of day – fallen victim to the homicidal rogue agents of the UK’s psycho-infested intelligence / military clique.

Thus it comes as no surprise anymore when their conscience-driven likes are found, fallen victim to an assisted suicide in the David Kelly Memorial Woods, or dumped up on some ‘grassy knoll’ inside a big black North Face holdall – or involved in a high speed, fatal ‘Boston Brakes’ vehicular accident on a remote rural back lane, the motorway – or some Paris tunnel.

To conclude, perhaps the question should be raised as to why the ethereal threads of Freemasonry and Satanic blood ritual child sacrifice run through the entire weave of the fabric of these official cover-ups and repeatedly connects to those illustrious personages involved – and here we are referring to the UK in entirety: Merrie England, Wales, Ulster – and Alex Salmond’s north of the border SNP-dominated Third World state – Nonceland?

Thought for the day. Fuck the sodomite / pederast-infested Freemason cabal, and Big Brother – and his sister – and their New World Order.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

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