Monday, 27 January 2014


Following my last post, relating to the ludicrous letter from Deputy Chief Constable Neil Richardson and my response, to which I am still awaiting an answer, the Scottish Police Authority has written to me to inform me that it is continuing its investigation into Chief Constable Sir Stephen House on the basis, that I quote  – “the Chief Constable persistently refuses to answer what he regards as the minimum action required to be undertaken by officers under his command which would satisfy him that a thorough investigation into rape allegations had taken place“.

Just why do Police Scotland and the First Minister persist in protecting, amongst others, Denis Charles Mackie?

BBC TV Scotland broadcast a programme on 15th January, entitled “Lawyers behaving Badly”, which involved a contribution from that loyal Scot and dedicated supporter of Hollie Greig, Stuart Usher. Interesting articles from the Diary of Injustice dated 21st, 23rd and 27th January are well worth watching, too. With regard to the BBC film, you will see a mention of a respected businessman and family man from Oban  committing suicide after being wrongly advised to deal with a Glasgow law firm that acts for Alex Salmond. I understand that law firm to be Levy & McRae, who are also representing Elish Angiolini in her case against me and yes, Police Scotland.

As you will be aware, Tim Rustige (Rusty) faces trial in Aberdeen on 24th February , following fatuous complaints by the ubiquitous Angiolini. This weekend, the site “Rusty`s Skewed News” was temporarily taken down by Google as a result of a complaint by the Scottish government. When Google were pressed for more details they revealed that the complaint had been made by – Levy & McRae.

Meanwhile, rumours abound about possible laundering of large amounts of undeclared income by some solicitors in Scotland on behalf of wealthy and influential individuals, some of whom are thought to be certain members of the judiciary. The destinations largely thought to feature are the British Virgin Islands, Jersey and the Cayman Islands.

My complaint about the conduct of Lord Bannatyne`s perverse decision in favour of Angiolini, dismissing my equitable right a proper defence, along with concealment of likely sources of conflict of interest, has been taken up by the European Convention on Human Rights, who have provided me with an official file number and invited me to furnish full details of the case. I have also formally complained about Bannatyne`s conduct to the Judicial Office in Scotland and am awaiting a response.

A hearing about my case is to be heard on Wednesday 29th January and I have requested that in the circumstances, Lord Bannatyne should recuse himself while complaints about his conduct are being examined. Moreover, as the Scottish state has forced me to have to try to defend myself, I demand full details of any replacement for Lord Bannatyne, as I require an assurance that no grounds exist for cause for concern over conflict of interest. I am unable to be present in Edinburgh on Wednesday.

Returning to the Diary of Injustice`s 27 January publication, it seems that the Lord President may have misled about his own responsibilities to MSPs enquiring about the lack of judicial accountability. It has been discovered that the Lord President sits on a Board, along with Lord Bannatyne!

P.S. If you wish to see the BBC Scotland programme that provides some indication of the fundamental weakness of the justice system with regard to corrupt lawyers, the links are here.


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