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Tuesday, 31 December 2013


Throughout the years of the Hollie Greig campaign, there has been one common denominator in my dealings with the Scottish legal establishment. Everyone seems to be terrified of one man in particular – Peter Watson, senior partner of law firm Levy & McRae,

The firm`s own website boasts of many things, including keeping its clients off the front pages. It also states that it represents the biggest names in broadcasting and media in Scotland. Although it does not mention this, Professor Watson also personally represents Alex Salmond and Elish Angiolini, as well as Police Scotland. Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill is a former colleague of Peter Watson at Levy & McRae. Professor Watson is also known to have influential connections with the tax haven of the Cayman Islands.

The boast of keeping its clients off the front pages may indicate to some that it could enable Peter Watson to control, for example, leading politicians, senior police officers, members of the judiciary and legal profession and editors by means of blackmail. Whilst I have no evidence as yet to confirm that this type of coercion has ever occurred, it may not be unreasonable to suggest that Professor Watson is in a position to act in this way should he choose to do so. It may also go some way to explaining why people in Scotland are so frightened of him.

In fairness, concerns about his power and influence have been raised publicly by BBC Scotland`s Legal Head, Alistair Bonnington and by experienced Guardian journalist Roy Greenslade.

I understand that Peter Watson is a regular and loyal reader of this site and once again, I invite him to contact me if he feels that my comments are either inaccurate or unfair and I offer to publish such a response.

Finally, may I again congratulate Kevin Edwards and his supporters in South Wales in successfully exposing the brutal and criminal persecution of young Welsh girl Linda Lewis by the Welsh government. It is also important to salute Assembly Member David Rees for his courage and sense of duty to the people of Wales. If only the Scottish Parliament possessed just one person of Mr Rees`s calibre, the Hollie Greig case would be fully opened up, enabling the Scottish people to form their own opinions on its significance and credibility, an opportunity so far denied to them by its government`s threats against the media. Such threats were issued by none other than Levy & McRae, naturally!

Details of recent events in the Linda Lewis case can be found on the link:-

It just goes to show that with courage, resolve and skill, national leaders like Carwyn Jones and Alex Salmond can be finally exposed for their misdemeanours in public office.

Happy New Year to you all!

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  1. The Beeches Ixworth Suffolk. Commons questions 1972 from Clinton Davis MP and Michael O'Hallloran MP. Refused a care inquiry by Minister Sir Keith Joseph. Number of disabled children, in Hackney Social Services Care, who died at the Beeches 1966 to 1972 still not known.

    The other request for public care inquiry 1972 was from Barbara Castle MP concerning the care standards of Sue Ryder Home Cavendish. The concerns of volunteer Matron McGill who died apparently drowned in the care home lake 22.1.72 and received a suicide verdict at a secret inquest, held within the Sue Ryder Home, three days later. The body was cremated in UK before her New Zealand family found out there had been a drowning, a suicide verdict. They had been conned out of rights to full autopsy and out of rights to inquest representation.

    Not long after Barbara Castle MP's question an inmate of the Sue Ryder Home was found facedown in her bath. She died of an overdose in her system but it is not known if the drug made her powerless. Press did report on that inquest (suicide verdict) HM Coroner directed jury that the inmates final words “It was all Sue Ryder” should be disregarded as the words of a distraught woman.

    Detail from the part autopsy and affidavit of a 1972 police officer has been published now. In the Matron McGill death case bruising which is indicative of attempted sexual assault.

    Dame Janet Smith, BBC Savile Inquiry, has been sent a submission. It reminds her that her Harold Shipman Inquiry (The stage that was tasked to examine GP death registration prtocedures) on advice IIRC ruled both the Beeches and Sue Ryder/Leonard Cheshire cases outside their terkms of reference. That would include the 1972 Welsh Regional Crime Squad inquiry into GP death registrations in the charity care homes.

    This was an RCS team working out of Newport 1972.

    In 1994 a bizarre burglary stole Newport Births Marriages Deaths Records. But it appears that the question “What effect on retrospective inquiry would the absence of locally held BMD records present” was ruled beyond the Harold Shipman Inquiry terms of reference.

    We now have a situation in which Dame Janet has previously touched on the above issues as a Judge. But now with the added complication that Savile is under investigation re Wheatfields Sue Ryder child hospice Leeds.

    Dame Janet is now being asked in the submission to consider the editorial decisions taken after a Panorama broadcast 1975. Why BBC did not follow up on NHS discharging mental patients with a social worker letter to present to police and DHSS and a single ticket to resorts like Margate. Where they arrived homeless until they could be found a place in the private care homes that were former resort hotels.

    So BBC did shoot n scoot journalism into Thanet private care home industry. Got sued by one care home owner and settled out of court.

    Panorama was a huge influence for good in focussing attention on care home monitoring. But they then left NHS and Sue Ryder/Leonard Cheshire Homes alone.

    The most recent expert research on inmates in care homes was then the 1960s research by Tavistock Institute conducted in 28 Leonard Cheshire Homes. Commissioned by Dept of Health but the inmate rights advice in law they may have sought ? Govt secret.

  2. The disabled persons human rights movement arose from an inmate revolt at LeCourt Cheshire Home 1972.

    So for public interest journalism the BBC should surely have looked at the expert inquiry, the ministerial refusal of care inquiry and the reason for an inmate revolt.

    But BBC rested on its shoot n scoot programme about Thanet (Good as the programme was) It kicked the speck in Thanet eyes then chose not to stamp on the plank in NHS eyes and in the eyes of the great and good in charity care homes (Incidentally funded by DHSS benefits paying inmate fees)

    So public interest custodianship power of govt law officers preventing Sue Ryder death case accessing High Court to make inquest appeal. Autopsy evidence indicative of abuse overlooked so far 42 years.

    Regional Crime Squad found special Branch trying to blocker their inquiry into GP Death registration practices in the charity care homes. And now Yewtree looks at Savile in isolation for incidents at one Sue Ryder Hospice.

    If Ryder and Cheshire had knowledge of what had happened at Wheatfields they did nothing to stop Jimmy's award of a papal knighthood. Govt law officer use of secret public interest custodianship has saved them from the scrutiny that may have had them taken off the Vatican shortlist for sainthood.

    And there is the question of whether Savile carried out abuse in an organisation de facto protected from lawful police inquiry for other reasons. IE Savile may have trespassed into someone else's police no go area. Then took up squatters rights ?

    The charity founding trustees were Harry Sporborg and Airey Neave. Two of the powerful figures who selected Maggie Thatcher (essentially as their puppet ?) then steered her to leadership of the tories.

    Although the total number of children o die 66 to 72 at Beeches is not known. There were 3 from Dec 71 to April 72 of whom only one got inquest which changed the GP cert cause of death to bronchopneumonia caused by hypothermia April 1972.

    Tara Naiker aged 8 cerebral palsy girl.

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