IMG_4412From: Supporter Communications <>
Sent: 08 December 2017 15:10
Subject: Melanie Shaw

Dear Rob,

Thank you for your telephone call, just now, regarding the case of Melanie Shaw.

Amnesty International is not currently working on the case of Melanie Shaw.  This does not mean that we have reached any conclusion as to whether or not Melanie Shaw has been the victim of a human rights violation.  Rather, it means that we must, to be as effective as possible, channel our limited resources towards those areas of work which we have identified as priorities.

Unfortunately we do not have the resources to work on every issue, or on every case of injustice reported to us. Amnesty International receives more requests for assistance than the organisation can address, literally tens of thousands per year.  Unfortunately due to our limited resources we have always had to make hard choices in our casework. Decisions on which cases are worked on are taken collectively at the International Secretariat (IS) of Amnesty International.  There are several over-lapping factors that affect whether we take up a person’s case and which actions (public or non-public) we take once the case has been taken up:

· Gravity of the violation

· Quality and ongoing reliability of information about the case

· Alignment with broader work of AI

· Alignment with projects and priorities

· Whether it represents a pattern of violations in the country

· The likelihood of AI having an impact

· Capacity of the IS to follow the case and to plan/develop campaigning

· Capacity of Sections to take on the case for campaigning

· Whether other organisations or agencies are already working on the case

· The wishes of the individual

· Benefit to harm ratio (i.e. AI will not make the situation worse by acting).

Please note that we at Amnesty UK are involved mainly in campaigning and fundraising with our UK supporters. Amnesty’s research on worldwide human rights abuses takes place at our International Secretariat, also in London. If you feel that you do have evidence around a case where serious human rights violations have taken place then they can be emailed at, marking the subject field “Attn: (country name) Team”.

Kind regards,

Supporter Communications Team

Amnesty International UK,

The Human Rights Action Centre,

17-25 New Inn Yard,



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