Thursday, 12 December 2013


Today, I have made a formal complaint to Cheshire Police about two crimes committed by the above individual, one of racial abuse against me on 17th February 2012 and the second of the tampering with and the  falsifying of court evidence by Bowen and unidentified accomplices at a location and date unknown to me.

The audio of the court evidence was produced by Ultra Electronics Audiosoft, of Cirencester , Gloucestershire. The head of operations there, Andy Sullivan, has refused to offer any explanation of exactly how the audio came to have been so falsified. It is due to this evasion that I have now decided to report directly to the police.

After I had complained repeatedly that the document I had been sent from the Crown Office about Bowen`s sentencing remarks omitted two sentences, including the one in which the racial abuse occurred and the persistent refusal of the court to provide me with a copy of the audio, Lord Eassie appointed Lady Smith to investigate. Regrettably, due to a transparent lack of vigour and balance on Her Ladyship`s part, it may be reasonable to conclude that her priority was not for justice to be done and to be seen to be done, but to protect a fellow member of the judiciary at all costs. Moreover, Lady Smith would not allow me to listen to the audio – why not, if there is nothing to hide?

Meanwhile, with regard to Alex Salmond`s involvement in the Hollie Greig case, accurately reported in The Firm`s articles of 3 June and 11 July 2011 respectively, I have a letter dated 18 October 2013 from David Woods of the First Minister`s Correspondence Unit, assuring me that a reply will be sent to me as soon as possible.

I am still waiting.

Mr Salmond has all the key expert documents in his possession about Hollie`s case that has prompted such welcome support from politicians south of the border, as well as many people, including respected professionals, throughout the world.  The evidence is overwhelming of both Grampian Police`s failures and its corruption in withholding crucial evidence of the sexual abuses from the Prosecutor.

Exactly what, or perhaps who, is keeping Mr Salmond from calling for the proper inquiry this case so justly deserves.


  1. Nice one Robert. Cheshire Police eh. Well, if the Grampian Plod Squad thug brigade can tally forth, south of the border to our green and pleasant Cheshire and arrest the likes of yourself and Rusty, then surely our stalwart Cheshire plods can go North and collar a few villains – specifically Fast Eddie Bowen – and perhaps put the frighteners on the likes of Wicked Watson and the Aberdeen Nonce ring in the process.
    As to Alex ‘Porky Pict’ Salmond, he’s far too busy with ‘Independence’ to bother his head over trivial pursuit socio-political engagements such as the ‘historical’ (and ongiong) sexual abuse and serial rape of special needs and disabled children.
    What kind of Independence is Alex ‘Porky Pict’ Salmond aiming for? Swapping Westminster and Whitehall controls for those of Brussels and the EUSSR? A bit retrograde, eh?


  2. Honestly, it couldn’t be more blatant! It’s about time the people in positions of actual power – the police – stopped acting so cowardly and started making some ARRESTS!

    Thankfully, it’s through people like Robert and his relentless efforts to bring about REAL justice, partly through his own suffering in this case via his unlawful incarceration, that allow the majority of people to go about their lives blissfully unaware that anything like this is going on. We need more Robert Greens and fewer cowards like Salmon as well as fewer corrupt individuals like Bowen!


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