Bill`s tireless investigations into the horrific sexual abuse of children by powerfully connected magic circle criminals, assisted towards the Sunday Express`s article of 12th January. In my view, Bill deserves the thanks of every parent and every decent person in this country for his courageous work and I personally appreciate his mentioning the Hollie Greig case in his radio interview of 13th January.

So many people, seeing the published expert witness evidence on Hollie`s case for the first time, ask me how it is possible for the police not to carry out the most basic of investigations and to even try to justify this inaction . They also ask why so few MPs or MSPs have the integrity to publicly comment or assist in this shocking case.

The last question is easy to answer in one word – blackmail!

It is exactly why none of our elected representatives actually stood up to expose Savile and Cyril Smith whilst these two monsters were alive.

Of course, there are the customary threats of compromising promotion prospects, etc, but it is mainly to do with our MPs and MSPs being warned about past indiscretions, rather than outright crimes, such as the occasion in Amsterdam several years ago, for example. What would happen if your wife and children were to hear about it?

This kind of low-level threat is normally sufficient to send our esteemed representatives scuttling for cover. The fundamental message from the powers-that-really-be is “Keep your mouth shut about exposing child sex abuse by powerful people if you know what`s good for you”. It is the language of the gangster. It is the modus operandi of the thug.

Meanwhile, our children and the disabled continued to be trafficked, raped and tortured and possibly even worse, whilst a spineless and compliant government looks the other way. It is up to all of us to make this issue central to the 2015 General Election, Nothing, but nothing, can possibly be more important than ensuring the future safety of our children.

Whilst  governments in the United Kingdom continue to acquiesce in these terrible crimes, we have to rely on the bravery of people like Bill Maloney.

In Scotland, some so-called opponents of Alex Salmond worry about his acknowledged cunning political skills in respect of the coming independence referendum. This site has no comment to make on this issue, which I believe to be a matter for Scotland to decide. It is Alex Salmond as a person, rather than  his political views, that ought to be a matter of concern for the Scottish people.

All the media have to do is to merely republish these headlines from respected legal magazine The Firm in 2011.

Exclusive: Information Commissioner forces government response to Hollie Greig inquiries


First Minister in missing records riddle over Hollie Greig abuse allegations.

Then the people of Scotland would then be in a position to hold an informed opinion about the character and priorities of the current leader.

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