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Compassionate grounds for early release

UPDATE Sunday 6th April
Had a call from Robert this morning and if I’m currently having worries about his health, I have to say he sounded completely his usual animated self, bursting with news and things to pass on to the network.
Today Robert’s requested copies of the Scottish Law Reporter article of 17th March to be sent to him  –  could a few of us print out a copy and send that to Robert? No covering letter needed, to enable him to attach that to letters to individuals in high places, also to distribute in the prison to his fellow inmates & their families who are like him victims of Scottish official corruption – they are to a man on his side and he on theirs.
(Robert quite enjoys the idea of there being some kind of ‘Green Unit’ at the Scottish Crown office clocking up ridiculously disproportionate expenditure of public funds protecting paedo-Scotland, as admitted by SWCBN at Rusty’s trial last month…).
At the same time spending heavily stretched public money protecting a seam in our public life I have long designated Paedophilia UK, which still in early 2014 includes Paedophilia Scotland, is no joke and unacceptable.
Perth Prison’s response to Robert being currently ailing is to allocate him a CELL-MATE to watch over him and report any sudden deterioration in his condition.
Now Robert who is highly sociable as we all know will not mind being allocated a cell-mate and no doubt the two will be chatting merrily well past midnight and be a bit bleary at breakfast next morning BUT it is not really the answer to his current health problem, is it?
In the meantime supporters in the Perth area are doing a magnificent job. On Friday? Saturday? Robert was visited by a supporter in Scottish dress ie. a kilt + accessories, in order to make the statement as the supporter put it that Scots support Green’s stance against corruption in Scotland.
This apparition of a national meme apparently caused quite a stir in the prison and as the supporter has reported subsequently “the prison guards didn’t quite know how to ‘pat down’ a man in a kilt”
Priceless info – you really couldn’t make any of this stuff up!

One thought on “Compassionate grounds for early release”

  1. than*x as always for all your keeping us informed. And no surprise indeed Robert is having some latent (hopefully) health probs. Will send him a wonderful healing from the distance (I will pay for that) address and exercise which goes hand in hand with it. He has time doing some exercise and Worth To Try for sure.
    It is some in the air about several years remaining in prison – but – still – change is possible. So glad about all the letters he receives and the bail must be accepted sooner (!) or later.
    Rusty yes will receive post as well.
    bye for now – goodbye for now

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