Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy
Yesterday at 15:41
RUSTY was jailed for 9 months given a 5 year internet thumb screws
PRE-ORDAINED wee show the crown made it up as they went along as expected. . .
The sheriff, Rustys brief and the PF went through the neurotic SASANACH PRE-ORDAINED demonic show with Rusty not opening his mouth nae even to yawn ~ Court had two special brew CID demons sitting behind maggs/sylvia/wyn/and another well to do jessiebelle beyond their sell buy dates and the common purpose minion reporter with two court police officers one an obvious weirdo conformed up his own colon, the grey faced other court staff leaving RUSTY in the dock bamboozled to WTF was taking place but in knowing his next bed would be at ones service. . .

Myself and another poor man that was in the previous FREE ROBERT GREEN 2.0 video exposing the fact of being a sexual abuse victim that was covered up by the FILTH just Christmas past. . .
Will give a complex detailed report to what Ima could take in later as really fkn tired of it all with only a mere handful of hours sleep the last few days. . .
Obviously folks know the law has been broken but to the extent will remain un-reported before a much needed sleep and my personal own knowing of where it all went to fuck with the SHENANIGANIC jargon only fit for the eleven hundreds. . .
More to follow. . .

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  • Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy BUMP
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  • Bear Robinson Thanks Malcolm for the update
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  • Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy The gist o it ~ 65 jailed first offence for 9 months with a 5 year internet thumb screws applied
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  • Simȱn Ɛlder A bloomin’ disgraceful result. I don’t actually know Rusty but I wonder if he is open to Freeman-on-the-Land, sovereignty and Lawful Rebellion as these things may have been able to help, however, probably only if he’d been suitably prepared,
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  • Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy Simon you are being under the impression that your belief that Rusty was going to get a fair trial or had some kind of chance of justice. . .It is as it is here in Scotland ~ SASSENACHS
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  • Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy Rusty had prepared himself for a sentence as he was told that he was getting jailed
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  • Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy ONE~ the sheriff said that Rusty had done a very dangerous serious crime by his internet campaign against the lord advocate very dangerous and went along a big ole speech of how if a bomb went off in Glasgow while Rusty was sending these emails it could have caused so much devastation and problems as the lord advocate is the first person to be contacted about anything of such. . .THE SHERIFF IS FORGETTING THE FUNDAMENTAL FACT THAT ELISH WAS NO LONGER LORD ADVOCATE TO THE POINT SHE WAS A MERE CIVILIAN AT THE TIME . . .So we see the jailing was based apon a lie and more lies that has not been reported such as the sheriff said TWO ~ that Rusty had not only PHYSICALLY damaged Elish but mentally damaged her and came out with the story of Elishs imagination running away with her guilty conscience of been scared of a hooded jogger thinking it was Mr Green or one of his supporters going to attack her so this is where the fear and alarm bollox was documented out of DELUSION which is all what if is and crazy as in a sectioning offence to act apon stories that never happened. . .Yeap they made it up as they went along and the THIRD and lastly the last offence was the breach of communications act of using the internet for such a campaign of what the sheriff considered as TERRORISM. . .
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  • Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy THAT IS THE UNBIASED TRUTH
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