At the end of the last hearing over Elish Angiolini`s defamation action against me , on 1st May, her legal representatives Roddy Dunlop QC and solicitor Fred Tyler approached me with an offer to reach an agreement. Angiolini believes that I have been unfair in criticising her by claiming that she has been instrumental in covering up the rape of Hollie Greig. It should be pointed out that whilst in office as Lord Advocate, Elish Angiolini was most vociferous about her commitment to protect victims of rape.

Therefore, I sent all the detailed expert witness statements supporting Hollie`s allegations to Mr Tyler along with the Commissioner`s evidence confirming that Grampian Police had withheld two of these crucial supporting medical documents from the Procurator Fiscal. It is certain from the evidence provided by experts with impeccable credentials that Hollie has been the victim of rape and that she has identified her attackers and indeed, their views have been  accepted by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority in granting Hollie a financial award.

My offer, which, in the circumstances, I regard as an extremely generous and fair one, was for Angiolini to be prepared to publicly call for a proper and adequate investigation to take place into Hollie`s case. In return, I would willingly cease criticising Angiolini in public and would in fact be willing to cooperate with her in trying to ensure that such an investigation is correctly undertaken, in an effort for justice to be served and to protect Scottish children and the disabled from sexual abuse.

I have taken the position that what has happened in the past, relating to my imprisonment and Angiolini`s concern about her reputation, count for very little in comparison to the horrific ordeals suffered by Hollie and probably other children and the disabled.

I have asked nothing for myself other than the right to continue to contest against my conviction and to offer support to Rusty (Tim Rustige) who has also been treated in an extraordinarily unjust and disproportionate manner.

Elish Angiolini, self -proclaimed protector of rape victims,  has declined, without explanation, the opportunity to come to the aid of such a victim, disabled and defenceless.

The next hearing in this case is to take place in Edinburgh on 18th October.

Rusty`s next hearing, an interim one at which he need not attend, is scheduled for 8th October at Aberdeen. His trial is set to take place on 4th and 5th November. Sylvia Major, Elish Angiolini and Win Dragon are set to come before the Court. I understand that there is also the prospect of Hollie`s father and brother being called. Given the weight of evidence provided by Dr Eva Harding, Dr Jack Boyle, Dr Frances Kelly, Dr Paul Carter and Detective Inspector Iain Alley and other police officers, some very interesting cross-examinations are likely to take place.

Meanwhile, one person who is definitely not going to jail is Stuart MacFarlane, whom I have mentioned in previous posts. Mr MacFarlane is a former Procurator Fiscal and a deputy to Elish Angiolini. His latest trial has been reported in the 18th September editions of the Scottish Express and the Daily Record. He was found to have been in possession of 15,000 computer images, described as “horrifying”, including sexual acts between adults, children and animals. Of course, for a magic circle member like Mr MacFarlane, this was not deemed serious enough to merit a custodial sentence.

The two articles, though no doubt correctly interpreting public sentiments, do not mention that in 2006, Macfarlane was found performing a sexual act in public with a female prostitute, He went on to attack the two police officers who arrested him, causing injuries that had to be treated in hospital.
One would have thought that in any country that regarded itself to be civilised, such criminal conduct would invariably result in a prison sentence. But, no, MacFarlane, now a violent double sex offender, has powerful friends. He did not go to prison. It was deemed by Elish Angiolini`s Crown Office, “not to be in the public interest” to jail him, leaving him free to re-offend.

It was decided, however, by Angiolini, to be in the public interest for Rusty and me to be imprisoned.

It may reasonably be asked exactly who are these members of the public in whose interests Angiolini has purported to act?

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