10 December, 2014  

Nicola Sturgeon MSP, First Minister,
St Andrew’s House, Regent Road,

Dear First Minister,

Frank Mulholland QC and the Hollie Greig case

I enclose a copy of my letter to the current Lord Advocate, which I trust will be self-explanatory, along with an example of Mr Mulholland’s assurances to Tim Farron MP.

There can be no doubt now that Elish Angiolini has lied both to the Press Complaints Commission and in the provision of false information contained in Procurator Fiscal Stephen McGowan’s letter to Hollie’s mother dated 4th December 2009.

Whilst there are a number of other serious issues relating to Elish Angiolini’s misconduct, including the secret misuse of public funds for her private business (confirmed now by the Crown Office), possible hacking of emails between two fellow journalists and myself, a possible attempt at financial fraud, and possible perjury in the civil case Angiolini v Green and the criminal case of The Crown v Timothy Rustige, it is now important to clarify whether Mr Mulholland actually knew that he was making false statements to the three named MPs at the time.

Those responsible for covering up the Hollie Greig case must be held to account, having clearly denied Hollie the chance of justice and placed innumerable Scottish children and the disabled at grave risk from a likely large number of sexual predators.  I shall certainly be referring to the indisputable evidence now available at my trial, on 21st January 2015, and among those held responsible will clearly be your immediate predecessor and Mr MacAskill.

I understand that Mr Mulholland regularly attends cabinet meetings, so I trust that you will take the opportunity to provide truthful answers about his conduct.

The Hollie Greig case has been widely followed internationally, as you know, despite threats to the media by Mr Salmond’s lawyers which have prevented the Scottish people from having access to the true facts.  My nomination for the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize has naturally heightened public interest.

Once again, I urge you to call for a full, independent and transparent review of the case and, as a British citizen and a Christian, continue to offer my full cooperation.

Yours sincerely,

Robert Green

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