British Parliamentarian nominates Robert for Nobel Prize

Excerpt from the letter nominating Robert Green for the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize.
I am a British Parliamentarian and I am writing to nominate Mr. Robert Green for the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize. Robert Green is a British children’s rights campaigner who has been actively involved for several years in challenging the failure of the police in Scotland to properly investigate the extensive child sex abuse allegations of Hollie Greig, a young woman with Down’s  Syndrome who was allegedly sexually abused as a child by a large and organised paedophile ring.
Especially in the wake of the revelations about Jimmy Savile and his extensive child sex abuse in the UK which the authorities failed to thoroughly investigate, over the last few years there has been growing awareness of the need for the UK authorities to take child protection and the investigation of child sex abuse allegations much more seriously.
Robert Green has sacrificed his personal finances, job, reputation and freedom in his ongoing campaign to have the Hollie Greig case properly investigated. The Aberdeen Police in Scotland who should be thoroughly investigating Hollie Greig’s child sex abuse allegations have instead repeatedly arrested Robert Green and twice raided his house in England and seized his property without returning it.
Even as I write this nomination letter Robert Green is in prison in Scotland, having been arrested for at least the third time by the Aberdeen Police on 13 February 2014. These repeated arrests have been despite the fact that all that Robert Green has  campaigned for is for the Aberdeen Police to do their job and properly investigate Hollie Greig’s allegations of child sex abuse. A matter of great urgency since whoever abused Hollie Greig is likely to be still extensively abusing other children. 
Hollie Greig is originally from Aberdeen, Scotland and has named at least 22 people who allegedly sexually abused her since she was a child and these alleged abusers include head teachers, social workers, a senior police forensics officer (since deceased) and a judge. She also named 7 apparent victims of these alleged abusers.
The Aberdeen Police have so far refused to properly and thoroughly investigate the Hollie Greig case, only interviewing at most just 2 of the 22 named suspects and not even bothering to check their computers for possible possession of child pornography images as is normally done with suspected child sex abusers. Aberdeen Police have also refused to interview any of the victims named by Miss Greig.
This disturbing pattern of repeated arrests of Robert Green by the Aberdeen Police suggests that the arrests are a means of obstructing and stopping Mr. Green’s campaign for the abusers of Hollie Greig to be brought to justice.
Contrast the speed and intensity with which the Aberdeen Police have pursued cases against Robert Green with their sheer reluctance to interview the suspects and victims named by Hollie Greig. Consider also the fact that if Hollie Greig’s allegations are true then there is a fairly large number of child abusers who are left free to continue abusing other children in and around Aberdeen and perhaps further afield. 
This is not just an issue for Scotland since children’s rights are universal but also because paedophiles travel extensively across borders in search of victims. To protect children from abuse is to protect our future because children represent the future of nations. Safeguarding and nurturing children also helps to ensure both present and future peace and stability in society and thus also between nations.
Children are also the responsibility of the entire community, not just their parents and Robert Green has set a sterling example of sacrificial care and devotion for the security of children by his relentless campaign for the Hollie Greig case to be properly and thoroughly investigated by police and his general active support for child abuse coverups to be publicly exposed. Child Protection is one of the very urgent and challenging issues of our times, whether protecting children from sexual exploitation and sex trafficking or protecting them from sexual abuse by getting law enforcement agencies to perform their duties diligently and professionally to protect children and apprehend their abusers.

3 thoughts on “British Parliamentarian nominates Robert for Nobel Prize

  1. I just want to relay Robert’s immediate reaction to this news this afternoon – he phones me sometimes 2-3 times a day and today has been one such day, fortunately, so I was able to tell him the news and read him the MP’s letter which of course he’s delighted about, especially coming on the eve of his summary hearing tomorrow! But then in the very next breath he said “but of course you know who really should get the Nobel Prize, it should be Hollie, for her terrific bravery and courage all these years and refusing to back down, I’d give the prize to Hollie.”
  2. This is a fabulous breakthrough! A very erudite and well written letter that cannot be ignored !……………Time for the truth to be totally and publicly unveiled !

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