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Content Warning!

Warning: The details of the allegations that will be made by the Prosecution in the Rolf Harris case, and which will be published in the press over the next week, will likely shock members of the public.
For balance it should be noted, that the Defense case will be made in the second half of the trial and the jury will make a judgement after hearing all of the evidence presented to them.

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12 responses to “Content Warning!

  1. I really think this might be the one that opens the public’s eyes finally to the evil under their noses.
    Just maybe it will create the traction needed right now to demand proper answers on all the “we all knew but did sod all” cases out there, notably the elephant, or fat old Tory, in the room at Elm guest house and it’s many tentacles.

  2. Malcolm Tanner

    Does it involve tying kangaroos down?

  3. Anon

    Anyone live tweeting the case?

  4. Andy Barnett

    This will be a difficult case to follow. There’s something comforting about seeing the likes of Savile, Clifford and Hall in the dock, along with rumours of ex-Tory ministers . We can tell ourselves that we always knew there was something creepy about them, that they’re just a bit too confident, too slimy to be trusted. It reinforces our view that we can tell the good guys from the bad.
    And then we see Rolf Harris. I challenge anyone to say that they could tell he was a bad’un. And I for one still hope he’s innocent. Cos if he’s not, we’re all left wondering: who can we trust? More to the point, who can we trust with our kids?

  5. nuggy

    how can the alleations be anymore disturbing then similar allegation surely there all disturbing arnt they.
    sounds likely like the press talking up the trial before it starts.

  6. green

    It’s worth comparing these accounts from October 2012 ( and May 2013 (
    Both accounts: sits on his lap, wears a skirt, legs astride his legs (but no explanation for that in second account), feels him move underneath, is groped, other people there, they don’t notice, goes to toilet.
    Perhaps there are other similarities, e.g in the description of the later abuse.
    That appears to be the person behind 3 of the 12 charges, judging from other reports about her and reports about the age of one of the victims at the time of the alleged abuse and the year and month in which the abuse allegedly took place.

  7. colin

    How will he explain the pictures found Will they be classed as art?

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