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 TPV – Thank you

Thanks is due to The People`s Voice (TPV) for inviting me to be interviewed by Sonia Poulton about the Hollie Greig case yesterday. For those of you who asked about Hollie, she enjoyed her 34th birthday last week. Hollie presents a shining example of bravery, against all the odds, to us all.

I was able to highlight the articles in the respected legal magazine The Firm, clearly demonstrating Alex Salmond and his government`s refusal to comply with the terms of the FOI Act when approached repeatedly by the Commissioner for information on the First Minister`s connection with the Hollie Greig case. Surely if a national leader is not prepared to stand up to defend children and the disabled in his own country from the horrors of sexual abuse, then he is palpably unfit to lead that country. That is now Alex Salmond`s position.

For those of you who watched the show and became aware of the case for the first time, I should say that the reason it has been established that the alleged abusers of Hollie were never even questioned by the police, came as a result of my trial.

When DC Lisa Evans, who had interviewed Hollie in my presence on 8th September 2009, was asked by my Counsel, Andy Lamb QC, if any of those clearly identified byHollie had been questioned by the police, DC Evans said “No”.

Nine of those named by Hollie were brought in to testify against me by the prosecution. Mr Lamb asked each of the nine if they had ever been questioned by the police about Hollie`s allegations against them. Each one replied “No”.

This by itself constitutes a gross dereliction of duty by DC Evans and the other officers directly responsible for investigating the case, led by D.I. Alex Dowell, who did not appear in court.

Again, for those new to the case, the two alleged identified abusers against whom the evidence was strongest, Hollie`s father and brother, were not amongst those who complained about me. Indeed, Mr Peter Anderson, the senior partner of Hollie`s father`s own solicitors Simpson & Marwick, which he shares with the sheriff named by Hollie, writes that “Hollie may well have been sexually abused by her father and brother”.

If even Hollie`s father`s own solicitor thinks that, is there any possible reason why the two should not be questioned immediately and have their computers checked, given the weight of evidence against them?

Moreover, when you consider that some of the celebrities in the Jimmy Savile case have even been charged, let alone questioned, on much weaker evidence that that produced to support Hollie, it makes you wonder who the Scottish police really are protecting and why?

Some of the key documentary evidence referred to in the programme may be viewed in an earlier interview with Brian Gerrish, of the UK Column, who has also been gallantly flying the flag on behalf of the many victims of state-sponsored corruption in our country.

Thank you all again for your loyal support and for the kindness I received from the team at TPV, including of course, Sonia Poulton and David Icke. They have begun a wonderful venture in the interests of freedom from the oppression suffered by so many of our fellow citizens at the hands of an increasingly repressive state apparatus.

Who is pulling the strings in our country?

Certainly not the good people of this land of ours.


  1. Good work and congratulations Robert, from us all at the Prisoners of Conscience International crew.
    Icke’s vision for a better world and pursuit of truth to achieve that wish has manifested The People’s Voice into a reality. Power be to him and his team.
    What is now required in the next stage evolution of this phenomenon is a Metro / Messenger style freebie / give-away newspaper carrying the same damning chapter and verse data that will be at hand and available to everyone at a myriad of pedestrian junctures and destinations that we all pass and congregate at during the course of our waking days.
    Then the readership will expand proportionately and critical game-changing information begin to circulate at a geometric rate – much to the ire of the ruling PTB establishment who want the cryptic Truth kept under lock and key wraps and not deciphered and disseminated by the likes of David Icke’s TPV or Brian Gerrish’s UK Column – or the scores of ardent valiant bloggers, who alike yourself, slog on regardless at getting the message out to a limited readership following.
    Hollie Greig’s ‘Day of Justice’ is coming, and this show trial to prosecute Rusty that Scotland’s hierarchy seem ‘self-harm’ determined to stage in February to appease the neurotic ‘Complainant’, ex-Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini, regardless of the ‘suicidal’ negative exposure knock-on consequences involved, might just prove the catalyst which finally sparks a chain reaction with the public demographic to demand an independent investigation into the Aberdeen elitist paedophile ring and the media-suppressed scandal of their sexual abuse and serial rape of special needs / disabled children.


  2. The Truth’s finally dawning – and coming home to roost.


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