Willem-Alexander, Beatrix, and Máxima

After 33 years on the throne, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, one of the richest women in the world, has handed over the crown to her eldest son, King Willem-Alexander. He is the first Dutch king in 123 years. The House of Orange, as the Dutch royal family is called, is very colorful indeed. This story is so long, it’s in three parts.


Queen Wilhelmina arranged a marriage for Princess Juliana to the German Prince Bernhard. His family wasn’t super rich, as far as aristocrats go, and his parents marriage was (morganatic) unequal. Bernhard was but a mere count until he was 5, when the Head of the House of Lippe elevated Bernhard, his brother Aschwin, and their mother Armgard to the status of Prince/ss of Lippe-Biesterfeld. Bernhard was a member of the Nazi party and the SA “brownshirts,” the paramilitary branch of the Nazis and the forerunner to the SS. After graduating university, Bernhard went to work for the German chemical conglomerate IG Farben.

IG Farben made Zyklon-B, a cyanide-based pesticide used on concentration camp victims. The company also collaborated with the Nazi government so they could take over business concerns in invaded territories and made business deals with American companies like DuPont and Rockefeller’s Standard Oil which kept the Nazi war machine rolling. After World War II, many IG Farben executives were convicted of war crimes at the Nuremberg Trials, and the company itself was broken up. However, the disjunct parts of the firm became big companies on their own (like Bayer), and the Farben executives, both the convicted and the acquitted, went on to become business industry leaders in post war Germany.

Juliana & Bernhard

In 1937, the playboy prince Bernhard married the dumpy heir to the Dutch throne, Juliana, who also happened to be heir to one of the largest fortunes in the world at that time. Friends and family members of Bernhard’s who were affiliated with Nazis attended the wedding, and the Nazi anthem “Horst-Wessel-Lied” was performed at a pre-wedding party.

Royals giving the Nazi salute

After war was declared, Bernhard cut off ties with most of his Nazi friends (although his brother was in the German military), denounced Hitler, and joined the Dutch resistance. He liked to portray himself as something of a Dutch war hero and leader of the resistance, but in fact, Bernhard spent most of WWII stealing supplies meant for the military, to the point that General Montgomery banned him from Allied headquarters.

Princess Juliana became Queen of the Netherlands in 1948, and like most male consorts to powerful women, Bernhard suffered from boredom. He joined the boards of Fokker Aircraft and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. The latter company has been accused of smuggling Nazis from post war Germany to Argentina, home of Bernhard’s future daughter-in-law, Máxima Zorreguieta. Bernhard made many trips to Argentina during the 1950s and may have befriended Máxima’s grandfather, Juan Antonio Zorreguieta Bonorino.


In the late 1970s, Bernhard got into trouble when it was revealed that he’d received over $1 million from the Lockheed Corporation, an American aerospace company which is one of the world’s largest defense contractors, so that Bernhard would convince the Dutch government to buy fighter planes from Lockheed. An investigation turned up a letter written by Bernhard demanding kickbacks from Lockheed and evidence that he bribed Argentine dictator Juan Perón to buy Dutch, but the prince refused to answer any questions, declaring, “I am above such things.” It is worth mentioning that Bernhard was on the board of over 300 companies and was considered something of an economic ambassador for the Netherlands.  After his death, it was revealed that Bernhard had also received bribes from the American aerospace defense contractor, Northrop.

The Dutch authorities chose not to prosecute Bernhard and toned down their public report on him out of deference for his wife, Queen Juliana. However, Bernhard was forced to step down as inspector-general of the Dutch armed forces and to give up his positions with various corporations and organizations, including the World Wildlife Fund, which he had co-founded and which got him into more trouble.

Princes Philip & Bernhard

In 1961, Prince Bernhard co-founded the World Wildlife Fund with fellow Nepotistas Godfrey A. Rockefeller, Sr. and eugenicist and internationalist Julian Huxley, among others. In theory, the WWF was established to save animals and protect the environment, but the royal heads of these organizations, like Prince Bernhard and Britain’s Princes Philip and Charles, are all hunters. King Juan Carlos of Spain was removed as head of the Spanish WWF in 2012 after it was revealed he’d been elephant hunting in Africa. Previously, JC had been caught hunting pregnant, endangered, and, allegedly, drunken animals. But back to Bernhard…

Bernhard, Great White Hunter

In 1991, it was revealed that Bernhard had sold paintings he owned to raise money for the WWF, who put the money in a Swiss bank account and transferred money back to Bernhard for Project Lock, which hired mercenaries from British paramilitary company KAS International, ostensibly to combat poachers in nature reserves. Unfortunately, the mercenaries got into the illegal ivory trade, and there are indications that Bernhard’s private army trained members of the apartheid-era South African Koevoet. Named for the Dutch and Afrikaans word for “crowbar,” the Koevoet was established as a paramilitary police counter insurgency unit, but turned into a pro-apartheid death squad. It appears that Bernhard’s Project Lock set up training camps for paramilitary groups like Koevoet and planned assassinations of members of Nelson Mandela’s ANC party.


