Tim Rustige Snr – Scotland Trial Update

A Public Service Announcement from Prisoners of Conscience International:

Follow the URL links for the trial update and forthcoming 27/03/2014 sentencing of Rusty’s pensioner father, Tim Snr, to a 12 month jail term for allegedly exposing Scotland-based paedo ring and cyber-stalking their protectors.

For English pensioners Rob Green and Rusty’s Dad, here we have yet another example of Scottish injustice at its worst. 
Robert arrested and held incommunicado on remand in HMP Perth for 110 days – without charge. 
Tim Snr denied the right to speak at his own trial and vital defence evidence never presented by his got-at lawyer.
Not only do Scotland’s PTB protect the paedo kiddie fiddlers, they jail and gag the ones who dare stand up to expose them – and make martyrs of them for the Hollie Demands Justice campaign.

Luke 8:17 – ‘For there is nothing secret that shall not be made known’.

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