The Daily Record`s headline of 15th August reads as follows:- “BBC Scotland staff accused of sex abuse in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal, bosses admit”.

Is it any wonder then that BBC Scotland refused to show the people of Scotland that “Justice For Hollie Greig” had been daubed on the walls of Jimmy Savile`s Glencoe cottage at the height of the scandal?

Is it surprising, with what we now know, that BBC Scotland abruptly dropped commissioned documentaries of Hollie`s case four years ago?

In addition, another of the Record`s lead stories reads “Ex-Headmaster of Aberdeen school at centre of sexual abuse allegations”.

Meanwhile, the inverted and twisted world bizarrely known as the Scottish “justice” system carries on as usual. This is how depraved and sometimes dangerous sex criminals are treated.

Again, in the Daily Record yesterday, it tells of Colin Aikman walking free after being caught downloading child pornography images.

Please take it from me that plenty of my fellow prisoners in Aberdeen Jail were fundamentally decent lads who had made mistakes, often when placed in difficult situations. At the same time, the really serious criminals remain at large. Scotland treats its sex offenders with kid gloves, especially if those concerned have connections with the country`s notorious magic circle. On the other hand, those who try to protect Scotland`s children from such predators, like two brave Scots, as well as Rusty and me, end up in jail.

Here again are some examples of how sex offenders with influence are treated.

Stuart McFarlane, a former deputy to Elish Angiolini, has twice been arrested for serious sex offences, the second involving children. On the first occasion, McFarlane even attacked the two arresting police officers, causing them to have to receive hospital treatment for the injuries sustained.

Surely, you will say, this individual has been sent to prison?

No, this is Scotland.

Scottish Legal Aid Board`s Technical Head Douglas Haggarty was caught performing a sex act with a boy in a Glasgow city centre store`s toilet.

Did he go to jail?

No, not only was he not incarcerated, but was allowed to retain his highly paid post, funded by the public, which involves being in a position of considerable trust and responsibility over public finances.

Around the same time I was given a year`s sentence, Liam Gibson, a major oil executive, who ran Gibson Marine, was found in possession of 50,000 child pornographic images, described by police officers as the most sickening they had ever seen.

Did Mr Gibson go to jail?

Of course not, he is too important – he walked free.

Scotland is a wonderful country, beyond doubt and the vast majority of Scots are among the finest people you will find anywhere in the world. However, its current regime and justice system in particular, under Alex Salmond, is widely regarded as being the most corrupt in Europe. The EU`s official research shows Scotland to have the most expensive yet unproductive legal system in Europe, with its lawyers earning tens of millions of euros more from a country with a population of
5 million that Italy`s lawyers earn from a population of 60 million. Scotland`s judges are also the most highly paid in Europe.

I noticed that Mr Salmond recently complained that many in the mainstream were against him.

They are not.

They are currently protecting him, in fact.

If the Scottish mainstream media was to publish the truth about Alex Salmond, including his role in the Hollie Greig case, both he and Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill would be finished.

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