Just in case you haven’t already heard the good news from the ‘Scottish front‘ about Robert Green, (most on this list will have been following the story on he was released on bail from HMP Perth last Wednesday 21st May, but has to go back to Aberdeen Sheriff Court this Friday 30th May for trial. It is highly unlikely he will be reincarcerated even if convicted of the offence of which the details remain obscure, but it was allegedly committed between a period from roughly November 2012 to February 2013 and apparently whatever Robert has done, said or written is deemed to have breached a Non-Harrassment Order imposed at Stonehaven in 2012. The maximum sentence he can get for this is 6 months of which he has already served the custodial half, having been held 96 days on remand, but it is important that the charges are dropped altogether as although he’s out of jail his bail conditions are exceedingly strict – he’s not allowed to go online or communicate with anyone outside his family and legal team except about the weather! well not about Scotland, his case, Hollie etc. certainly.
Supporters have been pressurising the Scottish Legal Aid Board to provide Robert with the means of engaging a QC to defend him on Friday. As things stand he will have the benefit only of his solicitor and a junior barrister while the witnesses he wished to cite have once again been denied him. So this is even less likely to be a fair trial than it was at Stonehaven where he did at least have the benefit of Senior as well as Junior Counsel.
Although Robert is now technically free, the Free Robert Green blog continues for the time being while the above situation plays out, also at Robert’s own insistance, until Tim ‘Rusty’ Rustige, his fellow-blogger on paedophilia & corruption in Scotland is also released from prison. Following a riot at HMP Grampian at Peterhead Rusty has been transferred along with 70 other Grampian prisoners to HMP Barlinnie in Glasgow from which Dickensian insitution as he describes it he may not manage to extricate himself until his ‘halfway’ date which is 11th August, the ‘tag’ paperwork having got ‘lost’ due to the riot.

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