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Monday, 27 October 2014

Exposing the Hollie Hoax ‘Hoaxters’

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So the conflict of interest brouhaha over London Mayor and establishment insider – the bonny Nonceland born and bred geriatric Fiona Swain Woolf – being named to head an inquiry into the historic failings of the child care and social service systems in preventing an organised Masonic paedophile ring comprised of inbred parasitic royals, civil service scumsters and members of the Houses of Conmans and the Lords (and their celeb pals from the Beeb) from preying on defenceless underage children (mainly wee lads) to satiate their sodomic sexual perversions – continues unabated – with Tory PM Posh Dave Scameron now bestowing his personal ‘sovereign’ apostolic blessings on Mrs Woof-Woof’s outlandish appointment.

Hmmm, so much for prudent diplomatic / political decisions, as this official counterfeit almost surrealist humanitarian / moralist concern is set to morph into a controversy on steroids and bite him squarely in the arse due failure to expedite a completely transparent victim and survivor focused inquiry and instead appease the useless eating plutocrats that misrule our green and pleasant land.

At least Baroness Butler-Sloshed has the good grace to say ‘whoopsy daisy’ and promptly exit stage left with little fuss when the stench of her useful idiot establishment stooge status got canny elements of the public demographic smelling a rat – (along with revelations that both she and Leon Brittan are both ‘vermin in ermine’ members of the Privy Council – gallivanting around in their red n white stoat coats) – and her dog wanker of a brother, Michael Havers, had a certain Inner Temple circles notoriety as a closet case sodomite and low-life kiddie fiddler) – unlike this brazen self-promoting aristocratic wanabee skanger Fiona Woolf.
And WTF next, we’ve now got Dame Moira Glibb, elected to sit with Mrs Woolfie on this joke of a child sex abuse inquiry board, having her own conflict of interest links with the smarmy Leon Lord Brittan of Spenditall exposed. For Christ’s sake, this is amounting to corruption in the fast lane.

Who the fuck selected and vetted the membership for this purported non-partisan board of inquiry – our transvestite Home Secretary, ‘Testosterone Terry’ May – or Public Enemy No 1 – Leon ‘Comb-Over’ Brittan and the now sub-rosa Paedophile Information Exchange villains still lurking around Westminster?
Thus we speculate who’s next to be proposed for this pantomime inquiry chair position? Maggie Oppenheimer Slodge perhaps – the MP for Barking Mad – another tosspot Privy Council crony – and ex-Minister for Children who did nothing to investigate the raging paedo abuse scandal in Islington under her official watch.

And on that score nothing in this more scent than substance Nonce Wars pantomime would now surprise or shock Broken Britain’s voting demographic.
We have this oligarchs-only Elm Guest House kiddie fiddling ring and the ‘Paedo File’ misplacing Leon Brittan – (the type of vulgarian twat who goes off for walks on the moors at night and comes back with a guilty look about him, smelling of wet sheep) – along with his rent lad buggering Bow Group Masonic mate Baron Patrick Jenkin – aka Lord Rodent – and the despicable Rhodes ‘Hypocrisy’ Boysen MP – a public homophobe and covert pederast – plus Lords Mountbatten and Bob Boothby; Tommy Driberg, Peter Hayman and Keith Joseph ‘and’ a veritable host of other bigwig cabinet rank politicos and civil service mandarins ‘and’ rabid royals – all getting their sad arses blackmailed back in the 60’s by both MI5 and Ron n Reg – the psycho-poufter bosses of the terrible Kray Twins crime syndicate – for their disgusting bumboy / kiddie fiddling vices.

However, to give them their due, at least Scameron, May and Co are trying to subvert the course of justice in relation to the inquiry via the tried and tested ‘politically-acceptable’ method of having one of their own establishment cronies head the damn thing – (as per Lord Chilcot / Lord Mutton / Lady Hallett) – and not start their own ‘Elm Guest House Denial’ website to field a wicked black propaganda disinformation campaign to discredit the scores – Biblical legions in fact – of sexually abused boys and girls who are now coming forward to bear witness against those guilty dynastic blue bloods and politico who violated them and desecrated their childhood innocence – unlike a core element of the twenty-two named offenders fingered by special needs serial rape victim Hollie Greig as her sexual abusers.

Yep, believe it or not, the previously untouchable Nonceland / Aberdeen-based establishment pederast ring have now assembled a team of disinformation jockeys – establishment agent provocateurs – to discredit the entire Hollie Demands Justice campaign and further malign any and all of her supporters with a stream of engineered narratives via a Hollie Greig Hoax website and Facebook page now serving to disseminate their Decepticon travesty of lies.

While accepting the anomalous fact that a loose cannon tends to shoot its gob off before aiming thoughts in the right direction, this vile craven cabal of Aberdeen-based Devil-worshipping rapists named by Hollie – and too their fellow ‘in denial’ travellers – have recently grown a wee bit too flippant and crass not only in their vulgar ‘we’re the victims’ denials but actually sporting a display of noxious bravado in berating Hollie and mother Anne along with their Justice for Hollie campaign supporters not only as conspiracy theory fantasists but also embezzlers and domestic terrorist types. Thus the time has come to turn the tables and reverse the negative publicity stream back to their corner.

To date Nonceland’s Holyrood / Crown Office fourteen year duration smoke and mirrors distraction game plan regarding the Hollie Greig sexual abuse scandal has consisted of simply having Hollie’s complainat motherwrongfully sectioned – or ignore the jurisdiction statutes of Actus Reas to expedite cross border Plod Squad raids to arrest Englishmen in the English homes for daring to campaign for justice on Hollie’s behalf – and following stitch up ‘jury denied’ trials in which the ‘witnesses’ (sic) – both civil and police – have perjured themselves with a practiced efficiency and calculated ease – resulted in the crusading whistle-blower / expose offenders being imprisoned for such heinous crimes as ‘intended breach of the peace’ and ‘alleged cyber-harassment’.

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