Back in early 2010, after I had first been arrested and charged, on the orders of Elish Angiolini, I asked my legal team how it could be that Alex Salmond would appoint a unionist, Elish Angiolini, to hold the key role of  Lord Advocate in his government.

I have never forgotten the answer.

It was “Angiolini has all the dirt on Salmond. He will back her up to the hilt.”

So it has proven to be.

Alex Salmond and his ministers, including Nicola Sturgeon, were ruled by the Information Commissioner on 26th May 2011 to have breached sections 10.1 and 21.1 of the the Freedom of Information Scotland Act in attempting to evade questions over its role in the Hollie Greig rape case.

I would never have expected to be on the same side as Mr Salmond, but one point that he has just brought up rings true. He has accused Permanent Secretary Leslie Evans of lack of cooperation and withholding details from him. I have the same experience.

My former and past MPs, David Mowat and Faisal Rashid, have been refused by Ms Evans copies of the correspondence by which her predecessor, Sir Peter Housden permitted Elish Angiolini to use UK taxpayers` funds to pursue me in her civil case, which was largely based on Mrs Angiolini`s assertion that she had no involvement in the Hollie Greig. Subsequent documentation from the Scottish government`s Crime Directorate, sent to David Mowat by Kenny MacAskill, demonstrated clearly that Elish Angiolini`s said assertion to be completely untrue.

The government`s letter made it quite clear that Elish Angiolini had personally intervened to block a police investigation into Hollie`s case.

The people of Scotland have every right to know at last what has been going on in their name by some of the most senior and powerful individuals in the country.


Robert Green


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