Meddling in the affairs of nations was one of Bernhard’s favorite pastimes. In 1950, Prince Bernhard was involved with arms trafficking and a possible coup against the newly established Republic of Indonesia. Indonesia had been colonized by the Netherlands, which officially recognized Indonesian independence. Bernhard fancied himself the future Viceroy of Indonesia, much like Lord Mountbatten was Viceroy of India on behalf of the British king, but it was not to be.

Three years later, Prince Bernhard helped organize the Bilderberg Group, a confidential conference of powerful people intended to foster “cooperation” between European and American in government and business. Bernhard’s Bilderberg co-founders include Polish exile and European unification advocate Józef Retinger, American psychological warfare expert General C. D. Jackson, and former Belgian prime minister Viscount Paul Van Zeeland, whose granddaughter recently took leave from her Belgian government job due to her association with an offshore tax-dodging company set up by her grandfather.

Bilderberg newspaper

Critics say the secret nature of the Bilderberg meetings is inappropriate, considering so many of the participants are civil servants. Others say the Bilderbergers are trying to impose a one world government structure run by themselves. The current chairman of the Bilderberg Group is Viscount Étienne Davignon, whose name was mentioned during testimony in the notorious Marc Dutroux child abuse case, something which takes on more significance in light of what is contained in Part 3 of this article.

Juliana, Bernhard & the girls

Speaking of children, Bernhard had a bunch of daughters, and not just the four royal ones he sired with Queen Juliana. It was rumored for years, and openly gossiped about at the time of the Lockheed scandal, that Bernhard had illegitimate children, and by the time he died, two additional daughters were officially identified – Alexia Grinda Lejeune and Alicia von Bielefeld.

Bernhard with Alexia & Hélène

Alexia Grinda, 45, was born 3 months after the birth of Bernhard’s first grandchild, Wiilem-Alexander, and shares a first name with King Alex and Queen Max’s middle daughter. Alexia Grinda’s mother, Hélène Grinda, was a French socialite and model 33 years younger than Bernhard. Her father was friends with Prince Bernhard, and they met through him, according to the official story. Another version is that Bernhard and Hélène met at a party thrown by Princess Elisabeth de Croÿ for young women from “good” backgrounds and royal men without their spouses. Yet another story places their meeting at a Rothschild pool party (Alexia’s godfather is Baron Edmond de Rothschild).


When Hélène, or Poupette as Bernhard called her, was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease, he paid for her treatment in the Netherlands. While she recuperated at his hunting lodge, they began an affair. Bernhard paid for his mistress and child, leading some to believe his Lockheed bribe money was used for this purpose. (Bernhard claimed the Lockheed money went to the WWF – perhaps to support his mercenary army?) Hélène later married a Baron Lejeune, who acted as Alexia’s father. Queen Juliana was informed of Alexia’s existence sometime in the late 1970s or early 1980s. Bernhard continued to support Alexia financially, they visited throughout his life, and she was welcomed into the royal palace by her Dutch sisters. Alexia, an artist, is also related to Nepotista Athina Onassis Roussel – Athina’s dad, French pharmaceutical heir Thierry Roussel, is the son of Poupette’s sister, Francine).


By contrast, Alicia Hala von Bielefeld, 61, has had much less contact with her 5 half-sisters. Her mother, a German pilot, has not been identified, but it is rumored that she may have been the illegitimate daughter of a Nazi. At birth, Alicia was given the surname Webber, which was later changed to von Bielefeld, a variation on Bernhard’s German title, Prince von Lippe-Biesterfeld. One author claims Alicia’s mother was herself the love child of Nazi rocket scientist turned NASA head Baron Wernher von Braun and German aviatrix and committed Nazi Hanna Reitsch! Alicia works as a landscape architect in the United States.

Mildred / Princess Christina

Rumor has it old Bernhard has other illegitimate kids floating around the planet. Mildred Zijlstra, 67, was born to a mother who worked for the Dutch resistance during World War II. She was given up for adoption and later tracked down her birth mother, who only agreed to talk to Mildred if she never spoke of her biological father. Her adoptive father gave Mildred the same admonition. Eventually, a mutual friend of Prince Bernhard and the Zijlstra family told Mildred that Bernhard was indeed her biological father, and her biological mother confirmed it. Mildred has not been formally recognized as Bernhard’s daughter.

Juliana with Bernhard and two of his mistresses, Cocky Gilles & Lady Ann Orr-Lewis

Bernhard had a long-term affair during World War II with Lady Ann Orr-Lewis, which allegedly produced two sons. She was the wife of Sir Duncan Orr-Lewis, 2nd Baronet, a military man stationed in Burma. Juliana was in Canada with the girls. Lady Ann had two sons, born 1942 and 1943, who are rumored to be Bernhard’s sons. At least one of the sons is already dead. Juliana learned of the relationship and socialized with Bernhard’s mistress.

