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We are forced to make a News Flash to the public around the world because the West Australian don’t print honest replies of Aboriginal People who encounter racism at its worst.

This is a News Flash replying to Rolf Harris’ comments that Aboriginal People should get off their arses and clean up.

The West Australian paper as a propaganda platform has come to the aid of attacking Aboriginal People again.

What the public in general should know is that Aboriginal people, who are closely attached to Rolf Harris in the Bassendean, Eden Hill area through some part of his life, sat around the camp fires with him. The vented kerosine tins under the flooded gums, the smell of Rolf Harris’ arse sitting on those tins and singing songs with the Bropho family.

He disappears over to England for nearly half a century and then comes back and tells us to get off our arses.

I for one have cleaned up shit in Walter Road, Ida Street, Anzac Terrace including First Avenue, the street where Rolf Harris’ mother used to live.

I carried the shitpans for the contractors from Rolf Harris’ home with all the contents running down my back and I helped to empty his rubbish twice a week. This is in the 1940s and 1950s.

Me and my Family Clan of the Aboriginal People who lived a short distance away in the bush, we dug holes on the hill where the Range View Hotel is now to bury the shit and piss there and to burn the rubbish back in the Pound, Shilling and Pence days.

We had to dig six foot trenches and pour the shit and piss down into the hole and wait for it to soak in before shovelling over the sand. It soaked into the swamp where Aboriginal people camped, where we used to get our drinking water.

We had to wash our hands in the cow trough but you could never get rid of the smell. We had no perfume in them days, just the perfume of whiteman’s shit.

This is the thanks Aboriginal People get from people like Rolf Harris and the propaganda newspaper and the cartoonist.

This is not fair on the Aboriginal People.

We ask Rolf Harris to show a bit of common decency to those who helped to clean up his backyard. We ask the West Australian paper to give all Aboriginal People a fair go in news media reporting with a balance on both sides.

(The West Australian, 28 November 2008, p20)

(The West Australian, 28 November 2008, p20)

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