“Best news yet” from Rusty – t.b. released Tuesday!

STOP PRESS – 3 of us got a PS of the back of the envelope (which I didn’t immediately spot) that he’s being released TOMORROW 4th JULY! Even more fantastic news – home for the weekend with Ren and brilliant weather to go with!!
Letter written Tuesday 1st July from Rusty
Best news yet albeit better late than never, my tag release has been granted and I’m due for release next Tuesday – 08/07/14 – apparently it takes a week (?) to facilitate release /travel schedules etc. – and arrange for G4S to come round to my home on arrival and fit the tag-technology’s answer to the old ball-and-chain.
Once back at home & my PC set up again – and without the past internet/pc access BAIL restrictions, I will be back online and will email personal thanks to all support campaigners for their stalwart efforts to expedite my tag release processing…and snail-mail/letters to to all those I have postal addresses for but no email contact details. Plus I’ll post a big TY comment on Free Robert Green blog too.
Really, you have all done a spectacular job for me – and for my beloved Ren – and my thanks are eternal…Your campaign group, to me, has proven that its parts are greater than the collective entity – the sum of the whole – with the likes of Gillian and Lorna doing and achieving so much in the way of results.
Once again, short and sweet this missive – lot more to do – my grateful thanks for your support and what you have achieved for me.
Best wishes and regards

7 thoughts on ““Best news yet” from Rusty – t.b. released Tuesday!

  1. Rusty, congratulations and I hope you get to read this soon.
    Was looking forward to meeting you in the hell-hole Bar-L on the afternoon Monday 7th (although I must say wasn’t looking forward to the low vibration of the place!)
    So happy for you being re-united with your loving family and thank you for all you have done, and no doubt will continue to do, in the name of protecting our innocents from the abusive hands of powerful people.
    As we can all now see from the media and the shenanigans of creepy Leon Brittain, not to mention the bravery of some politicians (latest I read is child minister Laughton threatening to use his Parliamentary privilege to name Westminster child abuse suspects on the floor of the House, the tide is turning and their lies are being exposed day by day. Scotland’s turn soon I’d say. There must now be more than a few very worried people as they know their day is coming, very soon, when all will be revealed about the entrenched establishment abuse of our poor wee children. They pick on the ones already emotionally & physically traumatised and alone in this world. I cannot think of a more sinister act. I also see Buckingham Palace now beginning to be mentioned! Have you noticed how many abusers are ‘titled’ and have close links to the biggest benefits fraudsters living in the biggest council house in the country?
    Robert Green, Belinda, yourself and many others have suffered in so many ways to protect our children from these monsters and ensure that justice is reached. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for doing so. Every child is our child and we must never forget this, especially the wee ones in care.
    Thank you for your courage and indefatigability, you will be named before long as the ones who protected our innocents and you will be remembered for this.

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