Cécile & Bernhard

Bernhard also had an affair with Juliana’s close friend, Cécile Dreesmann, the late Dutch department store heiress and embroidery artist. She allegedly had a daughter by Bernhard.

Penelope Aitken

Socialite Victoria Aitken says her father, the disgraced British politician Jonathan Aitken, may be another of Prince Bernhard’s bastards. Jonathan’s mother, Penelope, had affairs with several well-known men, including Prince Bernhard prior to both their marriages. Pempe, as she was nicknamed, actually went with Bernhard on his honeymoon and befriended Juliana! The following year, she married William Aitken, the nephew of British media magnate Lord Beaverbrook. When son Jonathan was born in 1942, Juliana stood as godmother.


If Jonathan Aitken is indeed Bernhard’s son, then he continued the family tradition when he impregnated Soraya Khashoggi, estranged wife of Egyptian arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi, just days before his own wedding. Years later, Jonathan’s legitimate twin daughters, Alexandra and Victoria Aitken, noticed a resemblance between themselves and their friend Petrina Khashoggi, who was just one month older than them. The twins told their dad, and in 1999, a DNA test proved Petrina was Jonathan’s daughter – and possibly Prince Bernhard’s granddaughter!

Aitken twins with Petrina

The youngest daughter of Juliana and Bernhard, Princess Christina (nicknamed Marijke in childhood), was born with a severe visual impairment in 1947. Her blindness was caused by the German measles her mother suffered during pregnancy. In the 1950s, Prince Bernhard introduced Queen Juliana to Greet Hofmans, a “faith healer” popular with the Dutch upper class. The two women became extremely close, and Bernhard became disturbed by Greet’s influence on his wife. Specifically, Bernhard felt her pacifistic views were threatening to his Cold War, pro-NATO militarism. CIA head Allen Dulles told Bernhard that Hofmans was a Communist operative, an unsubstantiated accusation.

Greet Hofmans

The marriage of Bernhard and Juliana was in trouble, splitting the royal household into two camps. Their daughters, especially heiress to the throne Princess Beatrix, supported their father. On Juliana’s side was her mother, Wilhelmina, who had abdicated in the late 1940s due to poor health. The two queens feared a scenario in which Juliana would be forced to abdicate in favor of her minor daughter Beatrix, for whom Bernhard would rule as regent. She may have threatened him with divorce.

In 1956, Bernhard leaked information to the German magazine Der Spiegel, which published an article titled, “Between the Queen and Her Rasputin.” Rasputin was the “mad monk” who befriended the Russian Tsarina Alexandra Feodorovna, who was troubled by her son Alexei‘s hemophilia. The scandal of his influence on the imperial family has been cited as one of the contributing factors to the fall of the Russian monarchy.

At this point, the Dutch government stepped in. They placed an import ban on the Der Spiegel issue. Bernhard was chastised for his loose lips, and they told Juliana that Greet Hofmans had to go. Reportedly, Hofmans received a death threat which echoed a threat of violence sent to Wilhelmina. The latter letter was penned by former Dutch Resistance members, who may or may not have been acquainted with Prince Bernhard. Rumor has it, Bernhard used his knowledge of the skeletons in the Dutch royal family’s closet (see Part 1) to prevent Juliana from divorcing him.
By 1956, Greet Hofmans was out of the palace, and the royal household was reorganized. The notorious “Hofmans affair” was over. Bernhard kept his royal position, and the press was distracted from the scandalous siring of Alicia von Bielefeld.

Mobutu & Bernhard share a laugh

In 1970, Bernhard helped found the 1001 Club, ostensibly to fund the administrative costs of the WWF. 1001 rich and powerful people were asked to contribute $10,000 each – later increased to $25,000 – for a lifetime membership. Much like the Bilderberg Club, meetings of the 1001 are held at rotating locations and are kept secret from the public. Members of the 1001 Club include the aforementioned King Juan Carlos of Spain: the late Baron Heini von Thyssen-Bornemisza, whose uncle wrote a memoir called “I Paid Hitler;” convicted fraudster Conrad, Lord Black; the late Mobutu Sese Seko, dictator of Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of Congo); the late Agha Hassan Abedi, founder of the BCCI, a bank which was shut down because it handled the money of drug dealers, terrorists, and various international dictators; the late Salem Bin Laden, brother of Osama and a BCCI shareholder; Louis Mortimer Bloomfield, a Canadian lawyer with intelligence ties who has been tied to John F. Kennedy, Sr.‘s assassination; the late Robert Vesco, a dirty financier who spent over 20 years on the lam from American criminal charges of embezzlement securities fraud (Prince Bernhard was linked to Vesco’s IOS scandal).

Prince Bernhard died in 2004 at the age of 93.
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