Mickey Summers

Good morning from a dark and damp Nottingham

Not been myself for a few days after picking up a cold, not been able to get warm but I think i’m over the worst now , woke up feeling much better , went to bed after a home made Indian feast for a nap woke up at midnight stayed up for a hour and just got up.

I think some of it was mental exhaustion to , but my wonderful nurse Mandy Coupland took great care of me in the absence of Lorraine Rizzo,

The fact that I don’t do poor me despite of the fact I become Mr Grumpy Old Bastard when i’m ill gives me a great sense of gratitude for what I do have in life right now , sometimes you need to be grateful for the fact that you woke up and that IS something that’s part of daily life for me, I’ve learned that in lifes processes in recent times that you start the day 1 nil up by waking up and everything else I achieve is an added bonus

Today it’s a sort the car out day and then start planning a trip to London on Wednesday which will hopefully be another progress step towards personal closure in one area of my plight.

Without my family and all of you guys none of this would be happening , the accolades for what we have done in recent times become more real when like yesterday I got a call from another survivor who told me via a Nottinghamshire Newspaper theres another 14 ready to go to the police, the whole picture of Nottingham’s abuses is really starting to emerge thanks to you guys John Mann MP Lilian Greenwood Simon Danczuk MP Margot Parker MEP Jane Collins MEP who to date have been of great assistance to us here in Nottingham, theres an endless list of great Nottingham folks, you know who you are and collectively we are moving this forward

To each and every one of my family and friends have a great day and if no ones told you today that they love I LOVE YOU



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