Sorry, I was not in when you phoned, but I`ve no objection to the stuff going up, although I would ask that you be careful about some of the more awful and intimate details for Hollie`s sake. However, I am strongly in favour of the publication of the expert witnesses naming and shaming those concerned, especially from Dr Boyle, Dr Harding and   D.I. Iain Alley`s letter, the latter of being of great importance as it comes from an official document from Grampian Police itself. No one could possibly argue that those named by Hollie on 8th September 2009 should not have been questioned by the police. You will note that Dr Harding is named Denis and Greg Mackie unequivocally and made it clear that she believes Hollie was probably sexually abused by others. As you have seen, the Majors get a mention in that document, which was the main one accepted by the CICA in its decision to make Hollie an award as a victim. Dr Boyle mentions Greg Mackie`s conviction for masturbating in public, which took place in 1997, three years before Hollie first spoke out.
In Court, Sylvia Major tried to suggest that her husband was not a even a senior Grampian officer. However, in the official testimony of officer Dempsey in the Shirley McKie investigation, in which Terry Major was implicated, Dempsey described him as Chief Fingerprint Officer, Grampian Police. Even more importantly, Major was described in exactly the same way by his family on his obituary notice!
The Scottish  Court system is still trying to p[revent my getting copies of the transcript and audio of the court proceedings. Drew Young blatantly perjured himself in Court, but of course, Sheriff Bowen was not put there to take into account any evidence supporting me.
Sarah was copied in, as you have just been, with these same documents in the spring of 2010. Sarah described them as being “very impressive” at the time. There can be no doubt that Sarah in particular, has turned out to be a most unpleasant traitor and liar. To try to undermine a disabled rape victim by describing the case as a “hoax” is wicked beyond words, especially bearing in mind that she has been in possession of this overwhelimingly supportive evidence for Hollie for almost three years.


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