Yes, the news of the new date is correct as is the report about the useless barrister.

There were four police officers present, who were courteous and correct.

About twenty concerned members of the public turned up, a remarkable turnout when one considers that we all knew that Melanie would not be present.

Again, there was a serious problem with the small capacity of the public gallery, that left half of those who came outside the courtroom.

I have made a formal request through the helpful court manager,  Michelle Dunderdale, for a larger public area to be provided on 15th October, although she informed me that whilst she would relay the request, the final say lies with the judge.

Today`s judge was again Neil Clark and again I have no complaint about his conduct. It is true that he displayed exasperation over the continued failure to obtain any definitive psychiatric opinion on Melanie`s condition. I got the distinct impression that his view of Mr Rafiq roughly coincided with that held by members of the gallery.

At the next hearing, it is important that despite everyone`s understandable anger and frustration. those feelings should not be directed at the court staff or the local police.  It is not their fault that Melanie is being so cruelly persecuted.

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